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sick boy sick | December 2004
hi there, I'm a street punk from Italy. i'm gonna be in brighton on Jan the 30th (Sun) & 31st (Mon) But I don't know anything about it! Could you please help me? We'll be in 2...can you tell me a cheap & nice hostel/hotel/B&B where we could stay? Can you tell me if there is any good punk shop there? (clothing,records...) Is the Attrix Shop still open? Does they still sell good cheap records? Can you tell me where is it? ...hmm..that's all i guess.. ;) Your help would be really appreciated!!! :) many thanx in adv anyway! ;) Cheers & Oi! Simon

Pete Remington | December 2004
Have a great time over the season of celebration and lots of success in the new year. Pete, Sadiye, Onur David.

Marc Arscott | December 2004
Hi all - I'm involved in a project about the White Riot tour, especially interested in the Brighton university gig in May 1977. Anyone go, anyone remember it? Any posters or photos? Please get in touch! marc at:

"Grant Lyons" | December 2004
any likelyhood of anyone putting out The Chefs stuff on a comp CD, my vinyl is wearing out! Grant

"Alan Hall" | December 2004
We've just seen Emma Sharpe page on your site, looks good! many thanks from us both. Might be an idea to release a CD of all the original 80's "early years" Emma Sharpe, should be about 12 or so tracks, any thoughts? seasons blessings & peace and good will to all kind men love from alan and luana
p.s. lyricon is the sound on Landscapes"Einstien ago go" a wind instrument synth thing that you blow like a saxaphone

"Trevor Howard" | December 2004
...OK, where is the box CD set of all the stuff from 78 to 83? it's a big hole in my CD collection...Dr Wart Hoover

"Paul Cunliffe" November 2004
Sad, the death of John Peel. The thing that worries me is that there is just no-one around to step into his shoes.

"Alan Hall" | November 2004
we really liked the attrix web pages and got all nostalgic, well done a good job! i've contacted Vince Geddes via your pages and had a good chat with him. we would like to appear on the attrix band page and if you want to choose a track from either, or search for band name Fontain, photos and or mp3's on request, love and peace, alan & luana. Fontain Features

"T.M.Newbery" | October 2004
So farewell then John Peel, champion of the unfashionable.

"Dave" | October 2004
Dear All, I have finally (as I promised over a year ago) put some Smeggy and the Cheesybits stuff up on my website or go to and follow the links. There's not much in the way of photos but there are some mp3s which I suggest you download quickly before I get complaints from Smeggy about copyright infringment. 

"Jon Dead Fish" | October 2004
Ah Punk Daddy, I guessed that your reply would ask for an extra pair of hands for this suggestion - I will be happy to have a go at the diary thing and see what we can do with it - I am moving this weekend so will be offline until Monday 4th but once I am back online I will set up a separate email address that people can send stuff to and will then compile it from there -I would normally use Excel for this sort of info/data unless you would prefer something else as it sets up nicely with the boxes - let me know if this is OK and I will get it started. Re JATL I am just typing up a little blurb & will send it to you soon. Regards. Jon

"Alan Hall" | October 2004
Emma Sharpe & the Features evolved into Fontain
CD, free mp3's, links

"Jon Dead Fish" | September 2004
It seems that there was something happening every day in around the Brighton area, gigs, recordings, releases and other stuff related to most of the bands - there would appear to be enough posters, articles and some surprisingly clear recollections to support the dates & times of these events - how about a complete diary for each year that could be built up as the info comes to light - each diary entry could have any relevant info at a click. Jonnie

"Jon Dead Fish" | September 2004
For those of you who thought a quid was expensive for the Jonnie & the Lubes EP check out you can get it there for only £40 (yes that is FORTY!!) or Disco Zombie in Italy have a copy at 35 euros (currency values may go up & down, your home could be at risk....blah, blah...) For the trainspotters all copies had a typed insert inside the cover - now where did I put that box of left over discs? Cheers, Jonnie C

dave clayden | September 2004
I came across this site looking for something entirely different, and suddenly there was Stuart Jones' face staring at me. An unnerving experience after so many years. Fun to look back at a formative time for both music and so many people I knew. And sad to read of the deaths. I was reading yesterday about Dave McComb from the Triffids and the ins and outs of his death and whether he jumped or was pushed... (metaphorically) and then this and it made me realise how glad I was to get out of the music business. Now from the other side of the world, it all seems so far away in time. For Stuart and anyone else who remembers me (ask stuart about losing his shoe...) my friend Holly and I shall be in Brighton for a few days at the end of October and it would be great to catch up. THis email is open to anyone who wants to write. So, its a big HI to everyone, and I'm off to the pub. Dave Clayden

dave clayden | September 2004
I guess I left too many details out. Re-reading more of it all. I used to work for John Curd at Straight Music and all of those Top Rank gigs so fondly remembered, were ours, or nearly all. Curiously, just about every local band thought either I had so much money I could buy all the drinks or I was so well connected I could make them into stars. Wrong both times. I had started working gigs at the Hungry Years about '73 with Nic McGerr, if anyone remembers him. Or even if they don't. I could fill in some details, Johnny Morris of the Executives became a teacher and now lives ooop north working for Offsted (is that how its spelled?) Bas Murphy (all the Es) works in London in marketing and for a while ran the Labour Party's fund raising. I live in sunny Queensland overlooking the Pacific and having been through an 80's designer phase, am a property developer. Award winning at that. It all changes. These things are important though. I was particularily pleased to see Marcus (Lemon Boys) doing nicely. Hard to know why I'd pick one person out. I guess really I'm happy so many of you are still alive. I know not many thought I would be! So it goes.
Dave Clayden

"Daniel Potter" | September 2004
Hi there, Just wondered if there are any live recordings of the Piranhas/Dodgems/etc.out there? Thanks! Daniel

"Daniel Reeves" | September 2004
Hi, we are about to launch As a new company selling the works of unsigned and independent bands and labels, we want to invite you to our launch party on Sunday 19th September. Can you tell me who it is worth sending an invite to? In our quest to help new music, we would pleased to answer any other questions you may have. Regards, Daniel Reeves. 01628 674184

Jon | September 2004
Re: Karen D'Ache. Any ideas where I might be able to get hold of their stuff? I went to a gig, bought a T-shirt and 7" back in the late 80's but never heard from 'em again. Now, thanks to the internet, I'm trying to track down some of the bands that were cool when I was younger! Regards, Jon

"peter counihan" | September 2004
Dear Punkdaddy, I was in a Brighton band called the Dials, later renamed the Mets. We weren`t really punk or part of the Vaultage crowd but played a lot of gigs with most of the bands on your site.  One of our earliest gigs was at the Richmond with the Numbers as support. I think they came from Newhaven/Seaford and didn`t really take to us as we were middle-class grammar school boys and had pretensions to being serious musicians (we were crap then) and the Numbers took the piss out of us in the gig.  I seem to remember that Trotsky, the bass player didn`t know how to tune his bass. I loved their stuff and bought a copy of their E.P. Cheers, Peter Counihan

Melvin Tuck | September 2004
hello, any idea where I might get a new copy of the Vaultage 78 album? I owned it once, way back when, but have long since forgotten what happened to my (probably very scratchy) old copy. It was an excellent collection and I'd really love to be able to hear it again! cheers, Melvin.
PS I remember seeing a few bands play at the Resource Centre and the Vault/Crypt place - Happy days, around the time that I left school

helen reddington | September 2004
I thought you'd like to know that Attila the Stockbroker has arranged another gig at the Concorde this year to raise money for the Joe Strummer charity, Strummerville. The date of the gig is Sunday 14th November and there's more info on I'll be doing a short set of new stuff and there are lots of other bands on.
All the best, Helen McCookerybook

Brian Moore | September 2004
I came across a mention of Emma Sharpe on your Attrix website. I would like to know if anyone might have any of their records or tapes for sale. Emma still lives in Brighton under her real name - or at least her husband's surname. I would be willing to cough up a reasonable market price if you know of any of their stuff still around. Best wishes

Gianluca <> August 2004
I'm looking for some information and contacts of UK new wave/punk/mod bands of the seventies. i'm working for a project called "sins of your fathers" to realize a multisession cd rom with history of new wave/punk band of the past. Each volume have an audio session with old audio material and a multimedia session with biography, discography, photos, links of the band. If you can help me to take a contact with the members of old band i thank you. Bye, Gian.
First uk volumes with THE NEON, THE NOW, THE STIFFS.

"MGV" <> August 2004
Brighton/Burgess Hill 'Punk Rock for the New Millenium' rockers Mr Green Vendetta play the Concord2, Brighton on Monday August 16th as special guests of the million-selling Kiwi rockers THE DATSUNS!
Also, MR GREEN VENDETTA are cleaning up on - the world's number one website for unsigned bands started in colloboration with esteemed Beatles producer, George Martin!. Drowning Pool amongst other big names were signed to major labels as a result of success on, and in the last week, MGV are number one UK band, number one female vocalist, and many other plaudits!!!! Out of a worlwide total of approx 800,000, we're chuffed to bits!!!|pe1|asjLBHTXvurfPgXiK2Rn&|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSkYVezZ2k|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSkYVmxZ2s
Love and stuff, MR GREEN VENDETTA

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"Disco Student" | August 2004
Hi from the Disco Students. We played many times in Brighton in 79/80/81. Alhambra/Vault and a few other venues I've forgotten about. We played with The Poison Girls, Midnight+Lemon Boys etc. I have to say, I can't remember why we played so many dates in Brighton, as we are from Aylesbury! I think one of our supporters had a contact down there. Anyway, always enjoyed in down there - and we had our first ever NME review from the Alhambra. We are back at it - and things are going well. Who knows, we may return to Brighton one day. Regards, Simon.
The Disco Students - creating a right bloody racket since 1978.
Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records artistes.
Original post-punk delivered to your door. | Tel: 01844 274635.

Helen McCookerybook | July 2004
Hi, thanks for your message, and of course I don't mind you putting the pic on the website. Unfair how I've gone from being Ms Potato-face to a time ravaged beast but that's life for you! Jay didn't seem to think he'd have time to organise a reunion but he wrote back to say he was meeting with Chris from the Accents and that he might be interested in helping to organise something.

For the study I was in contact with Vi Subversa (Poison Girls) who gave Joby and the Hooligans their first gig at the Vault, Joby (now living in Cornwall and still exactly the same), Kate Hayes (the Objekts), Julie Blair (Mockingbirds), Sue Bradley (Reward System), Attila the Stockbroker (first gig done at the Vault), Nick Dwyer (founder member of Joby and the Hooligans and Nicky and the Dots), Steve (Lord) Bassam (used to allow bands to use the Vault and encouraged people to do benefit gigs), and Susie from the Bright Girls. The bass player from Fan Club also got in touch and sent me loads of photocopied fanzines, which was really good of him. But as you can see, there isn't a whole band among them!

Anyway I'll keep in touch and see what's going on. I'll have a look at my Brighton chapter of the PHD and see if I can knock it into some sort of readable shape and send that to you at some point too. I found a lot of stuff about the early days in old fanzines that I had never got round to throwing away. The Poison Girls seemed to have done a lot to get everything going. I did actually hear from both the Dandies and the Molesters after putting a postcard in Infinity Food's window, but they never got back to me and stupidly I didn't get enough contact details from either of them.

But I have to say again, it's a brilliant website and I check it out every month. We had a shared history and its fascinating to see what all those boozers from the Windsor Tavern and the Norfolk are up to now. I don't think many of us thought we would last this long! All the best, Dr Helen
p.s. If you want to try to contact Basso (Lord Bassam) I've got an email address for him somewhere- he took a minibus of punks up to Grunwick- complete chaos! and also I think organised a day trip to the RAR gig at Victoria Park that The Clash and X Ray Spex played at.

Rob Starling | July 2004
Hello, my name is Rob Starling and I used to play guitar for the Parrots many years ago. I have found a photo I took of Joby and the Hooligans playing in a local pub around the same time, I have attached a copy with this mail and hope it will be of use to you, regards Rob

"Jonathan Lemon" | July 2004
I can't believe I just stumbled across your Brighton punk days site!!! Blimey. That was a very nostalgic trip. Hope all is well. What are you up to these days? I think of you often. Take care, Jonnie Lemon

Andy Garth | July 2004
Re john peel review of piranhas I played in the support band Chicane there were 460 people in that night 200 over fire regs capacity. Anyone remember us or the mod weekend at the buccaneer (now the escape) supporting Seceret Affair. I worked for tony byford above Attrix records & was sitting in Virgin records reception when Piranhas were dropped because they only sold 5700 copies of Space Invaders. Mike Wilkins ex Vitamins bass player now bank manager in Brighton. Addison Cresswell now agent to the stars. Great site, Andy Garth

"Miss $a$$y George" <> July 2004
Hey found your site when looking for the Hobgoblin. So you're looking for bands....We're up  for doing a gig! Check us  out , site is at: and E-Mail:
weve been wanting to  do Brighton! Contact us, Cheers. Lucid $

Geoff Hall | July 2004
Hi, I moved to Brighton on the strength of hearing "Lord Lucan" and the Molesters on John Peel.In those days the Piranhas played Sundays at the Alhambra and Tuesday at the Richmond.I must have moved there on a Monday as my first gig was at the Richmond.However it was a benefit featuring the Dodgems and the Piranhas with Reg Piranha as dj as they had just had the accident. The Dodgems were a man short so played a short set leaving the Lillettes ansd a bra less Barb to headline. I managed the Lillettes for a while always enjoying our road trips to Chiddenley(sic).For a small village they had some drop dead beautiful bar staff there.That was the beauty of the scene if you had time and enthusiam you were in.I worked the door at the Richmond for Phils brother Tony (don't think he ever paid me) when the Piranhas returned.What a great time. I live in Las Vegas now and after seeing loads of bands split as they could never get beyond playing a few small pubs The Killers broke England with their Pulp inspired pop songs.Would love you to put me in touch with Phil and the bra less Barb if poss. Not seen Lord Lucan in Vegas.

"Steve Fairhead" | June 2004
Hi again. A few more details to fill in some gaps (not all punk, but 70s/80s Brighton-centric):

* Keyboard player in the Executives was Alastair "Baz" Murphy. Also played in the Mystery Boys with Dave Barnard, Mick Kane et al. Around '82 I was in a band (referred to as "Not The Mystery Boys" due to a cock-up with a mislabelled tape) with Baz, Dick from the Piranhas, and Mark from the Lambrettas - never gigged (all of us were under contract to different
companies), but kicked ass mightily. I've just transferred a rehearsal tape to hard disk - Baz/Dick/Mark, if you're out there, get in touch and I'll send you a copy.

* Anyone remember Going Straight? Around '81 we were very busy in Brighton and London; signed to Howard Kruger's Energy Records. Mo Karouze on vocals, myself and Mick Kane on guitars, Jeff (?) on drums, and various keyboard players. Named as favourite band by a Playboy centrefold... who had probably never heard us. I think our manager knew someone who knew someone... I've heard a rumour that Mo has since died; if anyone knows anything, I'd like to hear.
* Re Eric Wright from the DPs etc: he's still around and living in Newhaven, IIRC. Played a gig with him around 10 years ago - he could still spank his plank most effectively.

* Remember the Cheats and/or Short Stories, erstwhile denizens of the Buccaneer etc? Steve Knightley and Phil Beer are now a very successful acoustic duo, Show of Hands - have packed out the Albert Hall twice.
More details at

* Remember Krakatoa? Nigel Glockler on drums, Roger Adams on guitar, Hans
Zimmer (yes, him - Lion King, Gladiator etc) on synths/kbds. Nigel went on
to join Toyah, and then became a long-term member of Saxon. (And still a
very good mate.) Nigel's site is at I was a
roadie for them (techie for Hans) for a very short while in early '78... on
the tour from hell... ;).

* Brighton resident Steve Ellis (ex-Love Affair - "Everlasting Love" etc) is
alive and well - new CD out, "A Sort of Innocence" with myself and Danny Fox
on guitars... Website at

* The Vault: boy, does that bring back memories. Rehearsed down there a lot
in the days before it got crazy - may even have been the first band to do so
(via the Community Arts Workshop, with which I was involved for a while
until I got tired of the politics). I used to have to rub my guitar neck
down frequently, trying not to think what exactly was in the dust I was

* Finally a little plug, if I may, for my outfit, fivetrees
( - we specialise in ecommerce for independent
musicians. You'll find all sorts of reprobates there: Arthur Brown, the
aforementioned Show of Hands, Fischer-Z, Sniff 'n' the Tears, Nigel
Glockler, Robbie McIntosh (Pretenders, McCartney), Stackridge, Zorch etc
etc...Best, Steve

paul | June 2004
copy of direct response to:
"Jon Dead Fish" <> May 2004
wrote: "The record shop - well not so much a record shop, more of a place to hang out, have a beer and meet up. Preston St had about 20 or more places to eat and >>then Megawatz turns up - Kaz, didn't you hang out with Mr.Greenfield from the Stranglers when he was in town?"

Ah yes...hang out and have a beer...We were more licensed than the local pubs by the smell of it on a Saturday!!! Yep - you're right about the Greenfield connection - as will be revealed when my contribution about those days is up and running in a couple of weeks (it's coming, it's coming, honest - it's turned into a bloody monster that's taken over my life at a time when I can probably ill afford but in some respects has saved my sanity!!!). Do you remember the name of the little bar near the bottom of Preston Street on the right hand side we all hung out in - with the back door immediately up from Public House Book Shop? Cheers!

"paul.wright01" | June 2004
You learn more about your own family off the internet! I knew my uncle was in the Depressions, but didn't know anymore than that. It's great to see pictures and read about the band. Great stuff! Paul Wright.

"MGV" <> June 2004
'MAXIMUM PUNK'N'ROLL' - Sat July 3rd
Mr Green Vendetta +
Hateball +
The Trick +
Best Left Dead.
The Junction, Burgess Hill. Only £1.50! Doors 7.30pm. All Ages.

tony r siqueido | June 2004
The rumours are true! BID, original singer of the legendary UK pop ensemble THE MONOCHROME SET (aka "JOHN PEEL's Favorite Band") is finally getting round to stopping in the U.S. after over 20 years and 17 albums and will be performing His 1ST EVER SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PERFORMANCES right here in Los Angeles. He's backed by local LA band, REALISTIC LOVE OPENINGS, to bring you classic MONOCHROME SETand SCARLET'S WELL - Bid's current project on Siesta Records - tunes from yesterday and today!
Friday, June 25th @ Zen Sushi
2609 Hyperion, Silverlake, CA 90034
323-805-0168    8:30 doors
$7  or  $5  w/ flyer or rsvp by email:
Saturday, June 26th @ The Liquid Den
5061 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92649
714-377-7964  9:00 doors, $8 
Descended (true story) from a long line of Indian kings ("It's still, technically, an offense for the British Queen to step on my shadow."), Bid played in pre-ADAM AND THE ANTS group THE B-SIDES, then founded The Monochrome Set in 1978 with early Ants refugees, Lester Square and Andy Warren. Their first singles appeared on the original ROUGH TRADE label. MORRISSEY used to write fan letters to Bid in his pre-SMITHS days, and once remarked "How can anyone go through life without the dear, cuddly Monochrome Set?"  ANDY  ARHOL'S INTERVIEW MAGAZINE described them as "...possessed of a very bright wacky eclecticism...  they have a very charming way of fusing seemingly incompatible styles of music that makes their songs fresh, instantly familiar and pleasantly alien..." Comparisons?  The Smiths, Serge Gainsbourg, The Velvet Underground, Bonzo Dog Band, Syd Barrett, Divine Comedy, Ennio Morricone, Magnetic Fields, Pulp, XTC, The Kinks...The new album from SCARLET'S WELL, "The Dream Spider Of The Laughing Horse" is now available. The UNREAL SCARLET'S WELL is the name of Bid's project which allows him to play with musicians from any town anywhere in the world. 
The Monochrome Set:
also read this:
Scarlet's Well:
Siesta Records:

"Crippled Lucifer" | June 2004
Dear Daddy, where might one score oneself a Vaultage collection on vinyl? Respectfully yours, Derek

Jay Butler <> June 2004
Dear Punk Daddy, I don't recall ever having managed the Chefs - however Helen McCookery has been in touch and is up for it. Jay

"Outside of Society" <> June 2004
Outside of Society is a young energetic band from Southern California. Like any band we are struggling to get our music heard. I am sure everyone knows how tough it is to break into the music industry. The only way to really make it is to get as many people as possible to listen to your music. Hopefully enough people (or the right person) will hear the music and "fall in love". On our website you can find pictures, band bio and some live video feeds of our band. Please help a young band get heard and take five minutes to listen to our music and check out our website. Check out our music here:
Check out our website here:
Outside of Society

Paul Kaczmarek | June 2004
Thought I'd let you know how things are going ...started work on the 'memoirs', and eventually decided to start from around 1974 for a number of reasons. Dave Greenfield from The Stranglers and several other characters were about then, and there's a clear link in Brighton between the pub rock people and the first days of punk in town - a story that could easily have got missed. (ever read 'No sleep 'til Canvey Island' by Will Birch? Fine book which explains the general link between the pub rockers and punk beautifully - that's what started me off). Anyway, I've covered what the town was like for music until 76, and am now on 77's gigs, as best as I can. Think you might be a bit surprised at some of the conclusions I come to - I certainly was! I think in the end Brighton's real glory days were in the third wave of punk - post the   pioneering Pistols/Damned/Stranglers stage 1, and even post the soon following second wave of bands the second division - which is where most of the Brighton bands came in. I'd now put the best as around when Attrix started personally - bloody typical - I wasn't there then.

Anyway, you'll see. I've planned to stop somewhere in 1978, which is when I moved on and everything is well covered on your site anyway. Let me know how you want to do the  pages - clearly you'll want to have them fit with your existing site. I'll keep working on them as basic web pages with photos for convenience - and mail them to you in a couple of weeks so we can discuss design further .

Just to make you jealous - I'll be working on the stuff by the pool in Singapore - my wife's having an operation there next week on her spine - we can't get NHS to do it before November, and a quote for private healthcare was£16k which we can't afford. Found a hospital in Singapore would do it for £6k - 3 weeks full board at 5star hotel and hospital.  The old politics in me don't like private, but when it's that or a wheelchair, there's no competition (and we couldn't get a holiday there for that anyway!
I'll e-mail on return, Cheers! paul.k June 2004
Great to see those old photos up. For info the line up was
John (Kid ) Crampton Guitar, Vocals
Will Kerr (The Rev Suede Hatchett) Percussion, Vocals
(handsome) Rob Mc Robert, Bass
Dave (Haystacks) Simner (aka Speccy Dave) Guitar, Banjo, Accordion
Ian (Jivin) Jarvis Drummer Mk1
Stuart (wildman) Green Dummer Mk2
John and Rob were in Woody and the Splinters, as I think was Stuart and Ian at one time.
Dave was in the Accents with Chris of Midnight and the Lemon Boys. Willi and Dave still play in The Curst Sons with Tim from the Red Guitars. Regards, Dave

helen reddington | June 2004
Just read the email re:reunions. I'm no longer in touch with Carl but still in touch with Bruv- good job, since he's my brother. And of course, Russ died a few years ago (what a fantastic drummer he was). Thought I'd let you know there's a Helen and the Horns/Chefs/McCookerybook compilation coming out in September. I've also finished my study, and I'm now Dr McCookerybook. The website has been a really good way of getting in touch with people. I've got a lot of stuff about Brighton in the study, but it's all in academic-speak and I'm not sure anyone would be interested in it. The interesting thing was that the examiners didn't believe it was true- and I had toned it down from its original version! I've started doing solo gigs too, and had been thinking of doing one in Brighton if I could find a suitable venue, possibly with a group of bands who I play with at acoustic venues in London. However, looks like Helen and the Horns will be doing some gigs in the autumn too, possibly with a re-formed version of the Popticians. Keep up the good work- its a fantastic site. All the best, Helen McCookerybook

"Robin Goodliffe" | June 2004
Oh Fuck it - let's do it - I'm up 4 it if you are. RB

"Willi Kerr" | June 2004
Daddy Yum Yum 1980-82
John Crampton- Vocals, Rhythm Guitar. Rob McRobberts Bass. Stewart Green,
Drums, all previously in Woody & the Splinters. Dave Simner, Lead guitar,
Banjo, Accordian, previously in The Accents. Willi Kerr, Vocals, Scrub
board, Rhythm Pole. Also for a time Ian Jarvis, Drums, previously with
Jonnie & the Lubes.

Daddy Yum Yum had a Sunday night residency at the Alhambra in Brighton,
played regularly at The Hope & Anchor, Dingwalls and other London venues and
supported Ian Dury at The Hammersmith Odeon (as it was then) on Charles &
Di's wedding night.
Unlike The Piranhas Daddy Yum Yum actually turned down a record deal with
Pete Waterman and then went out with a whimper instead of a bang!
God knows what we thought we were playing at the time but listening to it
again I realise that we had invented Thrash Skiffle!
John Crampton is still playing see
as are Willi Kerr and Dave Simner

Jay Butler | May 2004
Thanks for your reply. Re Zap - in as much as I helped to paint it, I was friendly with Neil and Pat Butler (no relation) - I did manage Birds with Ears for a while. I was involved with the Piranhas et al - did design work etc (I was at art college). I saw Barb on the beach a year or so ago for the first time in 25 years, she hasn't changed a bit! I emailed Chris Anderson (Lemonboys), who is up for the idea of a re-union. I am also long-time friend of 'big Mark' (APL and Chris's brother) we fish together. I organised a similar event a few years ago for students who were on the same foundation course as me. 46 out of 73 turned up - all done via Email. sI'm sure the Argus would promote a re-union. Cheers, Jay May 2004
Well, how many names do I recognise from the old days? Some of you I still see, like us you got older. Some of you I have seen in various states of disrepair in the Sussex County's A&E Dept during my time as an A&E sister! (Photos available - price on request...) Some of you sadly are gone but not forgotten. Love always to Cliff despite the way he turned out in the end. For those of you I don't see, Mark and Bini are still going strong and occasionally get the old photos out after a few bottles of wine just to remind ourselves. Would be lovely to hear from anyone from the old days
Do not dis M&TLB - they were one of the best.,

"Jon Dead Fish" | May 2004
The record shop - well not so much a record shop, more of a place to hang out, have a beer and meet up. Preston St had about 20 or more places to eat and then Megawatz turns up - Kaz, didn't you hang out with Mr.Greenfield from the Stranglers when he was in town?

"Nick Byford" | May 2004
Hiya, here I am again just to say that the site is really cool and that sometimes it's hard to believe that it was the thick end of thirty years ago, my how I've aged. Remember the Richmond? I've lost contact with most of the crew from those days, so it's nice to be reminded of them. It's also pretty neat thinking that 'Yes! I was part of all that' - even though the part I played was pretty peripheral at best - roadying, doorman, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, apart from the written word, I have absolutely nothing from that period, so it's nice to be reminded - almost brings a lump to the throat.  Really nice to see Dick Damage again, I haven't seen him since the mid eighties. Anyways dude, keep up the good work. We'll see you again soon, Nick Byford

"Willi Kerr" | May 2004
Did you get my last email? Here to jog your memory are some Daddy Yum Yum pics, I've got more stuff if you're interested, also check out and Cheers, Willi Kerr

Eddy | May 2004
Hi. Wondering if you could help me, my brother in law had a copy of the Piranhas album on vinyl  (the one with Tom Hark on it) when he was younger but it was nicked, his birthday is coming up shortly and my sister would like to buy it for him, i'm having real trouble finding it, any ideas, or could you please tell me the title of the album, we can't even ask him this as it will spoil the surprise. Cheers, EDDY

Hiya, I'm a 33 year old guy in Bournemouth: last summer, in 'Top of the Pops 2', the BBC included the video of Tom Hark, which made my summer. I'd been to every 2nd hand record shop in a 10 mile radius, to no avail. I can remember the song from childhood (I was 9 in 1980) - I guess what made it stick was that there's an urban dual-carriageway near me (standard built-up 30mph restricted). When I was 16, my best mate's dad drove up that road at 75mph and 'Tom Hark' was playing on the radio. Ever since, I've associated the song with that mad moment!! Seriously though, it's a happy, bouncy tune that just makes me feel good.

"Amanda Carroll" | May 2004
Hi again. Still have yet to put together my ‘All Brighton’ show, had some recent equipment problems. Should be back from the shop soon and I hope I’ll be able to have a copy to you sometime soon (sorry for the delay). In any case, my main reason for getting in touch was that I recently saw this: for sale here: …thought you might like to add it to your band page? Cheers, Mark Lame

"Nick Byford" | May 2004
Hi Mr. Daddy, I don't think I've ever been quite so formal when addressing you, but well, one lives and learns - or doesn't. Like the site. Definitely something to say. Seeing Dick Damage after so long (in the photo) brought back some memories. Though only a 'ickle cog - I WAS part of that scene and damned good it was too.  I seem to recall that it was you, Mr. Daddy, who got me into it. A certain gig at the Richmond with the DP's and Sid the manager complaining about the plaster falling from the ceiling downstairs still brings a smile to my otherwise cynical phizzog. I could reminisce until the cows come home - oops, here they come. Don't want to clog up the works old bean, so I'll sign off. I think Mr. Daddy, I would like to be sending you and your delightful family more of these little bits of earth shatteringly interesting nostalgia, if you don't mind of course. Love from both of us (Pen and or Nick), to the Daddy household (Mr. Philth, Ms. Barb Wilson [revered inventor of Weemon and bestist Paris Ring-Road negotiator] and last but not least, Lils, the latest human BySon). Keep up the good work. Be seeing you.

"william mysterious" <> May 2004
It's not "contemplative" on Top of the pops, its "constipated". Stuart, whoever you are, come to Edinburgh (Scotland) on May 29 2004 , to Bannermans in the Cowgate, where i'm opening for TV Smith, one of the Adverts. This city may be shite, but we still gave you Bay City Rollers, Incredible String Band and the Exploited. All for now, rock on Tommy. But wait a minute! I think I'm playing the first week of the festival at The Waverly Bar in St Marys St, Edin. See you there!

"punkr" <> May 2004
Yes, I know, I know, how stupid a question could this be. I LOVE the Depressions, always have. Any chance you could help out with me getting a couple of my sleeves signed? Do you know anyone or have a contact? OK. Thanx. Andrew, Canada

"Dave King" | May 2004
Hullo, is Stuart involved with this site? I would be interested in sending him an email!  I arrived in Brighton shortly after the Attrix shop opened, and went to MANY of the gigs of the local bands, and also knew Julie and Rick Blair. I still live in Brighton, and would be interested in a contact for Stuart. Dave King.

"John Crampton" <> May 2004
Hello Punk Daddy. Great website! On the Woody and the Splinters page, where it says I am still playing, would it be possible to put my website which has all my gigs, and also that I now play abroad alot? (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Prague, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Ireland, Greece etc) Thanks, John Crampton

"Michael Coates" | May 2004
The Dandies, not exactly punk but one of Brighton’s top bands from 1977/78, who regularly played the Alhambra to packed crowds, now have a CD available from

bernadette louise | May 2004
Hi, just wanted to let you know that LYDIA LUNCH is playing this Sunday, 30th May. at the Glee club on hurst street Birmingham. Doors open at 9:00 and tickets are only £5. She will be playing songs from her forthcoming LP 'Smoke in the shadows' with Terry Edwards, and James Johnston and Ian White of 'Gallon Drunk'. This is part of the Fierce! Festival, an international live arts event that takes place every year. If you could pass this on to anyone that would appreciate it, that would be great! Thanks a lot.

"Mark Leaney" | May 2004
Hi. I was reading a note from Marcus Myers on your website. I think I may have gone to school with him at BHASVIC. Would you have his email address? Cheers, Mark Leaney, Brisbane, Australia

paul kaczmarek | April 2004
Just come across your site as a result of wandering through a large box of cuttings, posters and other memorabilia and checking on a couple of things. (Actually it was finding the original Evening Argus article on punk from August 12 77 which is referred to on your Feb 2000 archive and thinking I'd look up Stenf was the path)

I've got a fair bit of stuff from the period, and shedloads of memories too - it was me that managed Fine Records (now Rounder) in those days, and we were the first shop to sell punk (hell, I had Stiff 1 Nick Lowe's 'so it goes' on day one of release, picked up from Stiff the night before during a conversation in Stiff's offices with Elvis Costello, Nick himself and Graham Parker). Probably went to every gig as well.

I'd like to contribute - jpg's of posters for local gigs (though it wouldn't do that lovely silver foil Poison Girls poster much justice I'm afraid). Pictures of the Stranglers and The Damned in my other short-lived shop 'Megawatz in Preston Street'. Pics of the Jam and The Stranglers onstage nobody's ever seen .... blah blah. Got copies of the local fanzines too. It would be nice to think they weren't just gathering dust in my memories. Mail me back if you're interested, and I'll see what I can do - I still get back home regularly (own 2 pubs on the Isle of Wight now). I'm actually over next Monday and Tuesday for the Chris Rea gig if you wanted to meet and chat. On another, sadder note ... sorry to see that Tony Maybury died nearly 2 years ago - we had many an evening, with 'Ammer and Frank and Joby and others, esconced in the bars in town just yapping. A fine man, it's a shame. Paul.k who was quite simply Kaz in those days .....

Jo Farrell April 2004
Hi, great to see someone is keeping this shit together.

<> <> April 2004
Well, how many names do I recognise from the old days???? Some of you I still see, like us you got older. Some of you I have seen in various states of disrepair in the Sussex County's A&E Dept during my time as an A&E sister! (Photos available-price on request...)Some of you sadly are gone but not forgotten. Love always to Cliff despite the way he turned out in the end. For those of you I don't see, Mark and Bini are still going strong and occasionally get the old photos out after a few bottles of wine just to remind ourselves. Would be lovely to hear from anyone from the old days.
Do not diss M&TLB - they were one of the best.

"Jon Dead Fish" | April 2004
Hi PD, Thanks for your reply.I have been archiving some JATL stuff which I can let you have for a page on the site - the easiest way would be to put it all on disc for you - do you have a postal address for stuff like that? - Do you have any info on JATL or do you want me stick it on a mail? I haven't checked out all the other bands sites yet - that's why I missed the Fan Club stuff - and I thought I had the only surviving copy!! Further on the fanzine issue, I have the following:
"Pic of the Poseurs" - Nothing to do with music but came out of the Xerox art world of the time - if I remember correctly my good friend Joby Visigoth had something to do with that
"1st Avenue" Issues 1 & 2 - issue 1 has Woody & the Splinters review - issue 2 has Dandies review (not really a punk band but always had a good crowd at the Alhambra)
"Sick" Issues 1 & 2 - Eastbourne fanzine - issues have reviews of many Brighton bands, JATH, Piranahs, Depressions, Poison Girls. I have attached the following on this mail: Jonnie & the Lubes logo for the "badge" Pic I took of Joby from 1977 One of Jonnie Condom & Dick Damage from 78 taken on Brighton seafront with one of those very strange beasts that the photographers used to have!One last question for this I know you from the old days? Cheers Jon/Jonnie/Jonnie Condom.

Max Dinero April 2004
Please dont publish my email address as I'm knee deep in spam as it is. Love the site, I was a big fan of the DP's. They were cool days. Crazy days and whacko nights. So many old faces, it's wierd. Whatever happeed to Eric Wrght?
Ed's reply: Good question.

"Chris Nicholls" | March 2004
No Exit - I remember seeing them lots of times they were great Mod/Punk, used to play a fast version of Revolution. Also remember a song called Jump Back :-) there was a hut in Shoreham called Scats, anyone remember that?

C.Margerison March 2004
bloody hell this is weird. I was one of the littluns...have you got that piccie from the leader 79? outside Attrix with a load of those from the time? I'm the one in the sallopettes aged 4 at the front probably with great big bags under my eyes from sleeping as best i could in amongst all this, finding a pile of coats to crawl under in one of the many dingy rehearsal and gig spaces. Being woken by the latest rat arsed frenzy, or being asked to perform at 4am at some party which invariably stretched to every corner of whichever flat they ended up in. At this tender age i saw people battered close to death, overdoses, etc.... and always believed because our parents were so different there must be something wrong with us. I gave birth to my daughter a few weeks before Rick sadly died and it brought it all around, moving on to the third generation now. Rick left behind 4 of the most amazing kids i know and i have to say I'm pretty darn amazing myself! Don't know what Alex Byford is up to but there were many of us lurking in the corners and i'm now greatful that we (well at least I) had such an experience. Thanks to any of you who participated in this very bizarre growing up experience. And if you weren't too battered to check on us kids occasionally then extra thanks! Nel

Jack Blooming | March 2004
Hi and thanks for this great site. Brough memories flooding back from thoise days at the Alhambra where i saw Dick Damage. Whartever became of him? He was a larf and a half. Keep up the good work.

"Ian Smith" | February 2004
Yoo Hoo, just to let you know I am still alive, living in Glasgow and hoping to come down south to muck about with a troupe of 36 carnival folk in Queen's Park Brighton during this years Festival (Painful Creatures). More details at (one of my alter-ego's now is Monty Cantsin, just to promote confusion...)
Ian Smith, (Lead Singer, Birds with Ears)
P.S. Great to see your site, and I was overjoyed to bump into Bob Grover recently on a Brighton site visit, (in the pub, obviously).

"Stewart Gray" | February 2004
Hey -just found your web site and was delighted to see you mentioned my old band Nouveau -a-go-go- I cannot believe however that you said "very Bill Nelson!" Why ? Because Bill is my favourite Musician who I have followed for some 25 years + and over the last 5 years have met him on many occasions and even had lunch with him. It is very spooky that of all people you should compare us to him. A great compliment. Very many thanks, your site bought back great memories. 3 of the 4 original members of Nouveau still occasionally gig ! Regards, Stewart Gray

"jay.derrick" | February 2004
Hi you guys, great to see you at the weekend!  Guess who turned up at 9am the following morning - Colin!  He was sad to miss the evening and not to see everyone, but he and Toni are very much taken up with their new adopted baby.  I ha da good talk with him and he'll come to any future gathering we have.  Amazing spooky thing happened today you'll be interested in, I was at a work event today near Cambridge, and an old colleague I hadn't seen for a while came up and said - 'I've some news about the Parrots'.  I couldn't remember how he knew about the Parrots, but I guess I must have told him sometime.  He said ' My brother in law used to be a member of the Parrots'!  I said what's his name, he said Chris Towsey, who I'd never heard of.  But he was in Attrix!  Weird coincidence.  Anyway, I've given him the site URL, and sent a message to get in touch with you, especially if he has any photos or stories about Rick Weird hey? See you soon. Best wishes Jay

"MGV" <> February 2004
Mr Green Vendetta, loveable kickass punk'rock'n'rollers, play the PRESSURE POINT, Brighton, Tuesday March 9th as part of the Emergenza festival -  We're on at 9.30, finished by 10.00, so no 'not on a school night' excuses!
Get your tickets from the band and get entered into an MGV-promoted draw to win the ultimate PunkRock Swag-Bag! For more details, go to or ring 07969 764380! Everyone who buys a ticket from us will get a copy of our new CD single, which features 2 tracks NOT on the forthcoming album 'Never Pretty, Always Dumb'............. so, a no-lose deal for you! L.U.V. MR GREEN VENDETTA

feelix <> February 2004
Hi, Charlie Mclenahan here, formally from Life Size Models and still in the music Happy new year + century. Good to see the Brighton punk site, do you still have any copies of the Vaultage 80? If you have I would love to have one....Check out the new band, there will be some new music in a few weeks, Charlie

Alan Moore <> February 2004
I remember The Executives many a time at the Alhambra. Johnny Morris on guitar with red polka dot skintight trousers, he went on to be a session musician in London. Pete Beessin, lived above Infinity Foods, played guitar and idolized Lou Reed. Last heard of keeping goats in Shoreham. Roger the bass player went on to be in The Slaves Of Janet. Keyboard player, can't recall his name, but he went on to play for the Blue Orchids. The Executives released an ep with Johnny & The Lubes, tracks: Shy Little Girl, Never Go Home (Execs) & Terror In the Parking Lot, Rabies (Lubes). Ken and Jan Lailey played in the Lubes and later formed Slaves Of Janet. I woke up at their flat one morning, a bicycle decorating the wall of their main room. I think Ken did some stuff with BBC in Sarfhampton after that. The Vandells, where are the tapes boys? Any chance of a CD? I find myself singing Bank Holiday now and then. They did a reunion gig at the Richmond in March 1988, an absolute blinder of an evening. To the writer condemning Brighton's best of that era for throwing it away on smack, 1977 - 82 was blues and tuinol...... the brown stuff came later.
Anyone remember Punky Pete and the Anti Piranha League?
Ed's reply: check out our July 2000 archive

gordon knott | January 2004
Just wanted to let visitors to this magnificent website that we are having a Joe Strummer night at the New Vic public house in Richmond Road, Brighton this Saturday, January 10th, from 7.30. Loads of Clash and Strummer music and videos. Free entry - info 01273 675906 or Thanks, gordon.

"Robert Tillotson" <> January 2004
Looking for any information on tracking down any outstanding royalties for a mate who played in the 4-Skins. Does anyone have any idea how to find out if he is owed anything? I belive Link Music LTD hold the rights at the moment. Cheers for any help.

"Steve Fairhead" | January 2004
Hi, Just came across your site - most impressive and took me back...
A couple of quick things:
- Ammonites: singer was Stef Tylunas, not Tyluas.
- Vandells: keyboards was Pete Lyon, not Pete Lyons.
- I presume you know that Ozzy Garvey (ex-DPs/Depressions) died recently? Regards, Steve
Ed's reply: Thanks Steve, we have rectified these typos etc. As for Ozzy, you should read our December archives. Go >

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