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Year 2001

Helen McCookerybook | November 26, 2001
Hi, I'm still regularly looking at and enjoying the site- got recognised as a member of the Chefs in Sainsbury's in East Barnet last week- wery strange! I'm still looking for people to talk to me re: my research on bands in Brighton- do you know where I could find Keith Hurley who used to run the Alhambra nights? I'm also looking for Stella from the Molesters and Heather from the Objeks. Keep up the good work- it's fascinating! | November 25, 2001
Hey, I'm from Belgium and I am 18 years old. We give a big party for our last year and our theme is punk. Let's party.

pink | November 20, 2001
I have under my bed a poster advertising a rock against racism gig at the unemployed centre circa 1978. Come up and see me sometime.

Kate Hayes | November 9, 2001
Anyone remember The Objeks? Kate here...had an interview in the fanzine and a track on Vaultage '78 if I recall, still have them to hand. Wild days for sure.

Natasha | November 8, 2001
I'm doing a speech on punk for my English class. I want it to kick ass because everyone is doing shit about std's and eating disorders. Got any juicy ideas?

Tim Williams | November 8, 2001
Your sight was informative and interesting. Its cool to find out some background about a place that I go so often for gigs and punk music. Cheers.

Chris | November 8, 2001
Re: the Clash playing in Brighton. No way would I have missed that. They did play Crawley Sports Centre at around 1979 'cause I saw them. The support was the Coventry Specials and an American band called Suicide. The Specials were great, Suicide were crap and finally went off after the lead singer got a kicking from a Sham 69 skinhead. By the way, Jimmy Pursey was there that night. Think I have some fliers for the gig.:-)

Baz | November 2, 2001
I can't track down a copy of Zambesi via Napster , Morpheus or any similar progs. Please dont make me go legal. Yes, need a mp3 of the song, geezers. Bazzzzzzzz

( October 28, 2001
Yeh, I just wanna say a few things...this is my first time looking at your page and am stoked seeing Peter and the Test Tube Babies here...and I think that is really great...and yeh, maybe I'll get to win a T-shirt...that too...well. I'll keep in I'll know more on what's going on around your scene...I'm fucking wasted right now so I'll read all the shit tomorrow...fuck! I'm a size small...but I'll wear any Peter and the Test Tube Babies shirt wandering around your store...alright! And yeh, my address is #1354 Wagner Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19141

Sam Coleman | October 25, 2001
Fuck You is Brighton a small town. Get your facts right you ignorant twats!

max the fish | October 22, 2001
Shit I cant belive my dad's on this site. Cool. I'm part of a new wave of punk bands called Dead Fish and we would love to play in Brighton, so if anyone knows someone who would be willing to let us play then e-mail us. Never let the punk die and just because we are young doesn't mean we dont have the punk rock spirit. PUNKFUCKINROCK.

Pete Newbold | October 19, 2001
Was lucky enough to see the Piranhas, Lillettes etc., at various venues. I played in a band called Strumpet City in the mid-80's and Betrayed too!! Great times. Any one remember Call of the Wild?

Liz | October 18, 2001
Hi, I am looking for information on women in the punk movement and other youth movements in Brighton for a history project. If anyone could point me in the direction of information and resources on this topic (not neccesarily in the context of women) I would be grateful, plus any own life expereinces from women who lived in Brighton during that time. Thanks!!

karsten | October 4, 2001
Good punk-page if you wanna know about Brighton´s punk-HISTORY, but how about punk in brighton TODAY? I'm going to visit Brighton on my holiday-trip to South-England next week and I think I have to find out myself...I hope Peter and the Test Tube Babies will play. They play in Frankfurt (where I come from) once a year (every 23rd of December), but the club ("batschkapp") is crap, so I used to go to the "countermeeting" in the left-wing-centre "excess" and saw some brilliant bands there. They even advertised with Bart Simpson writing on a blackboard: "I'm NOT going to see Peter this year...(I'll be at the XS)". So that's a punk-history from Frankfurt...I'm looking forward to seeing what's punk about in "good old England", karsten

molly martin | September 28, 2001
Fuckin wicked site, bout time someone gave some fuckin credit to the eera! Recent punk, current punk bands?

c_demon | September 27, 2001
I was needing some info for the history of the punk subculture and the way punkers live, for a project for school. So if you could send it to me please. Thank you for your time.

simon | September 26, 2001
Found this splendid site on a strange search, bored out of my tiny mind using 'Ask Jeeves'. Thing is, Jeeves won't fuck off and I can't access your site without the stiff twat. Can you help? Keep up the good work. I'm a bit too young to be an original Brighton Punk but I do have a Dodgems badge and 'Science Fiction 7'.
Support Just One Life gigs and the Punker Bunker (Sydney St)... the current punk crew of Brighton. Check out

Paul Shand | September 20, 2001
Cool Site! Great Effort. Brighton rocked real well back then. Don't know much about now? I now live in Brisbane Australia. I am getting some material mp3'd for free download for Numbers friends and listeners. Some rare gems from 1977 when the band was only 17. Any one know what happened to "Beaky"? Beaky was a solid supporter back then of the whole Punk scene. Plus I noticed there was no Smeggy and Cheesy Bits on the site. Any chance of including them? Long live Brighton and all of its incarnations.

Jacek | September 8, 2001
Czesc, chyba niewiele osob zrozumie co tuna pisalem. Jesli chodzi o strone to jest cool. A jesli chodzi o Punk to jest on ponad wszystko. I don't know what shall I write here . So I write nothing.

CLMG | August 29, 2001
Great site! I was a punk and then a mod (oops) in Brighton 1978-81. One of my first ever gigs was at the Top Rank - Magnets, Members, Eddie and the Hot Rods. Do you know anything about the Clash gig in Brighton 1979? There is a discussion about it on the Mojo magazine website. Information needed - what reggae band supported the Clash, what was the venue (Top Rank or Conference Centre) and on what songs did Pete Townshend play?

rob blair | August 27, 2001
Hi there, glad to see that the good old days are still alive. I am Rick Blair's brother, and was pleased to see all the support for him at his funeral in 1999. I would like to put a history together on Rick Blair, Attrix Records and the Brighton story. I would welcome any old articles, pictures, clippings, records etc for this project. Let me know what you have and who else may have good stuff. Thanks, Rob.

mel | August 26, 2001
I heard something about a punk festival on the TV and they said it was coming to Brighton. I was enquiring when this was happening. I would be very grateful for any information you could give me on this. Mel

ERIN | August 25, 2001
Well....hmmm...nooo..well.nahhhh ....thats all!

Jason Reid | August 22, 2001
Both myself and brother were on the rear cover of the Piranhas hit 'Tom Hark', the photo was taken in Hanover Street Brighton, where we used to live, we are pictured with the band on our bikes, I was 5 and my bro was 7. I know it may be hard to believe but it is true.

gaz | August 21, 2001
Cool site!! Where can I buy more (small label) punk music in Brighton? HMV don't exactly have the kind of music I want.

graham hammond | August 15, 2001
Enjoyed the website, it's good to see that there is still interest in punk in 2001, it's 25th birthday. Do you have any pictures of The Depressions or of that other Sussex Roxy Club band Plastix performing on stage that you could either e-mail to me or put on your website? Many thanks.

Terry Newbery | August 11, 2001
Very sad to hear about Rick, and Russell Greenwood, a percussionist I rated with the likes of Dave Mattocks. I was the friend who invested in Attrix's first release, and also produced Birds with Ears Album "Youth in Asia". We also did the pilot Album for the Piranhas before they were signed to Sire. I think their manager was Tony Byford? Is this the same person mentioned as a MAC artiste? What of Julie, Rick's wife and Suzy Horne? Would appreciate info. Regards, Terry.

Charlie Zuber | July 28, 2001
I have just found Lord Lucan and I'm wondering what address or web site I should mail his persona to. He is now virtually dead but keeps trying to rise from the dead in the intertices of the web. I have consulted far and wide, and from the beach in Australia, where he remains in some sort of pixillated purgatory. I write in desperation in order to find the only one capable of putting the stake through his heart. Now, on bealf of all Dodgems and their loyal fans (all six of you), can someone tell us where Gary Turner is? Please tell him Lord Lucan needs to find his final resting place and it is him and only him that can do so. Last seen at Beaconsfield Villas in Brisbane.

Charlie Zuber ex-Dodgem | July 27, 2001
If any one is interested in hearing a compliation CD of the Dodgems, including John Peel session version of Lord Lucan, contact me or Doug Potter, and we could send you a freshly burnt home-grown personalised one of a kind autographed version of the concise edition from the Best of Dodgems albums vol one. God knows how to get it to you and how much it will cost, but it is possible as we've done for personal consumption. Also for all those students out their doing assignments on Punks, I think you should all know about Dick Hebdiges "Subcultures The Meaning Of Style". Not for its history detail on Brighton but its intelligent use of Cultural Studies methodologies on the subject of the British Punk- and black music scene. Having some critical framework is so important in the research of popular culture forms and practices- particularly if you wnat to get good marks!!!

Paul Birchall | July 25, 2001
Hi. After visiting your site yesterday I delved through my archive and come up with a few photos of Dick Damage in action at the Alhambra. I can email them if you give me an address. I also have photos of the Dodgems live at the Richmond and some photos recording the John Peel session we did.

Paul Birchall | July 24, 2001
I stumbled across this site and it brought back lots of interesting memories. I played keyboards with the Dodgems on two singles and the John Peel session we did. Good to here that Johnny Condoms still in town. My favorite artist of the time was Dick Damage. Has he still got that white coat?

Mandy | July 21, 2001
Medical studies have proven: to excess, as well as men who masturbate frequently, have contracted a new symptom where the eyesight becomes shaky and blurred. If you have noticed any of these symptoms please contact your physician immediately. If left untreated, you will go blind.

Nick Greenwood | June 19, 2001
Just got on to your site this evening (19/6/00). Sorry to see that Rick passed away two years ago. Unfortunately so did Russ Greenwood of the Chefs (and sometimes Parrots), on 25 June 1999. Which will be 2 years next Monday, and why I'm thinking about Brighton.

karlos | June 17, 2001
your page´s great. but I´ve a question: why punks bend their pants? What does it mean? Why punks bend their pants, what does it meant? Please answer me, I´m so interested thank you.

SPIKE | June 11, 2001
Hi. Love the site. If I haven't already said in previous mails our band is now called dollface, we have not yet put our site on the web yet but if you could put a link from your site to hear dollface tracks at then I'd be really greatful and then once our site is up and running I'll stick your site as a link from ours. Cheers, thank for your help - hope you enjoy the tracks!! SPIKE (DOLLFACE) - formerly known as Skinfinger.

Rachel Greenwood | June 10, 2001
I was searching the net for stuff about the Chefs when I found this site. I remember the Vaultage albums that my brothers bought, and of course the Chefs EP as Russ was the drummer! Great site, brings back memories if a little vague as I was only about twelve at the time!

Nicole Blackniak | June 9, 2001
Well punk has helped me once again get threw life as a teen...See a lot of stuff as gone down and my music as always been there for me...In my life right now I'm 18 going on 30...and I think that it really sucks...but to help me see through all of the bullshit of everyday life I have Punk Rock...Oi! Oi! and I think that is one of the only reasons why I still put up with life today...See I did this before and I won a T-shrit...Thank you for that...But this is just to tell you's that Punk Rock is a good thing and it helps a lot of teens etc, out...So once again I would like to thank you for always being there for me...Oi! Oi!

MARIA BUTT | June 6, 2001
This site is pretty cool...i especially like the bio on Peter and the TEst tube babies....they are cool...well keep up with this day it will be a great asset to some little kids who will one day listen to those bands....well yeah...take care and keep up the good work!!! Much love to ya!...ummm....i dont know...put more pictures....and more stuff....

pat | June 1, 2001
This site kicks ass.

James Giles | May 30, 2001
Can you tell me where I can get Punk gear in Brighton, such as Sex Pistol T-Shirts etc?

heather | June 1, 2001
I am looking for any information on what type of fashion did punk have on the youth from the 70's to 80's.

Jamie Jellybean | May 21, 2001
This site is a lot of fun! I really appreciate it!

Isaac Koogler | May 21, 2001
Thanks for this site. It's great!

doug potter | May 19, 2001
I wrote/played/sung in the Dodgems during the great times with Piranhas/Nicky & Dots etc. Anyone interested in the Lost Dodgems Tapes, with Blockhead Charlie Charles on drums, recorded for Criminal Records, not issued as company went bust. Also check Black Box Recorder version of Lord Lucan on USA version of England Made Me CD.

Eduardo Rifan | May 13, 2001
Hi how are you. I'm from Brazil and I don't speak English very well, but I will try do it. I want know some places in UK that have show's punk's. Here in Brazil I listen about Bristol, it's true? I will do a trip and I want this informations. Await reply, sorry about mistakes in grammar. Punk's not dead.

Hacker | May 8, 2001
I think your site kicks a lot of ass. After telling my music teacher that I was going to do my end-of-the-year project on the history of punk, I was researching on the internet when I stumbled upon your site...let me tell you, it seriously kicked my ass. Keep up the killa job, I'll be coming back here every single day!! (Joey Ramone lives!!)

M | May 7, 2001
Hi.... I saw your site and think it's well cool (**gush**)... anyway, I'm coming to Brighton in September 01 to be a student. I'M A LATTERDAY PUNK (but no added slipknot)... and I was wondering if there are going to be any jobs going in the museum, or anything else cool - I mean, I work in a really shazzy shop at the moment and it's so DULL, they made me dye my hair brown..... anyway, top site, stay pretty, let me know if you want someone like me.... oh, and I have A levels and I'm literate and all the rest. Mail back pleeeeeeeeeeeez...oh and what's the punk scene like up there? i'm not talking about 14-year old Blink 182 fans either. =:)

Chris Nicholls | May 7, 2001
What a laugh. I went to the Vault dozens of times, saw Smeggy and the Cheesy Bits and loads of others by the way. They were great, had great lyrics like, "I wanna be your hunch back baby." I remember one of the band with a ukalel (cant spell it) one night doing a take off of George Formby. It used to get very hot in there and sorry to dissapoint but I never saw any glue sniffin'. We used to get cans of beer from the off licence over the road and get pissed - also remember the old bill raiding it one night, cause we were letting off fire extingushers from the car park next door. They took a look inside at us sweatin' drunk and the noise from the band and just left. The Basement was great too. I like the Vandells a lot. One more thing, I remember Smeggy getting his dick out at a gig on stage at Hastings Pier and flappin it around a lot. Names of regulars: Buggsy, Lurker, Smelly, Deniese, Sarah W, Kenny Mc, Ady, H and Me. More thoughts: there were holes in the wall where coffins were, but as far as I remember they were empty- good place to stand your beer can in.

Chris | May 7, 2001
Me again- your site has me very enthused. Just thought I would tell you I have a tape of the Vandells live recorded by me without permission age 16- Basement at Art College Wed June 23 1979- took a recorder in and left it on a shelf. Got almost the whole gig, not a great recording but audilble. My mate Ken had a demo of theirs but lost it in a move, but I still have my illegal tape. A bit of history I think now.

Chris | May 7, 2001
Re: Hollywood lyrics- sounds like the Runaways, American girl band, got the album somewhere in the loft :-)

Kris Jenkins | April 30, 2001
Great site!!!Spent most of yesterday looking through it and most of today thinking about the old days.What about early 80s punk/pop bands eg: Defectors (didn't they become Violet White?), Tales From The Tube, The Jungle (not particularly punk but good anyway) and The Four Guns. Keep up the good work! I remember very early 80s gigs at Xtreems, always being filmed by a bloke behind the bar with a super 8 camera. I'd be really interested to know if any of these gems still exist, particularly a Killing Joke gig circa '84ish and a Vice Squad gig where I got the shit kicked out of me by about twenty skinheads!!

Dennis | April 29, 2001
I've been trying to track down a copy of Tom Hark for ages now, but with no success. Any idea where I can get it or if it's included on any compilation. Cheers, Dopey Den

derrick whillock | April 27, 2001
Your site sucks. Get some better stuff.

Glenn Crouch | April 27, 2001
This is tremendous! I was the singer in Anti-Art (hello Erik!). We rehearsed and played a couple of gigs at the Vault circa 79/80. I shared a bedsit with Smeggy and we used to hang out with the likes of the Lemon Boys who had a room downstairs at the Vault. I'm at Virgin Records now looking after all things rock! Let's hear from yer!

Anon | April 26, 2001
Great site; is Dick still alive and can he spell yet?

Erik Gilbert | April 20, 2001
Damn! This takes me back. I was in band called Anti-Art and we rehearsed at the Vault. Must have been 79/80. What a great time it was. I was 16 years old, playing shows with the Chefs, Smeggy and others. Where are all these people now?! Am now in New York, no longer playing, but running a hip-hop label. Would love get back in touch with some people.

Baz | April 19, 2001
Re: the Piranhas getting back together. I could easily rustle up 10 - 15 thirty sumthings (is that a word) who can all still hum " Tom Hark " , some of us can even sing " Boyfriend." Thanks for the site, found it at last. Yep Piranhas reforming. You have my vote , let me know.

Stan | April 11, 2001
Here are some lyrics of a girl punk band in the later 70's. Is there any chance you know who they might be? I THINK the name of the song was Hollywood: "Some people have opinions, but I dont care, they tell me bout the millions, but I just stoop and stare, stare stare, Here we are on Sunset strip, Here we are at Ben Franks in Hollywood. Thanks, and nice site.

h | April 6, 2001
Great site, brought back some good memories, you should submit it to more search engines. God I'm choked just thinking back. Many thanks.

katy | April 4, 2001
Kewl site, you should sell clothes and cd's and stuff on here too! That would be neat. Keep it up.

peter hoearth | April 3, 2001
Thank you for this great site, most people that think they're punk these days have no idea on what punk rock is. I live with 2 old school punks who where around in the late 70's and onwoulds so i'm lucky they tell me how good things were back then and your web sight has told a lot more about the music and scene that i love, thank you. You are also leting a lot of other people know what has hapend with the punk scene and it's so good that upcoming punks can lern a bit about it's history and what punk rock really is and for that i thank you.

ez | April 1, 2001
Sad old bastard that I am I loved looking at your site. I was in a band called the Plague
(you can see our graffitti in your big picture of the Vault) the images and sounds brought back huge memories with a rush. Ta. Actually, I was in another band called Betrayed (early eighties) anyone else remember the pioneers of jazzpunk?

Ollie Crooke | March 29, 2001
Love it, really good to see, but my surname has an e at the end! (Important when you have a silly name like mine!) Have you Bob Grover's email/phone number? My number is 020 7254 0849.

Sabrina | March 28, 2001
Hi, I'm currently an A Level student studying graphics. My set exam project for the summer is on designing a frontcover for a book covering the period of punks in the 1970's. I was wondering if you were able to send me any information at all to do with the punks of Brighton, it would be really helpful. Thankyou very much for your time.

Sar and Dai | March 21, 2001
Great site. If u have a postal address can u send us it? Can we talk to any punks on a chatline? We need photos of fucked up punks in the 21st century. Cheers

Sar and Dai | March 21, 2001
great site. Can u send me leaflets and pictures on punk groups and organisations as soon as possible? I'm designing a book cover on punks now and then.

Greg Madill | March 14, 2001
Looking for lyrics to Tom Hark. Had the tape at one time but it's gone missing. Would really appreciate getting them so our band can do it (with full credit to the Piranhas of course). Thanks.

Natalia | March 8, 2001
Hi! I´m Spanish girl, I´m interesting in Punk, the real thing is that I must to do a paper for my university about English culture and I have chose the punk movement. At this moment, I´m recopilating all kind of information, above all about political facts which could influence in this movement. I will be very grateful, if someone give me more information about Punk. Thank you very much.

Becci Denyer March 8, 2001
How cool!! I wasn't even born when punk was at it's peak, so it's very interesting to see wheat went on in my hometown!! Keep up the good work!!

Jah Brookes March 6, 2001
And what happened to Smeggy and the Cheesy Bits who supported the Piranhas at least once (at the Alhambra)? Crap band - Zetgeist Name

Dave Sadler | March 3, 2001
Does anyone know where I can lay my hand on more info/CDs/MP3s on the Piranhas?
I remember such greats as Shut Up, Tom Hark and a song about "getting beaten up". Any ideas? Thanks.

Katherine | March 1, 2001
Hi! I'm doing a major art project for my art A level, and I'm really having trouble finding decent pictures of punk fashions. You know, fishnet tights, mohican hair, safety pins etc. Any chance you could help me? Any info needed, written or pictures. Thanks!

Lex | February 19, 2001
Any photos of skinheads in Brighton, 1988 to the present? Have only got a set-top box, not a computer so can't print them, maybe you could e-mail me and meet? I'm in Brighton still. Simone (Dec 13) wanted punk shops in Brighton. Try the record shop above Hive comics in Kensington Gardens or BangHipHop (no, really) in Gardner Street for punk and Oi! on CD. Jump The Gun in Gardner Street for badges, Lonsdale T-shirts, Harrington jackets and other skinhead type stuff. Spanki in Sydney Street, Sin Bin in George Street Kemptown, Supertramp/Rag Freak in Cranbourne Street and X2Z in Western Road (for all your overpriced Doc Martens and Crap copies of punk T-shirts!!!) Mr. Twat. Yes I do remember Spermovdoom very well! Especially a certain gig at The Steam Inn which turned into a bout of chair-throwing and brawling which ended up spilling out onto the A27!!! (Amusing to watch especially as the not-so-skinny Scoffa was in drag at the time, mohican and all!!!) Strange they weren't invited back...See Ya all soon.

Irish Brian | February 11, 2001
Hello Everybody who gives a .... I was up at the Sunday Market today and i bought 2 Piranhas singles. "Piranhas///featuring Boring Bob Grover (don't believe it for a minute) The Man with the Golden Trumpet" A-side Zambezi, other side, Who needs you & Darabukkas. Also "the Piranhas play Kwela" A-side TOM HARK, B-side Getting beat-up & Boyfriend. Both have perfect covers and vinyl. What a find? Classic Brighton, and I am going to ask Bob Grover to sign them for me. Cha cha cha, Irish Brian.

Roger | February 10, 2001
Hello. To refer to your web site, please could you tell me if these Numbers: NUMBERS UK (1979 - 1980) Nick McAuley vocals, guitar - Angelo Bruischini guitar - Wayne Kingston bass - Lee Gardener drums, are the same band included in your site? All the best, Roger.

Tyler | February 9, 2001
Hi, I am doing a school research project on "punks." I am looking to obtain information about the history of them, where they originated, why they originated, such things like that, if you could please help me to give me that type of information, or anything that would relate to that I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Tyler Mullins.

tim vicious | February 7, 2001
just read thru the emails......funny how no one mentions the Lillettes!!

michele | February 6, 2001
Great site. Would love to know when the band performed on Hastings Pier?
check it out

Stuart | February 5, 2001
Hi and thanks for adding the page on 'The Numbers' as a result of my mail. Any of them been in touch?

julia and jan | February 3, 2001
Do you remember The Tragic Lemons and the Campaign for Homosexual Equality festival at the Pavilion - we did a performance 'At least you did it yourself' ... Ivan played the cello in the nude in 1980 we think ...we were in tutus..

Nic | February 1, 2001
Hello! I just discovered The Punk History of Brighton entirely by accident whilst searching the net for the Vaultage albums. It's certainly brought back many memories from over two decades ago - thanks! I still have my Chefs EP on Attrix records pinned to the wall of my office. Sad or what? Thanks.

Neil F | January 26, 2001
Great Website, but I need help! To all: At college I am Studying BND Music Technology.
A part of one of my Major assignments is to write a minimum of 1000 words on:
"Look at a minority group of a sub-culture explain the influence thay have upon a style of music." Can anyone help me with this, I am especially interested learning about the Punk culture, can you suggest any further reading I could use to research from?

Dave Mc | January 25, 2001
Dear Punkfather, I write to thank you very much indeed for your help. I contacted Cherry Red
after receiving your email, made an order, and the CD arrived in today's post. I'm so delighted. Thanks once again and yes, I will be revisiting your site! Cheers.

Lance | January 24, 2001
Hello, my name is Lance and I'm in a band here in the States called J Church. We love Brighton and I think your site is brilliant. I'm glad all this stuff gets documented. Anyway, I stumbled upon your site when I was trying to track down some info on a guy that used to live down there. I'm trying to reach Gerard of Flowers In The Dustbin. They were more of a post-punk sort of thing that wound up on All The Madmen and also had a single on Mortarhate. I've been trying to track him down. But I can't find anyone who has heard from him in 5 years. I thought perhaps you may have known him as Brighton ain't so big? Anyway, keep up the good work with the site. Thanx.

Jonny Bollocks | January 18, 2001
Yes Punkfather, Ken was definately 'Boss Hogg" when it came to the Vaultage artwork..Hey dude, what happened to April and the Fools? Have they manifestated into something new? Rumour has it that they have. Bloody grapevine ay?

Dave | January 17, 2001
Long ago I had a single by the Dodgems called Lord Lucan is Missing, one of my most prized possessions of all time. About 15 years ago I lost the record in a burglary. Since then I have scoured second hand record shops in the vain hope of spotting a copy of this single. Having just got connected to the mighty internet, I managed to find your site, and oh joy, info on the band, its history, line-up and the chance to hear the strains of 'Lord L ' for the first time in years! Is there any way I can obtain a recording of the Dodgems most famous work, perhaps by mail order? I'd appreciate an email in response. Thanks.

Mistery Bean (Again) | January 5, 2001
Re your feedback, here's a nostalgia trip if ever there was one. Thanks Russel Pointing, not only for the brilliance of The Red Squares but also for putting on The Vogue as well as The Piranhas and Woody & The Splinters at the Cinscene. Tony B woz there, greetings Russ! Yo, Fred Pipes, (Sept 1 2000). Great nights at the Royal Guildford not only did that venue and your support sustain The Piranhas, it also helped get them on the Jam 'Sound Effects' tour of 1980. Aside from Piranhas memorabilia, the same venue was also a regular pre-fame haunt of the Stranglers. Wrestling has it's social benefits too, what?

Mystery Bean | January 4, 2001
Just to put you punks in the picture, the Piranhas 'Tom Hark' was a hit courtesy of the Waterman/Pete Collins partnership, before Stock & Aitken got involved with Waterman.

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