About Nicky & the Dots

Ken Hogg • drums
Dave ‘Blotto’ Williams • bass
Paul Clark • keyboard
Chris D’Ouseley • guitar, vocals
Nick Dwyer • vocals

Sounds Review 1978:
"A strong lively band, the Dots were formed in November ‘77 by Nick Dwyer and Chris D’Ouseley who met at art college. It has been said that if Talking Heads are XTC’s foster parents, the Dots are XTC’s second cousins and are apparently really great at turning a happy little ditty into something permanent and not-so-dumb.

The Dots’ style is energetic but detailed and the songs amusing if you can hear the words. Nick, when asked to descibe their song Girl Gets Nervous said: “It’s a lot of images thrown together like clips from a film that don't add up to anything.”

A sturdy and effective poppy combo, the Dots could quite easily go far. Not many bands can pull off overstatement and repetition as well as they can."

Dots' John Peel session loading below:..

The Dots' also featured on Vaultage 78

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The cover of the Dots Never Been So Stuck b/w Linoleum Walk. The single was released on Small Wonder in 1979 and did well in the Independent charts.

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