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Josie Williams | Brighton Punk Scene | December 2009
Hi, I am currently researching for a film i am writing, set in the Brighton punk scene of 1979. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with any stories, locations or anything to ensure that i have the highest level of historical accuracy possible, as I am 18 and didn't experience it myself. Thank you for your time, Josie Williams

Gary Turner | Dodgems | December 2009
Hi guys, I have to tell you that the Dodgems are alive and well and being played in Spain. I have just given a telephone interview broadcast live on a Barcelona rock station complete with an interpreter and a program of our music, including black box and our new one which the D.j. loved I'm pleased to say. Strange how things pop up out of the blue isn't it? I'll attach an mp3 for you Doug. Phil is the axe man. Have a great Christmas y'all. Love Gary

Richie Derrow | Wrist Action | December 2009
Hi there, good to find this site. I never knew Brighton had so many bands at the time. Great to listen to some of the old tunes, specially Wrist Action (quality of recording notwithstanding), Fan Club and the Molesters. Hi there to all my old friends from the Basement days. Richie

Alan Hall | Emma Sharpe & the Features | December 2009
Hi Phil - merry christmas and great things for 2010. What a nice surprise to hear "TV" well tweaked stu, good job!
pop trivia: the sax player on our track "Wonderland" also played on "Baker Street" as well as on Hazel O'Conner's "Will You"  (Wesley Mcgoogan)
to see our video of the track and link to Youtube click above.
I've attached the guitar version of "Wonderland" which doesnt have his great sax on, hope you enjoy. peace and love, alan & emma

Angelo Nuimeister | Chefs | Nov 2009
Hi, fine site, so much information. I could be on this for weeks! The Chefs were always good fun and Nicky & the Dots, Lillettes, Golinski's. Great days. Keep the power! Angelo

Charlie Zuber | Dodgems | Nov 2009
Charlie Zuber Here. See the thing is I never meant to emigrate-or leave the dodgems, its just that Fiji was the closest Job I could get after Maggie Thatcher got rid of my Job as a graphic designer in Sussex University. What can a poor boy do ??? However,I still play drums sometimes, and this photo is taken in my studio in Tasmania.  Pearl Export kit with Zildjian cymbals, and most importantly, the  Tee shirt brought back for me this year by Doug potter, (dodgems guitarist) from Sun Studios USA. So if anyone out there knows where the fuck Tasmania is, and wants to come and stay for a night in heritage listed church, check out our studio website at least

Shelley | The Engine Room on December 12th | Nov 2009
Hi again. Thought the good folks reading your excellent site might like to know about a punk event at The Engine Room on December 12th with ATV, The Fallen Leaves (ex Subway Sect) and Brighton/London based Chester. £7/£8.
More info here:
Cheers, Shelley Guild

Attila the Stockbroker | Dates | Nov 2009
Hi everyone.... Firstly, one last reminder: if you haven’t already, please change the email address you have for me to
The solutionsinc address will soon be demised, cease to be, shuffle off this mortal coil, etc etc..Thanks for all the wonderful messages of support at a difficult time. ‘The Long Goodbye’, the poem of my mum’s (and my) life which I have just written to help her remember (and it works!) is now on my facebook page at  Have a look if you like. Laughter and tears!  If you think it can help anyone, please pass it on. Alzheimers touches so many people these days, sadly...

Advance notice for 2010 – from mid April to early May I shall be touring once again with the brilliant David Rovics from the US - anyone who would like to put us on please get in touch ASAP at

Just four gigs for December and the first is nearly sold out, so if you want to come to our Seething Wells memorial gig on Fri 4 please book now: all proceeds to cancer research, and the last hurrah for a unique presence!  Our afternoon Barnstormer gig at the Welly on Sun 6 Dec features The Fusion and the first local appearance by Gecko from Bristol, who is just ACE. Think King Blues meets Randy Newman meets John Hegley. And Will (for it is he) is also Christopher out of The Archers, which is weird, but true. My wife likes The Archers. I just still hate Bill Archer, who nearly killed my football club. Oh, and Jeffrey too of course. But not as much as Bill....

Message from my mate Swill from The Men They Couldn’t Hang. His local solo gig is NOT now 4 Dec at the Eclipse in Hove.  It’s one day earlier, 3rd Dec, at  the Lord Nelson in Brighton. TMTCH were ACE at the Ropetackle. DRUNK too!

Looking ahead: we have the Inaugural Ropetackle Beer Festival on 26-27 Feb in Shoreham, headlined by the mighty Blyth Power. More details soon at
Glastonwick 2010 is 4-6 June and Peter & the Test Tube Babies are playing, so there won’t be any beer left. Full line up in Feb. I'm off to see New Model Army tonight.  Can’t wait!  Enjoy the festive season and all the very best - Attila

4 LONDON Deptford Albany – in memory of Steven ‘Seething’ Wells with John Hegley, Justin Sullivan (NMA), Joolz, Rob Lloyd (Nightingales) David Quantick, Nick Small (Gob TV) Little Brother, Nick Toczek,  and a special set from the Newtown Neurotics – I’m compere
6 SHOREHAM Duke of Wellington with Barnstormer (4pm) with The Fusion and Gecko 01273 389818
15 PETERSFIELD Write Angle (long set) at the Square Brewery pub

30 NEWCASTLE The Cluny
(fundraiser for trade unionists in Burma)

Attila the Stockbroker

Alan Hall | Emma Sharpe & the Features | Nov 2009
Hi Phil, our geocities (Yahoo) website has just disappeared!
The new link for Emma Sharpe & the Features is
Just Fontain link is:
Hope you can update our page with the new links. All the best, alan & emma

Ken Laily | Slaves of Janet | Nov 2009
Hi Phil. Ken here (Slaves). Hope all's well with you. I'm responding to Bob Brown's email. I'd love to catch up with Bob as he still owes me for half a lager from 29 years ago! All the best!  Ken | Wrist Action | Nov 2009
Hi there. I am a friend of Tommy Maltby who was the singer with Wrist Action, I found your website and showed him the content you had on the band and he was keen to contact Mark Passi. He doesnt have email so was wondering if you could forward the details if you have them or of anyone else in the band whose emails etc you have. Thanks a lot, Chris

Dave Cheesybits | Ian Smith | Oct 2009
I never liked that Ian Smith. No, it was nothing to do with his unusual grooming style, or the fact that he was in a really good band and could sing a bit. No I could forgive  all this. But I could never get over the fact that he got to "go out" with Stella (from the Molesters), and I did'nt. I tried carving my my side burns into devilish points and aralditing my hair into an approximation of a fopish quiff but to no avail. Dave Cheesybits.

Jan Leith | Lillettes | Oct 2009
Hello, Jan here, I used to be a pal of Simon, I think he was one of your roadies or maybe he was just a ligger, like me! Great website, can't believe there were so many other bands around at the time. Thanks PD, please pass on my regards to the rest of the band. Love, Jan

Simon Godard | Slaves of Janet | Oct 2009
Hi Punk Daddy. Simon Goddard here from SLAVES OF JANET. I would love to get in touch with Bob Brown, Roger Davenport and John Spot. Ken is still a close mate 30 years on. My email address is or skype:eltonbean. Thanks for a great site. Simon

Phil Collis | Piranhas | Oct 2009
Hi Punk Daddy, that's a weird photo of me you put up there... I prefer this one - cheers! It's by David Peacock, he just sent it to me. See if you can find him on FaceBook. I know he took photos of the Chefs, Joby and The Hooligans, and probably lots of others. A nice guy. Come on, do me a favour; change that shot of up my nose for me having a pint instead! Love Ya, Zoot Alors!
punkdaddy's reply: The things I do for you lot!

Bob Brown | Slaves of Janet | Sept 2009
Hi I'm Bob who played with SLAVES OF JANET and was shocked to find us on a site! Weird seeing the photos of one of our gigs and still really miss Ken, Simon and Roger. The band had so much potential but ended when me and Simon formed San Toy. After that band split badly I was so gutted and disillusioned that I didn't play for 20 years! Luckily I eventually moved down to Cornwall and now play with a band and am really busy. .I would love to get back in touch with Ken, Simon and Roger, so if you can help that would be amazing!

Maggi Cowhie | Birds With Ears | Sept 2009
Dear Punk Daddy. Any chance you could send a message to 'Smithy' (Ian Smith) Birds-With-Ears-Head-in-me -bag-whoop-dog. Just found your website - really wicked and it reminded me of my days alongside Smithy at Brighton College doing an Expressive Arts degree. Mad times. I went to a lot of Birds With Ears gigs for various reasons. Send him my best wishes and say he can return a message if he wants, just to let me know what he's been up to for the last 30 years!! Many thanks, Maggi Cowhie

Torsten | Idrenes (Jah Army) | Sept 2009
Yes punk daddy, after about a decade of searching, I finally came across your site and found the song I was looking for: red gold and green by the Idrenes. Yet it is a cover of a Jamaican roots reggae band, but this original tune seems to be impossible to retrieve. if you (or anyone else) should have the vaultage 80 album, it might be possible to find at least the original writers in the liner notes or on the label. Any kind of help is highly appreciated (or rastawise spoken "appreciloved"). Many thanx in advance and 1love, torsten aka RedHigh

Shelley Guild | London at the Portland | Sept 2009
Hi there. Not sure if this is appropriate for your site but 1977 punk band
London(Everyone's a Winner/Summer of Love/Animal Games)reformed in 2008 and will be playing at The Portland in Hove on Saturday October 17th. Support comes from Brighton/London based band Chester. £4 on the door. Many thanks, Shelley Guild

Stuart Jones | Golinski Brothers Resurrection | Sept 2009 
Hi punkdaddy, Stuart Jones here. Just had to write to say how much I enjoyed the awesome Golinski Brothers reunion gig at the Albert on Saturday night. As your fine review makes clear, it was a genuinely impressive performance which managed to be both nostalgic and entertaining.  It was hard to believe this was their first gig in 30 years - they were so tight, and there was a very real edge to everything, no blandness creeping in whatsoever. Strong material, dazzling performance, great, charismatic frontman. And the kind words about Rick Blair that Darris came up with were really heartfelt and thoughtful - a deeply moving moment. Congratulations, lads! Now please arrange another one, I want to hear those songs again. Stuart Jones

Martin Rooth | Life Size Models | Sept 2009
Hey ho! A friend just forwarded the link to punk Brighton...happy days. Could you change my name spelling as it is incorrect... I am Martin Rooth (ex drummer in LSM). Great site! Cheers, Martin

Fran | Nicky & the Dots | August 2009
Nicky and the Dots were my favourite Brighton Band of all time. The Golinski Brothers won't like me for that remark.  Going to their Resurrection at the Prince Albert 5th Sept? (bring spades to dig em up, dig em up. Cos none of them have grown up. Yet.) Cheers, Fran

Darris Golinski | Golinski Brothers | August 2009
Divine comedy or shock horror! I've just discovered that they have built a replica of the old Alhambra, popular seafront venue for most Vaultage bands, in Southern Spain. It is near a place called Granada (presumably named after the loadsamoney pile of Ford crap). It is apparently nowhere near as good as the original but hey.The Golinski Brothers Resurrection gig is getting close - 5th Sept at the Prince Albert - and I am panic wondering why we decided to do this gig, but tenor sax players are flying in from Barcelona and guitarists motoring down from Manchester as I write so there's no backing out now.

Saw the Buzzcocks at Cropredy Festival the other week (I remember when they came to Brighton circa 1979 and we rioted because they only did a 20 minute set - the guitarist with a Brighton band, now a well respected member of the legal profession, managed to nick one of their amps in the mayhem. I'm not saying nuffing). If you get a chance to see them go, but I'm not sure how wise grey haired pogoing is, it looked shit but perhaps it felt great. Golinski Brothers will make sure that St John's ambulance is at hand on the 5th and wish to thank the sponsorship of Stannah Stairlifts. Twenty copies of vynil Vaultage 79 are being given away in our Kolly Kibber competition - details will be on the Golinski Brothers website - - and I hope on the PunkBrighton and Prince Albert website. We've got to believe in free will - we have no choice. Love y'all out there in PunkBrightonland, England. Darris Golinski

Sue Bradley | Objeks-New Objeks | August 2009
Hi punk daddy.I played the violin on the ‘2boys talking’ track which you have credited on the jukebox to ‘The Objeks’ but I think we were the‘New Objeks’ by then. An important distinction! Sue Bradley

Johnny Morris | Thanx a million | August 2009
Hi. It's Johnny Morris here ex-song writer, vocalist, rhythm guitarist and manic dancer in Executives. I last visited this site about 2 years ago and I'm sure I sent a thank you message then for what a thought was really great write up of the band. I have returned after a long time to send the link to an old mate to find you're still here and you've added lots of great sounds including our two tracks. Thanks ever so ever so and keep it going.  If anybody out there is interested, I'm still alive in the middle of nowhere in the south-east corner of Cheshire, working part-time as a barman, gardener and guitar teacher and doing a lot of dog walking and strumming. I occasionally make a noise at two local pubs and parties. I still have a plan to become famous when I'm older than Seasick Steve. I'll be back. Johnny

Gill Carpenter | Buccanner/Alhambra/Windsor | August 2009
Anna Allen, better known as Sid in the old days, is back in Brighton and hoping to meet up with all her old mates from the Buccanner/Alhambra/Windsor etc. The said reunion is taking place at The Caroline of Brunswick, Ditchling Road (by the Level), 29th November, 2009 - starting at about 7.30/8pm. So if you were around the (in)appropriate venues 1978ish to 1981ish some along. Sid will be delighted to see you.

Hi everybody – lots and lots of gigs coming up in the next few months and a few extra bits as well...starting this Saturday at 12 noon in North London when I am taking part in a CRICKET MATCH (!!) in Walthamstow and a gig afterwards at the Dalston Social Centre, 2 Belgrade Road, N16 to raise money to help radical Iranian leftists opposed to the theocratic regime.  If you want to come to the cricket have a look at my Facebook page  There will be a bar, barbecue, music, stalls etc and it’s in a very good cause. Oh, and I am RUBBISH at cricket. Come and laugh at me. The gig will feature the debut performance of my ‘Swine Flu Rap’ with Porky the squeaky rubber pig (just bought from Amazon) on backing oinks! If you want to see the lyrics there’re on my Facebook page too.And there are some new songs/poems up on my myspace page

Following the tragic death from cancer of my old ranting poetry companero Steven ‘Seething’ Wells I’m involved in two events celebrating his life. On Sunday 13 September there will be an evening of poetry and punk rock featuring many of his old Bradford mates (Little Brother, Richard Rouska, Joolz and more, and I’ll be performing some of Swells’ poems) at the New Beehive in that fair city where he spent so many years: we’ll be having a collection for cancer research. And on Fri 4 December the Newtown Neurotics, David Quantick (old journalistic conspirator of Swells) myself and more will be at the Albany Theatre in Deptford.  Come and mourn/celebrate the life of a wonderful bloke who was a true one off and with whom I did many, many gigs in the early days.  I still can’t really believe he’s gone...RIP Swells. There is a tribute and some pictures on my main website

As I say I have LOADS of gigs coming up. For the first time in years I am changing things round - doing a series of gigs round Southern England with my band Barnstormer (whom I mostly only play with in mainland Europe) and in October I’m doing my first solo poetry/acoustic tour of Germany for years (where I mostly only play with Barnstormer) A gig on 16 Oct still needed - if you can help, get in touch. I’m also putting on two more gigs in the autumn at the wonderful ROPETACKLE CENTRE in Shoreham

Darris | Golinski Brothers | July 2009
Hi Phil. Thanks for the smashing e-mail. And the punkbrighton site. I've only just found it properly and it is a wonder/brilliant/a gift. Thanks for it. The gig is happening at the Prince Albert, Trafalgar Street on 5th Sept. Tickets should be available in the next few days from, Rounder Records and Resident Records. We are last getting our act together on the website front -
Please pass my e-address on to Jay, I would love to get in touch with him. My Dad gave me some sound advice on his deathbed - he said always invest in good speakers. Hope you are well. Darris Golinski
PS I will get round to putting some reminiscences of the 'of course, when I was a boy dot dot dot' variety on the brilliant punkbrighton website after nurse has brought me back from a nice walk. D

Jay Derrick | Golinski Brothers | July 2009
Hi Phil, as always the site is better than ever!  Hope you and Barbara are well. Darris Harris wrote in about a Golinsky's reunion gig on Sept 5th – is there any more info about this – I’d really like to come if it’s on, and hopefully one or two other Parrots/Vol Sec people might come too. If you read this Darris, it’s great to hear from you, hope the gig works out and that I’ll see you then. Cheers all. Jay Derrick (ex-Parrot, not yet gone to meet his maker, just pining for the fjords of Norway)

Shelley Payne | Wrist Action | July 2009
Hi. Great site you have. I'm the daughter of the original bassist of the band Wrist Action. You have his name down as Tony Paine but it's spelt Tony Payne. I was quite shocked to see he is mentioned on the internet. I bet he will be too when I tell him. It's a shame you don't having any pictures of him in the band. I would of loved to see what he was like then. Regards
Shelley Payne

Phil Collis | Ozzy Garvey - Piranhas | July 2009
I just somehow randomly came across a page with letters from kids of guys I knew, in their own bands now. One was Ozzy Garvey's, and it reminded me of a great time. In '77, '78, or '79, or whenever, Dick the Piranhas drummer slipped off the back of a stage and ruined his right ankle. To play some gigs, we asked someone to fill in, but instead of an obvious "punk-band" guy we asked Ozzy Garvey of the Depressions. We rehearsed a little - I hope more than once but maybe not. Ozzy was a rock'n'roll guy with an eye-patch, and had to play some ska/reggae beats, and learn some stupid stuff, probably 20 songs. The first gig was at The Buccaneer, and it was packed full. It had a stage with a low wall on one side, where you could just stick your head over and watch the band from the side of the stage. Well let me just say the gig and Ozzy were fantastic, and at one point I looked over at that wall, and every single drummer in Brighton was poking their head over there to watch Ozzy, in awe! The next gig was a disaster: somewhere strange in London, a mis-managed "arts festival" with good bands but no audience. Coming back in the van, we were stopped and strip-searched on the way back in to Brighton. At the side of the road, with flashlights, because it was quicker than going to the 'Station'. Sorry, Ozzy. F**k the Pigs!

Rhys Wooton | North Star studios | July 2009
Hi. Just looked on your site and saw you mentioned North Star on your punk brighton site. You say that North Star once hosted a print shop. I only became a member 6 months ago and the studio is still alive and kicking as a printmakers studio - might be nice to say that as your site makes it sounds like the studio is now non-existent. i'm an graphic artist artist making hand printed gig posters for local and international bands. check out my work at  kind regards, Rhys

Alan Gray | Resource Centre | July 2009
Hi. Just been looking at your photos of the vault, and thought you might like one of the upstairs office, to prove it wasn't quite as bad. Ken Hogg is pretending to fix the radio on the left, and a young Simon Fanshawe is on
the right. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Alan (for more see also The Vault )

Simon Woolven | Brighton bands | July 2009
Can anyone enlighten me on the actual facts of this Brighton band? I know that they changed their name on a regular basis, but they were always called The Amazing " something " heads as far as I can recall. Any information would be most welcome. I would also like to find out more about : The Civil Servents: Umptys Balcony: Last Stand: Action: The Blades ( Used to be Amazorblades ): As I said before, any info would be most helpful. Best Wishes! Simon

Simon Woolven | Dodgems CD | July 2009
Well what can I say but brilliant! It has been a long time in the making, but well worth it. They were always a great band, and a great group of people as well. They played a number of gigs for us and nearly always played last, which meant that by the time they came on, most people had already left for the train, or curfew in some cases. They always went on without complaint, even if there were only a handfull of people there. They would say "Don`t worry, it will be like an extra rehersal, with guests". Which created an intimate performance and gave a very personal feel for the people who were there.

Even with this they never gave less than a 100% performance! I have always felt that it is a crying shame that they are mostly remembered for Lord Lucan, they had some much more valuable songs, especially National Front, Science Fiction, Throw a wobbly, etc. They COULD be outspoken and edgy, not just tongue in cheek. For anyone thinking about getting the CD. Stop thinking, take the plunge, you WILL enjoy it.
Best wishes!

Attila the Stockbroker | Steven 'Seething' Wells | July 2009
My tribute to a ranting poetry comrade and true iconoclast!
Absolutely gutted. Attila | read Atti9a's tribute

Joe Shimano | Brighton bands | June 2009
Saw the Red Squares, Exclusives and the L:illettes, cant remmeber where, the Richmond maybe. Shows I was enjoying myself. Great site man, Joe

Anthea Cowling | Ijax Allstars | June 2009
HI, I went to see Ijax at the Concorde several times. I remember Al who did the PA and was a smashing bloke. Those were good days but it was all a bit bleak when you look back on it. Anthea

Stu | The History of Brighton Punk Bands: Ijax Allstars | June 2009
Further to the e-mail from Hoppy and referring to the photo of ‘Ijax all Stars’, I’m Stu (the big feller on the left) and I think it was taken at the New Regent.  I remember those times like this:
About the time that Alan, Lou, Neil and Hoppy were gigging as ‘Ijax all Stars’ me and a mate called Tony were running a club called’The Third World’ in Seaford.  At the same time we were helping a P.A. hire company run by another friend.  Tony and I went to ‘The Crown’ in Hailsham to help set up.  While there I exchanged phone numbers with Hoppy because someone had pointed out that he played drums in a reggae band. Anyway, Hoppy had broken his arm so we set up a rehearsal with the rest of the band (Ijax).  I can’t remember where this was but I hope Al, Lou or Neil will get in touch to fill in the gaps.

We hit it off straight away, wrote a couple of songs there and then and started gigging using a cheap little drum machine.  We had the name ‘The Sole Destroyers’ for a while and had a fun time but ended up reverting to ‘Ijax’ again.  I have some cassettes of rehearsals at Davigdor Road which I am trying to get converted to WAV’s or MP3 files so if it’s ok with the others I’d like to post some tracks on this or a related site.  There are loads more stories to tell but space is at a premium.  Feel free to get in touch with me at: .  I’d love to see all of the band again so get in touch Lou, Alan, Neil and Hop!

During my spell with IJAX there was always a friendly rivalry with another Brighton reggae band called ‘Idrenes’ who evolved into ‘One Drop’.  When IJAX came to a leisurely end I was gagging for more so formed another band with more local mates (Jim, Sue, Kev, Sue and a variety of drummers).  It was a similar situation to early IJAX as we wrote a set of material first with a drum machine then added a drummer when we were ready to gig.  We were called ‘Inspiration’ and did some good local gigs, one of which was as support to ‘One Drop’ at the Richmond.  When this band petered out I found out that ‘One Drop’ had split, due to musical differences I expect, ha ha!

Drums (Ken), Bass (Rob), Guitar (Paul) & Percussion (Colin) remained intact so Tony and me sort of blagged our way in and when we had bonded and rehearsed a set we went out as ‘Bass Culture’.  We had some great support gigs, supported ‘Jah Warriors’ at Jenkinsons, ‘Misty in Roots’ at the Top Rank and ‘Barrington Levi’ at Sussex University   Good times, good gigs, good mates and a good giggle was had by all but all good things come to an end.
And so, on to ‘Vibe Tribe’.  More mates, a different Tony, Mark and Heather (from ‘Inspiration’), similar drum machine and regular Saturday all night sessions saw a massive amount of writing and recording.  We looked for a drummer and a singer (I vowed never to hit the road with a drum machine again) and when found, played some good gigs which included ‘The Hare and Hounds’ and the ‘Crypt’ at Sussex Uni.  Once again the axe fell as the singer did the dirty and formed his own band, taking one of our keyboard players with him and the drummer left to travel around India.  Bah, Humbug!

Next.  Ken and Rob, drums and bass from ‘Idrenes’, ‘One Drop’ and ‘Bass Culture’, got in touch with a view to doing something.  We had a lot of jams with various personnel and settled with I.P. and Theresa on vocals with Kens daughter, Kim, providing a wicked take on rapid D.J. styling.  Once more, got a set together, did gigs, game over 1996ish.

Done little in the way of music since but am getting twitchy and need one final fling before I’m incapable of standing up for 90 minutes.  Any possible recruits for a Ska and/or Reggae line-up contact me at

This short extract is by no means complete and lots of interesting/amusing incidents took place along the way.  Anyone involved in any capacity in my musical history is welcome to fill in the multitude of gaps that time, space and dodgy memory have left!  Cheers, Stu (the big feller on the left).

Erik Gilbert | Simon Watson | June 2009 
Pass on my email to Simon Watson. This is Erik, I was in Anti Art that supported The Chefs, Cheesy Bits, et al and rehearsed at the Vault. My brother was good friends with Simon, Nick Sayer etc.  
Simon:  I am in NYC. Wendy is in New York too? Damn. How are you? I have a Transmission MCA demo here, you know…Erik Gilbert

Jon Silva | Brighton rocks! | June 2009
Hi PD, thank you for putting together such a good website. Never realised how many bands were around at that time. Brighton rocks! JS

Helen McCookerybook | Martin Stephenson | May 2009
Hi Phil. Still haven't dug out those pics I'm afraid - buried under a ton of junk! I thought I would let you know about this collaboration with Daintees front man Martin Stephenson. All the best, Helen :)

On Friday 19th June at The Perseverance, 11 Shroton Street, Marylebone, Martin Stephenson and Helen McCookerybook will be launching their album of duets and songs, 'Hamilton Square', assisted by Paul Davey (sax and clarinets) and Jim Morrison (fiddle)It is a small intimate venue, off Lisson Grove (you may be familiar with the famous Sea Shell fish'n'chip shop on the corner) Start time is 8 p.m. We will have copies of the album on sale. Tickets from

Attila the Stockbroker | Glastonwick | May 2009
Hi - Just to let people know, the Saturday of our Glastonwick Festival is now completely sold out. Some (not that many) Friday tickets and loads of Sunday tickets are available from all the pub outlets (Duke of Wellington and Buckingham Arms in Shoreham, Romans in Southwick, Evening Star in Brighton and maybe a couple at the Stand Up Inn in Lindfield) and from me via the PO Box – but if you want to come on Friday you need to grab ’em now cos they’re going fast. And obviously if you want Friday tickets by post you need to get your applications in the post today or tomorrow:  if you’re doing that please email me and I’ll hold tickets for you.  If you just want to come on Sunday you will definitely be able to get a ticket on the door. All details, as ever, at

Next Thursday – the day before kick off – the mighty Poguesish GO SET from Melbourne are doing a special Glastonwick warm up gig at the Duke of Wellington in Shoreham, 8.30 pm, admission free.....

And advance notice of the Adrian Mitchell Memorial Gig I’m running at the Ropetackle Centre in Shoreham on Thurs 18 June to celebrate the life and work of someone who was a total inspiration to me. This will feature Adrian’s son Alistair, granddaughter Caitlin, plus three celebrated poets,  like myself friends and admirers of Adrian’s work:  John Agard, Grace Nichols and Michael Horovitz. Plus music from Al Baker.  I’m compere.
All details and booking here:

Cheers A
Attila the Stockbroker

Bill Ferrin | Dodgems CD | May 2009
Hi punkdaddio, a fine site this is. Skint at the moment but would love to purchase the Dodgems CD, can I come back? Best regards, Bill

Dave Cheesybits | Chinky Myers | May 2009
Was Marcus part Chinese? Or are you just throwing in racial epithets cos you're northen. Dave Cheesybits

Chris Anderson | MATLB - Vandells | April 2009
Howdy Punk Daddy. Just noticed a line on the Midnight page that reads "Marcus was also in the Vandells" - that was Marcus Thirtle, not chinky Myers. Very best ... CJ
punkdaddy's reply: Are they really not the same fella? If not I've been under this illusion for 30 bloody years!

Attila the Stockbroker | Glastonwick | April 2009
Hi everyone. Firstly: if you’re coming to Glastonwick, it’s time to book those tickets ASAP ‘cos all indications are it’s going to sell out! No worries if you get your orders in to the PO box or buy your tickets from the outlets in the next couple of weeks though. All details, line up etc on the website:
Secondly: for those who use it I am now active on Facebook and will be doing regular updates  
Also experimentally on Twitter though it seems a bit naff and as always myspace and Addresses below.
UK Tour with the great David Rovics starts next week and we are getting around.... Then festivals. Here are the gigs – hope to see you somewhere! Cheers Attila

Helen McCookerybook | The Accents | April 2009
Hi Phil. I know a lot about the Accents, as the were an offshoot of the Smartees, who were an offshoot of Joby and the Hooligans! The Smartees were Ricky on drums, Joby, Steve Beardsley, Tracey Preston ( later in the Molesters) and myself on vocals, Carl Evans (later in the Chefs) and Steve on guitar and me on bass. Believe it or not I have photos! Carl and myself formed the Chefs. Steve, Tracey, Kirsty, Speccy Dave and Chris (on sax, later joined Smeggy and the Cheesey Bits) formed the Accents. I think Ricky was their drummer but I'm not sure. Nick Sayer wasn't ever in the band. While he was in Midnight and the Lemon Boys he had a back injury which meant he was bedridden for aboutt a year, and didn't play at all as far as I know. He then moved to London and formed Transvision Vamp there. Helen x

Chris Anderson | The Accents | April 2009
Hello Simon. The Accents were ...
Steve Beardsley - Sax, Vocals (from Leeds);
Dave 'Speccy' Simner - Guitar (from Dudley);
Nick Vandergrintten - Keyboards (from Dunstable I think);
Kirsty Nicol (sister of Leonie of the Molesters) - from Inverness I think);
Mark 'Oggs' Storr-Hoggs (future Lemon Boy)- Drums (from Bexhill); and me, Chris Anderson (another MATLB to be) - Bass (from Sheffield).
We were from all over the shop hence the band name. Nick Sayer never played with us. Cheers ... CJ

Dave Clayden | Paul Roundhill | April 2009
I was just catching up and saw his name and thought I'd drop a couple of stories about him. The last I heard he was running some kind of props resource for movies set up with 10,000 pounds he found in a paper bag dropped on the floor of a London cab... I remember taking him to a party in... mmmm maybe at the Commonwealth Centre in London... possibly at the end of a Clash tour and he spent an unlikely amount of time staring at therm and then went to talk to them and it turned out Joe Strummer used to baby sit Paul when he was little and Joe lived next door. Hi from Australia to anyone who remembers.

Darris Golinski | Golinski Bros | April 2009
Hi Cherubim & Seraphim. Darris Golinski here from Golinski Brothers. We are planning a reunion gig in Brighton on 5th  Sept this year (2009) to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Vaultage 79. Can anybody help us track down either of our old drummers – Tom Beattie or Paul Denny? We have the rest of the band on board. If you can help please e-mail me on Love and pizza, D

Simon Woolven | The Accents | April 2009
I am trying to put togeather some information on The Accents, but it is not proving as straightforward as I thought it would be. I know that Nick Sayer & Kirsti and Steve Beardsley, were in other groups ( Fan Club, Joby, etc.) . Can anyone suggest possible leads. I know that in 1983 Nick formed Transvision Vamp, what was he doing in the missing 5 years? If anyone has any information which might help, I would be greatful of anything. Who knows, Phil may even give them a band page on the site! ( Hint, Hint ).
punkdaddy's reply: I think 'Speccy' Dave (Daddy Yum Yum) was in the Accents. I'd be happy to build a page if there's a bit more info/pics I can use.

Mark Thursfield | This Colour | March 2009
Hi Guys - thanks the This Colour page looks great - except. On the line-up top right  it should read though.
Vocals  Lyell Drummond
Guitar    Bruce Maxwell-Smith
Bass     Mark Thursfield
Drums    Paul Denny / Oggs
Although the line up mentioned recorded a single track under that name, they never did a gig - The above line up is the one that recorded and gigged. This Colour was a project that I was working on with Lyell, but I was contracted to a label at the time. Once that finished, Lyell just joined us - and we took on the name, which as I mentioned was a project and a song that I wrote anyway. That is also the line-up in all the pictures too. Thanks again, Mark

Jonnie & the Lubes | March 2009
Hi Phil. Just found this link of Peely playing "I Got Rabies" on his show - sound quality is better than the mp3 on Punkbrighton.  Track starts at around 20 mins into show. Cheers, Jonnie

Simon Woolven | Chaos | March 2009
I am sad to hear that Niel has died, he was great to be around and seemed destined to go a long way in music. Chaos played some gigs for us back in the day and were well worth seeing, Niel was a real performer and looked the part in his boiler suit and PARANOID badge, those were the days!  CHRIS did you use the stage name BEAKER? If so I remember you well, hope all is o.k. with you, are any of the rest of the band still around? I would love to see the photographs of Chaos, I just wish I had taken more photos back then. Perhaps you also have information on GATECRASH and even THE WORKS?

Chris | Chaos | March 2009
Wow! I've just fallen over your site and thought they'll be nothing about us, and tucked at the bottom of the page was a call for 'Ed Shuffle and his band Chaos'. Slight correction Ed (John Dennis I think) wasn't in Chaos, but used to do most gigs alongside us as a solo act. Line up was: the late Niel Poste - vox, Julian Court - guit, John Rolf-bass and me on drums. I've got quite a few photos of the band, but as far as I know no recordings survive. Great site brought back a lot of memories of the Resorce Centre and the Alhambra. Chris. 
punkdaddy writes: Thanks Chris. New Chaos page up and running.

Simon Wolven | Chaos | March 2009
Hi Phil, It seems that we have a result on the Chaos front! We know for sure that Ed Shuffle DID play with them, even if it was only at the time of the studio tape recording. If Chris is BEAKER perhaps his memory may be vague, if he is not, then it may have just been a matter of timing. WOW he has photos, but no recordings, you have recordings but no photos, if Neil has passed away, then I am sure that Chris could give permission for the recordings to be used. It would be nice to see what he actually has and to find out if the Mystery of THE PLAGUE, could be clarified! I`m sure you have already asked him for anything which you can use for the site, perhaps he may be interested in a copy of the studio tape in return. Best wishes Simon.

Thomas | New Wave related things | March 2009
hey! I was searching for New Wave related things and landed on your site. maybe you could help me with your expertise, I´ll join later of course! here's my question: I have been at a record fair recently and heard an old New Wave hit (not a nice synth pop one but a more underground track that emerged from Punk rather than Pop) but immediately forgot the title. it was a bit in the PIL This Is Not A Love Song vein, but different. the vocals were close in terms of style, and also synths and guitars were about the same ration as on the PIL track. The chorus had more or less the songtitle repeated 2 times, and then a very remarkable synth riff, then again the title. The chorus/title was something like "let my put my hands on you... let me put my hands on you" or something like that (not the words, but the rhythm of the words. could be completely different text).  sorry if that doesn´t make sense, but the rhythm was something like that. also sung in almost just one pitch (the chorus). It wasn´t from a band but from ONE guy. simple name, like Kim Fowley (it wasn´t him!) or something. no pseudonym I guess, just a name. If you really could help me, you maybe win a million Pound one day, he! Thanx, man & greetings from Austria, Thomas

Pete Lyon | Psycho Normal | March 2009
Hi, Pete Lyon of The Vandells here. I was the keyboard player with Psycho Normal before joining The Vandells. I remember that gig at Ronnie Scott's. We also recorded a 3 track single. The A side was called Anal Love. It received little airplay! Can't remember everyone's names now. Too long ago. We had stage names. Mine was "Count Licker." The vocalist, Graeme was a great bloke but NOT normal. I think the drummer was Steve Haydert. Hope this helps. All the best, Pete Lyon.

Heather | 65 Vere Road | March 2009
What I also meant to mention was how much there was sense of community around all the music and the people involved. I still remember getting help from Ken (Dots), Russ (Parrots) and Dickie (Piranhas) when I was learning to play drums. Also our house at 65 Vere Road was a home at one time or another home to myself, Pete Clarke (DDs), Johnny Piranha, Paul Clark (Nicky and the Dots), Jay (Vol Sec/Parrots), Sue (Reward System), Dave Roughton (Objects/New Objeks), Brenda (Vol Sec) and Russ (Parrots). Also I remember Peter and the Test Tube Babies staying on Saturday nights when they’d missed the last bus back to Seaford or wherever it was they lived! Looking forward to the new pics. Thanks again,

Paul Williams | Lemon Boys | March 2009
Hi Phil. Go ahead and publish; but the bit I left out is that I'm not the photographer. He's one Richard D Jones and I believe he was living in Bloomsbury Place with the 'Boys at that time. He played drums very occassionally in early incarnations of the 'garage enthusiastically though without finesse; but he did make sure we got our daily doses of Devo, The Residents and Pere Ubu. He gave me the negs in '81 for what reason I cannot recall. I'm out of touch with him at the mo' and seeing as I've looked after them for 28 years I guess it'll be ok. Make sure he gets a credit. I'm glad you liked my photos. My regret is that during my two years in Brighton I barely exposed a frame. Anyway I'm glad that these pictures will be of interest. It's great site and somehow vindicates two years which I've sometimes felt were wasted. Oh and also  for what its worth the 'Boys remain a very fondly remembered live band. I thought they were best of the lot; and they were always very good to us. Paul Williams

Dom Maxted | Lipstick | March 2009
Hi Martin, I am Dominica from Lipstick, but I was backing vocalist, not lead. Still have a few photos somewhere. Which Martin are you? Cheers Dom

Kate Hayes | Objeks | March 2009
Hi. Its Kate from the Objeks here. Good to see a post from you Dawn..and hi again Dave. We've been here before I reckon..,but hasn't the site developed!! You must know about Helen McCookery's book. The Lost Women of Rock? Its brill! I'll send some pics also. Cool x

Jonnie Condom | Jonny & the Lubes | March 2009
Hi Phil. That picture is the better of 2 taken the same night and as far as I know the only JATL gig pics ever taken. The guy that took them came from Burgess Hill but then moved up north, I have tried to find him but his last address came to a dead end.  I think he shot a few bands in Brighton around that time and I know there was a small crowd that used to come down from BH to see gigs, maybe someone knew him.  He could have a stash of some good quality pictures.  Keep a look out for my next mail, I have some Argus clippings to send you including one of the Fan Cub / Dodgems benefit when their gear was stolen plus a couple from the JATL / Executives single release - The Lubes get slated in the review but any press was good press! Cheers, Jonnie

Paul Williams | Airtight Garage | March 2009
Hi Mr Punk. Great site and nice to see that 'the garage' haven't been forgotten. I remember little even though I was the bass player. More interstingly, if you care to take a peek here...
There's a rather lovely scan from some negatives of a Lemon Boys Photo Shoot. More to come sometimes soon...Paul

Heather De Lyon | Objeks - Devils Dykes | March 2009
This is such a good website so thanks a lot for running it.  Lots of new things since I last looked at it. Brings back great memories.  I was the drummer in Devil's Dykes and Objeks/New Objeks.  Then drummed for a band in London and one in Norfolk, but not in a band now though still have a kit and a son who plays it more than I do.  I still love all that music and think some of the lyrics seem just as great today as they did back then (though only have them in my head as I lost all the records in a flooded basement when I was living in Hackney).  It was fantastic to read the email from Sam, Rick's son, on the website, and would be wonderful to hear some of the songs revived in memory of Rick, who was such a great bloke, really quiet, but he got the things done that he wanted to do and without all his determination the Vaultage albums would never have happened.  Last time I saw Sam he was a baby! I used to work with Rick at the Resource Centre.  I also remember Dave Roughton doing the calendar and wish now we (The Objecks) had not done a picture of just our feet!!! I found the calendar the other day - very atmospheric pictures, and some old Rock against Racism posters for gigs at The Concorde and Alhambra.   I still see keep in touch with Stella from Devil's Dykes (Organ Morgan) and bumped into Kate from Objeks at the launch of Helen (Chef's) Women in Rock book in Notting Hill last year.  Also met Polly Styrene from XRay Specs there (remember a great benefit gig they did in Victoria Park, Hackney) and Gina from The Raincoats (I love their music).  Thanks Bridget for the posting about Pete Clarke's death.  I know he continued to play music with his two sons until he became ill with lung cancer.  He moved to South Wales and became Children's Commissioner for Wales and was able to make a big impact through his work. Thanks again for all this. Heather 
PS Still not enough women playing instruments in bands but it was good to see Meg White headlining at Glastonbury even though being there did involve wading around in a lot of mud.  Also seen some good women musicians at the Latitude festivals (and the amazing Patty Smith) | local gig | March 2009
Just thought you'd like to know we are at the Horse and Groom on Friday 20th March. Hope to see ya there? Wag

Jonnie Condom | Jonny & the Lubes | March 2009
Hi Phil. Jonnie & the Lubes at the Alhambra almost 30 years to the day!
Regards, Jonnie

Simon Watson | Midnight & the Lemon Boys | February 2009
Hi Stuart. Hope all is well with you, someone pointed me at your site again and bloody hell if you haven’t got the tape I recorded straight from the FOH desk of MLB live at the venue in Victoria (if I could be bothered to get in the attic and find my diary I’d be able to tell you the date) and boy doesn’t it take me back, I feel forty, err thirty, oh no maybe twenty ish, no I think I was nineteen, again, bloody hell that was a long time ago. Anyway the gig in question was booked for us by Ian Wilson from Wasted Talent Agency who later went on to manage The Alarm (boyo) and we were supporting Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoia, Tony Maybury was indeed on rhythm guitar because Nick Sayer was flat on his back with a slipped disk and couldn’t walk, Tony turned up pissed about five minutes before we were due on but played a blinder, Marcus pulled and Hoggs got so drunk (there’s a giant surprise) that he passed out in the corridor right in front of the Albertos dressing room and they couldn’t get in or out without stepping over him. Class. 
Other things I know that might interest you: Hoggs now lives in Hastings and has a recycling business with Trapper (Test Tube Babies) which they run in between touring as backline techs, Hoggs does drums, Trap does bass and keyboards I think. Steve Botting (The Exclusives) lives in LA (as does his younger brother Mark who used to do the door for MLB at the Alhambra) and Steve is the President of EFM Freight, a music industry freight specialist, he is married to Debbie the drummer from The Bangles and they have two kids. Mark is married to a lovely lady who coincidentally used to be my travel agent and is a TM, he’s done loads of stuff, No Doubt, Alanis Morrisette, etc and is currently on the road with Kevin Costner would you believe. Nick Sayer has allegedly moved back to Brighton but I haven’t seen him so can’t vouch for the fact. Wendy James is still living in NY last I heard. Haven’t heard from Marcus in ages so I guess he’s still in Spain. Hah, also just read that fanzine interview, what a complete and utter wanker I was in those days, so no change there then. Funnily enough I was going to come to the Exclusives gig but I had to go away on business so I missed it, hey ho maybe they’ll do another one I’m sure Luke must need the cash. Hope all is well with you. Best Regards, Simon Watson

Mark Clayton | The Lubes - Executives | February 2009
Since someone stole my copy 635 of The Lubes/Executives ep from me...does anyone have any sources for me to re-acquire, or are any of these bands on CD or at least in the pipeline? Mark

Simon Woolven | The Cornets | February 2009
It would be nice to see some of the Bands added to the list which have so far failed to surface. There are many, but perhaps we can start with a call out to anyone with information on The Cornets, who I believe went on to become The Cheeks. Although they may have both been around at the same time with shared members. Both Brighton based if my memory serves me well. Perhaps other members of this forum could come up with some other Bands which are but a distant memory to some but were still a big part of the whole, which made life fun!  I have another ten or so Bands in mind, but will ask about them later. Lastly will Ed Shuffle contribute some information about Chaos.

Dave Sharpe | The Piranhas | February 2009
Hi Phil, I talked to Stewy about the Piranhas Peel sessions, he said he has placed them in your capable hands!! So when are you likely to put them on the site? I just gotta hear them again after all these years. Please keep your wonderful site ticking over, all the best, big Attrix/Brightonbeat fan, Dave
punkdaddy writes: Coming next month

Paul Martin | This Colour | February 2009
Hi Phil, Very glad to see how the website keeps expanding, the jukebox is truly amazing,what a great resource. I was just reading / listening to the This Colour page / tracks. What a great band. nearly 30 years on and these cuts still sound as cool as they ever did - lying somewhere between Bauhaus and The Psychedelic Furs to my ears. Anyway, it made me think. I am pretty sure (or I am entirely misremembering) that our second drummer in Life Size Models, Martin Ruth, joined This Colour after he left us. As the drummer's name is given in their biog as 'Smivs' it doesn't reveal his true Identity. However, I do remember a band who I think were This Colour playing at the art college basement singing a song that sounded (to my recollection anyway) very Joy Division / shoegazey, the only part of the lyric I can recall is something about the 'children of the village'. Martin was drumming for them then. I'd love to know what became of Martin. He was a nice guy. And of course I want to know if my memory is clear or has been cunningly reprogrammed while I was asleep at some point to recall actual events in a random cut and paste mix fashion instead of their actual linearity! Regards, Paul Martin

Sam Blair | Rick Blair | February 2009
Hi Punk Brighton, Sam Blair here, Rick’s second oldest son. It was lovely to read Mike Majendie’s email about dad’s 10 year anniversary coming up. I’d really love to get involved, and think a gig would be the perfect way to mark the occasion. I’d be up for doing a couple of covers of some of dad’s songs, perhaps one or two of the acoustic stuff from the late seventies. I can’t believe how quickly the last ten years have gone…dad is missed as much now as he ever was, so lets give him a ten year bash to remember. Kind regards, Sam

Hi everybody. As it says on my websites: Capitalism? Told you so. My thoughts are neatly contained in my poem ‘Attila the Stockbroker cleans up the City’  which is prominently displayed on both sites.  And there is more to come, I can tell you that! As for the gigs - another local Belloc show coming up: Norway in March: lots of gigs in Wales: touring with the fantastic David Rovics again in May: Glastonwick ‘09 first weekend of June: festivals booking now (more offers welcome, especially from festivals I’ve never played before) and in October I’m planning a solo poetry/acoustic tour of Germany/Austria/Switzerland for the first time in years - anyone interested in putting on a show, please get in touch. And after the gigs you’ll find a special message from fellow energetic performance poet and organiser Luke Wright. Catch his film next Friday if you can. I shall, and I hardly ever watch TV....Cheers Attila. All solo poetry/music unless stated
FEBRUARY 28 SHOREHAM-BY-SEA Ropetackle Centre  ‘Old Thunder’ - a celebration of the life and works of my poetic mentor Hilaire Belloc, another loud, opinionated, real ale loving Sussex poet ....Me in the 1st half performing ‘Bellocose’, my tribute in Belloc’s verse and my own as broadcast on Radio 4’s ‘Poetry Please’ ...2nd half is Worthing playwright Ann Feloy’s adaption of Belloc’s classic Sussex book ‘The Four Men’  Box office 01273 464440

Mike Majendie | Rick Blair | January 2009
Hi, my name is Mike Majendie and I played in various bands and wrote songs with Rick from the late eighties through to his death in 1999. We had just finished recording a CD of song when he died. I was wondering whether anything might be planned to mark the 10th anniversary of his passing. I’m up for helping!! Regards, Mike. punkdaddy writes: It'll also be 10 years since the launch of punkbrighton. I have a vague notion of doing some kind of exhibition or show to commerate it, maybe we could merge the two. I'll get back to you.

Martien Snellen | Mo-Dettes | January 2009
G'day. Trying desperately to track down a copy of the Mo-Dette's lyrics for White Mice - any idea where they can be found? Thanks and Cheers. Martien Snellen (Australia)

Marc Wasserman | Ammonites | January 2009
Hi Phil, I hope you are well!  I heard the good news that The Ammonites have re-formed to play atleast one show next weekend in Hove.  Will you be attending? It would be great to hear how the show goes and see some pictures. I really enjoyed interviewing Stefan Tylunas,  Great guy. I have a quick question for you.  Do you have contact information for Bob Grover?  He's a hard man to fond contact info for. His MySpace site does not allow messages. I was hoping to see if he was interested in an e-mail interview for my blog: Thanks again, Marc

Simon Woolven | Fake petition? | January 2009
I have been told that the petition below is a JOKE E-mail which has been flooding websites galore. I am not saying that people should not sign it, it may well be genuine, just do a little checking before putting your name to this, or any other petition.

Petition against NOISE POLICE | January 2009
Now they want to make it law - anyone applying or re-applying for an entertainment license has to have a limiter installed. Please, for the love of live music sign this petition:
"It has been brought to attention that the government wish to consider it a legal requirement in the new tax year to introduce laws insisting anyone applying or re-applying for an entertainment license must have a noise control device fitted to the venue. This will be the final NAIL for ALL entertainment in the UK as the level at which these devices CUT you off is dreadfully low and damaging.
If you could sign and pass this email on we would appreciate it. Cheers

Gianmaria Rizzardi | Gong | January 2009
Hello and greetings from Italy...I have a question for you experts hoping you might help me. I recently shared a show on the Dimeadozen torrent trading community; that's "Gong Xmas Party" at the Electric Ballroom Dec 19th 1978 with Nik Turner's  Sphynx, The OffBeats and Gong. Now, the mystery is who played in the OffBeats beside Hamish McDonald (Sex Beatles) and Tasmin Smyth (Gilli Smyth's daughter), at some point someone (possiblyHamish says: "The drummer plays for a Brighton band called "The DP's". Could it be Ozzy Garvey on that show? Thanks for any help. Gianmaria Rizzardi, Varona (Italy)

Sue Backhouse | Ammonites | January 2009
Hi there. It was great to find your website, especially to read about the Ammonites. I was a great fan - I wrote the article in Bright Times you have on your website - not credited, so I can't prove it! Thanks and keep up the good work. Sue Backhouse

Ken Phelps | Idrenes | January 2009

Ken Phelps | Flesh | January 2009
Hi Phil, remember me, Kenny, One Drop posse. ex member of Flesh! Love your punkbrighton. ken.

Hoppy | Ijax Allstars | January 2009
Hi punk daddy. Came across the web page for Ijax Allstars via Google (Vaultage ’79) as I was looking to see which tracks we put onto the album – I knew Reggae Rumble was one but couldn’t remember the other one and wondered if a ref existed to the album; lo and behold, it did! Even more surprising was the link to Ijax – fame at last, ha ha!!First of all, just to put the record straight regards the photo and confirm Nick McGerr’s assumption, the line-up is, I believe, a later incarnation The Sole Destroyers (although I’m not sure where the venue is), and yours truly (Hoppy, drums) is not in the photo – maybe I was hidden/hiding (camera shy), or perhaps had even left by then? The big feller on guitar is Stuart and the bass looks like Rob, with Alan in between, Lou on the mic, and Neil far right. To give you some history on the Ijax Allstars, I had moved to Hurstpierpoint from the Maidstone area in 1973 and knew Andy Taylor from there – the only person brave enough to frequent the G Ranch in Maidstone (a mid 60s to early 70s mod/skinhead all-night club, although in truth we only really looked intimidating) sporting long hair and wearing a kaftan! – who had by then moved to Brighton (Havelock Road). Through Andy I got to know Terry Tetlow, who had also come down from Maidstone, and who, along with Andy, had an abiding interest in Reggae music.

Move forward to 1977, by which time I had moved to Burgess Hill and become close friends with Alan and Lou, who then shared a cottage in Albourne. We would often spend time listening to Reggae music, in particular Lee Perry along with loads of other vinyl I had back then. With one thing leading to another, Alan suggested we might get together with a friend of his (Neil) and mess around with some stuff of our own, loosely based on the tunes we were then listening to. So from there, Andy and Terry got involved and we began playing either in the living room or at the cottage with a home-made bass (Alan), lead guitar/saxophone (Neil), rhythm guitar/vocals (Terry), melodica/percussion [much of it home-made] (Andy), and hi-hat and snare/vocals (yours truly), plus a WEM Copycat and a spring reverb unit (with Pete Ladd coming in soon after to oversee the echo/mixing side of things) – and as was noted, most of our stuff was recorded, even back then, although I’ve no idea where any of the tapes are now, if they even still exist.

At this time the notion of a band proper hadn’t really been in the frame but as these things always seem to take on a life of their own, the point duly arrived in early 1978 where this began to take shape, essentially through a link with The Executives (I think I have that right), who offered us support slots at their gigs in Brighton – and if my memory serves me correctly, our debut was at the Alhambra sometime around March. Needing a name for the band, Andy used to have a piece of card in his hat with Ijax written on it, which Lee Perry had scrawled on the wall of his wrecked studio (Black Ark) amongst other bizarre stuff, and which seemed wholly appropriate – Allstars signifying that we were essentially an instrumental band (aware, however, that vocals were still needed to some extent in order to maintain audience interest, and which Terry and I used to share, although AT would add a few toast-type bits here and there).

It soon became necessary to practice more often than once a week, and the basement at Davigdor Road was eventually put into use by fixing carpets to the walls and ceiling, as much to lessen the impact for dear old Miss Saxby as anything else, although it did prove useful insofar as our sound was very echo orientated, and thereby eliminated any feedback together with improving sound recording. It was also around this time that Lou began to get more involved with the band, even on occasion adding flute into the mix, as well as some vocal harmonies and the odd lead.

Towards the end of 1979, we returned to the studio and recorded a demo track, based on an old Lee Perry rhythm, which was then presented to a number of labels but without success – although after the tape had been reluctantly given to a then leading label (which shall remain nameless), a subsequent record (which shall also remain nameless), with a suspiciously similar bass line, reached Number 1 early in 1980. It was around this time that Terry decided to quit the band, while later in 1980 I also decided to call it a day, from whence the band, in name at any rate, more or less ceased to exist – although the later but short-lived Sole Destroyers did include Alan, Neil, Lou and myself.

So there you have it in a nut-shell, or at least as best as I can remember. While I apologise for any glaring omissions I may have made, any discrepancies are the result of the mists of time (and herb) but I think that’s pretty close to the actuality. Furthermore, it remains one of the most interesting and enjoyable periods of my life, with heartfelt thanks going out to all those who supported us during that time, and wish you all the very best both now and for the future. Peace and love. Hoppy

André Havard | Vandells | Dick Damage | January 2009
Hi, I was rooting through my old photos and I came across these two, probably taken at the Buccaneer. I'm not sure who the white haired guy with the glasses is but it could be The DBs. They were supporting The Vandells. A quick Google brought me to your site. I had Vaultage 78 and 79, both long gone, unfortunately. Happy days! Cheers
punkdaddy writes: The window gives it away, must be the Alhambra, innit?

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