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Alan Hall | December 2006
hi alan from e# & features here!
our ex drummer Dave is in a great new band "the Las Vegas Mermaids"
sample a bite of the gingerbreadman if you dare! alan hall

Doug Potter | December 2006
Hi Phil, just a Public Service Announcement to these Dodgem imposters from Sheffield. Doug

Mark Gresty | December 2006
I am Mark Gresty. I was bassist in both the bands The Relatives & The Molesters. I just found the site and think it's great. I was particularly touched by the nice page Paul Martin wrote on the bands and me. Please thank him for me. He said some really perceptive and flattering things. I didn't know anyone cared! Inspired by the page, I wrote a version telling it from the inside. Would you be interested in having me email it to you for inclusion? I could do a story on the Molesters mark 1b as well if you like. My email address is if anyone wants to get in touch with me. Cheers

So another year’s worth of gigs comes to an end and already there are loads in the pipeline for 2007: see below. My longtime co-conspirator David Rovics from Massachusetts is back again in January for a winter tour together, I’m doing a ‘Chalk & Cheese’ Brighton show with the famous classical guitarist Richard Durrant in February, hopefully our first show of many together – that will be interesting(!) and Barnstormer will be touring Germany again in May.

Two new developments. Firstly, MAGGOTS 1, MAGGIE 0! my happy party singalong song celebrating Thatcher’s imminent demise, is now up on my Myspace site and available to download free from here –   Great for Xmas singalongs! And, if you have the misfortune, great for winding up thick/gullible/just plain nasty relatives whoLIKE(D) THE UNSPEAKABLE  ***************!!

Secondly, I’m proud to announce that the first ever live DVD of my band Barnstormer has just been produced. It was recorded live in Ulm, Germany during our 2005 tour: it is 87 minutes long and has an extra 12 minutes of photo gallery. And though it’s a 1 camera job it’s bloody good: well done to Gunne who put it all together! Tracks: March of the Levellers/The Diggers Song/The World Turned Upside Down/Comandante Joe/Death of a Salesman/The One That Got Away/Baghdad Ska/Haider!/Old Teenagers/The Blandford Forum/Marktsektor One/Game Boy Rude Boy/Scumball Pinochet/Just One Life/I Won’t Run Away/Libyan Students From Hell!/Holiday In Albania/This Is Free Europe/Tyler Smiles/The Iron Men Of Rap!
It’s a special limited edition - if you want a copy please send £11/20 Euro inc p&p to the PO Box address below. Here are the gigs confirmed for next year. As always, there will be many more: as always, if you want to organise something please get in touch........Have a good Pissedmas! Cheers Attila

Jan/Feb 2007 – on tour with David Rovics from the US
(David has some solo gigs in addition to these: check for details)
JAN (all myself and David Rovics)
18 ABERDEEN Drummonds Bar TBC
19 GLASGOW Songwriters’ Festival
20 Scotland  TBC (ideas anyone?)
21 BEVERLEY Memorial Hall (just north of Hull)
22LONDON Camden Purple Turtle – hopefully with the fantastic King Blues -
(24/25 David plays Leicester Criterion and Islington Folk Club on his own)
FEB (all myself and David Rovics)
8  Manchester TBC
9  LEASOWE (Wirral) The Leasowe  01516789490
10 TBC (11 David plays Shoreham Duke of Wellington on his own)
13  LONDON (E1) Acoustic Nights @ The Gramophone, Commercial Rd
15 HEBDEN BRIDGE Trades Club
16 LEEDS Commonplace  (Corporate Watch gig)
(17 David plays Chesterfield on his own)
Then David goes home
27 Brighton Komedia with Richard Durrant
2 LIVERPOOL House Concert (the first one I have ever done)
3 STOURBRIDGE  Katie Fitzgerald’s
6 CHATHAM Central Theatre (Medway Folk Cellar)
10 CHESTERFIELD Digital Corruptions
29 LEICESTER Criterion
30 HELMSLEY Arts Centre
MAY 3-13 BARNSTORMER tour Germany – if you want to put us on, please get in touch...
More soon – A

Errol | November 2006
Hi, is there anyway of getting recordings, Peel sessions, live demos of the Molesters. I did somewhere have the Peel sessions but they were recorded really roughly and I would love to get my hands on those songs again. Never saw them, but bought the records when they were released and loved them. Also the same apllies to Nicky and the Dotsany tapes etc. Did see them play at The Moonlight club in London and they were brilliant. Thanks, Errol

Alex| November 2006
Hi there, MR SHIRAZ are a six piece Rock band who are from the northern town of Huddersfield. For the past year now they have been signed to 10past10 records (based in London) which was set up by punk legends SNUFF. Receiving great record sales, magazine reviews and a string of european tours playing with bands such as Reel Big Fish, Alkaline Trio and two slots at the Carling Leeds Festivals, to name but a few. They fuse many different genre's together such as heavy rock, punk, ska with a strong emphasis on melody and harmony. With an amazing high energy live show, they manage to stand out above the rest. Mr Shiraz are playing at The Gloucester along with Fandangle and local band Meow Meows on December 3rd and It would be great if you could possibly mention this on your website.
December 3- BRIGHTON- The Gloucester with FANDANGLE and MEOW MEOWS
December 21- LONDON- Brixton- The Grosvenor
Thanks for any help you could give and if you would like any further info ie: pictures and biog, then please get back to me. Cheers, Alex, 10past10records

Jay Derrick | November 2006
Dear friends, I just took an action on the internet calling for a stop to the war in Iraq, and I thought you might be interested…this might be a moment when a petition mght make a difference...
From the Ceasefire Campaign:
Dear friends, this week the American people voted overwhelmingly to reject President Bush’s war in Iraq, and yesterday the key architect of the war, US military chief Donald Rumsfeld, announced his resignation. The winds of political change are sweeping the US, and the US-led Coalition in Iraq may -- finally -- be realising that they cannot win the war, and that they lack the legitimacy to bring stability and peace to the country without more help from the international community. With a newly elected US Congress and a President who is finally in a listening mood, we now have a unique opportunity for a global public outcry to change the course of this disastrous war. It’s the perfect time to act.
To seize this opportunity, we want to place ads in US and UK papers with a new global petition calling upon the Coalition to accept a larger role for the international community and a phased withdrawal of all its troops from Iraq. We’ll publish the number of signatures we get in the ads, so we need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to sign the petition in the next 48 hours. Please tell all your friends and family, and sign at: This is our chance to make sure the pressure of global public opinion is being felt by Coalition governments as they rethink their war in Iraq, pressing them to accept a larger role for the international community and to withdraw their troops.  We know why it’s so important to act. A shocking study released by Johns Hopkins University last month suggested that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in Iraq -- more than anyone thought -- and experts warn that the civil war is about to pass a point of no return. October was the worst month yet for civilian casualties, with death squads moving house to house. The killing could place Iraq alongside Darfur as one of the greatest human catastrophes of our new century. We must not let that happen. And if we each act quickly this week, we can each play a role in stopping it. We can reach our goal for this campaign by spreading the word. Please forward this email to as many of your friends and family as you can, and act now to add your voice to this urgent call for action. This may be our best chance for peace yet. Let’s take it. With hope, Ricken, Ben, Rachel, Paul, Tom, Amparo and the Ceasefire Campaign team. Best wishes, Jay

Mary Nolan | November 2006
Like the site, does anyone know why the Depressions split when they looked to be heading for the big time? Me and a bunch of gals used to go down to Brighton on weekends to see them at the Buccaneer. They really rocked. Best, Mary & Gemma.

Sue West | November 2006
Dear Punk Daddy. Fantastic, just came across the Punk Brighton site.  Great to catch-up on news of bands used to see at Alhambra & Buccaneer, amongst others.  And reminising on the ol days in Brighton.  I used to hang out with a band called No Exit, shame they’re not mentioned on site. Any of you guys out there or anyone from the Alhambra days from late 70s/early 80s? Sue West

Charlie Zuber | October 2006
This afternoon in my popular culture class I will be talking about of the points in my notes here is that there was a break not at the end of decades but in the middle...certainly there is a big difference in artwork/music from pre-acid days in the early sixties...and again Punk changed that right in the middle of the 70' it's just too easy to talk about the sixties and seventies as if everything changed over Christmas pudding!

55-65 Epoch of modernity. Helvetica and sans serif typefaces. Simple
reductionism for the Bauhaus, and apart from Black music, straightforward musical styles prevail. Europe recovers from World War 2, while America messes things up in Vietnam.

66-75 LSD changes the musical and visual culture in move to psychedelic
posters, light shows, dancing, long jams, festivals and the growth of music
into an industry. Rich rock stars. Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Grateful Dead, Bee Gees. dead rock stars. Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin. John Lennon.

76-85 Punk. Blew away the psychedelic era with different drugs different
needs. Decadent, stoned, long haired Rock Stars, disco, glam rock- but not
reggae, were spat on by pogoing, pill popping and pissed punks. Others liked doing things without the music industry, without expensive artwork, and without designer clothes.

And did Gary contact you and say he's broken his back???? I just had your email to doug! Cheers.
Dr. Charles Zuber, Senior Lecturer, Art Theory. Queensland College of Art

R | October 2006
I used to come across John Curd when I worked in the music business in London late 70s/early 80s.  He was an unpleasant, ill-tempered bully who was often too willing to assault people half his size. R | October 2006
Just wondering…who is Simon Watson? Thanx.


(Hypertension: a statement of intent!)

This angry young man is still angry, but older
And now Father Time has just pissed on my shoulder.
‘You’ve got to grow up, John - you’re way past that stage
You’ve reached the condition they call ‘middle age’.
It’s time to be quiet, say ‘yes’, watch TV -
High spot of the week, a nice dinner party.
Polite conversation until you doze off
The topics:  house prices, taxation and goff.
(That’s golf, by the way, in case you’re unsure
Not pale folk in graveyards discussing The Cure)
Now just look at you in your Seventies gear
With your punk rock and football and microbrew beer
Political poems and loud, angry songs
You still want to change things and right the world’s wrongs?
You stand up and shout and you get in a rage:  
It’s really not right in a man of your age.
On top of all that, and I don’t mean to frighten -
Worst of all for your blood pressure: you support Brighton!
They’re not very good and you don’t want to die
So sit on the couch and watch Chelsea on Sky....


Sure, I’ll take the tablets, and drink a bit less.
If you fancy a game, I might play you at chess.
I hope that I’ll make it till I’m ninety - five.
But one thing’s for sure, Death - you’ll take me alive!


Paul Martin | September 2006
Just checked the website, bloody hell Dick Damage! He looks the same as 25 years ago only after a rough night out! Regarding 'Punky Pete's' wedding (in the emails), I am pretty sure that it was the version of the Molesters I was in that played at their wedding reception at the Resources centre. It was the last gig we did before our 'worm around the UK tour' and we'd all been chomping magic mushrooms that day and they kicked in around the time of the gig, so pretty wierd!

Teresa | September 2006
Huge thanks for that. Good to see your photos of the wedding (especially as mine were rubbish) and love the musical accompaniment.  Well it's got me hooked - I'll be dipping in to the site for ever now! I'm sure we'll all be meeting up again at the Damages' silver wedding anniversary bash (presuming we're invited of course) - a mere 25 years on - but, by the sounds of it, if all goes to plan hopefully it will be a lot sooner than that at a Damage revival gig!  (Re Punky Pete; I've got a vague idea that he may have dabbled a bit band-wise but it is all very vague! Maybe someone else might throw some light on that now it's on the site.)  Thanks again for info, keep up the good work! All the best Teresa. ps. Leri says hi

Jim | September 2006
I am researching a book on the music scene in Hastings, especially gigs on the Pier. I would like to chat to anyone with memories of seeing bands here. Can you help at all? Jim

Ray Morrissey | September 2006
Hi There. My name is Ray Morrissey and i look after a live music and entertainment website called      
please have a peek when you can. I started going to gigs in 1973 so check 1976 and 1977 for loads of punk gigs with support bands, reviews etc or type in Pistols, Clash, Damned etc in the search. Please give the site a mention on yours as your readers would love it.
Regards, Ray Morrissey
82 St Stephens Avenue
Shepherds Bush
London W12 8JD
TEL 07961 301346

Stefan Tylunas | August 2006
Hi there. Came across your great site and have had a great time reminiscing. Thanks for posting the Ammonites on your site, great fun days. Thought you might be able to post the above clip…..(there's more) Thanks again,Stefan Tylunas. Ed's reply: Ammonites audio clip coming soon.

Trotsky | August 2006
Yo. I was bass player in the Numbers and was amazed to see some pictures of us on your site, would love to see more or get some copies, cheers Trotsky.

Teresa | August 2006
Hi Phil! Good to have met up at Dick & Mary's wedding and great to see him so happy! As promised here's the pics of Punky Pete and Bridgette's big day - was around 1980 time (invite designed by a guy called Gabby!). A few familiar faces there; wonder who's still about and remembers? I'm sure I've got an old Vandells poster knocking about somewhere too, I'll dig it out sometime. All this has got me right off on one helluva trip down memory lane! Looking forward to the book! See you again, Teresa. | August 2006
You're making me homesick.

MICK MADA | August 2006
Hi, sorry to e-mail you out of the blue, but a couple of friends ALEX OGG & Charlie of the Dodgems said you were the guy to talk to about the early punk scene in Brighton. Your Website is amazing & was a great starter. I'm trying to write a fictional book about 2 punks selling their zine around UK in 77. The idea is to mix my own memories of seeing the major bands at ERICS LIverpool, with a round up of the local scenes around UK. I would love your help with some background info on the Brighton scene. I've chosen to feature a gig at The New Regent 25th November 1977 Siouxsie/Crabs & Wrist action , because I saw Siouxsie & Crabs live that year & the book is set in NOVEMBER 77.
q1) BANDS  From your website & talking to others, I know PIRAHNAS /DEPRESSIONS/DICK DAMAGE/NICKY & DOTS/JOHNNY & THE LUBES/MOLESTERS/ATTRIX/THE MEAT/JOBY & HOOLIGANS/PLASTIX were all gigging & my characters would have been keen to get them into their zine. But who else was about by NOVEMBER 77 I know Smeggy was messing about with Hospital Treatment, were Peter & Test tube babies formed yet? What about DEVILS DYKES were they together (if only practicing )by end of 77? What about Attila & his band RIOT SQUAD. You don't mention POISON GIRLS  but they were definatly formed & I thought VI was living in or around Brighton back then? Who else have I missed out? Can you tell me any more about wrist action live? Do you have a contact for them or any of the bands mentioned above ?

 q2) VENUES  Can you tell me a bit about The New Regent?(the layout etc pre gig hangouts) where you at the SIOUXSIE gig, any memories from that night?  Also the site gives a good insight into The Vaults , but not so much about the Community Resource Centre, Can you tell me more about this place & the people there. Did they get involved in punk , helping zine writers with printing/photocopying- screenprinting flyers-T-shirts etc If Vi Squad was around did they help try & politicise the scene? How & when did the rock against racism & sexism gig come about, when was this? How did the the DEPRESSIONS & TEST TUBES type bands get along with people like vice squad/devils dykes/ & helen mccookerybook?
q3) SHOPS & HANGOUTS  Can you tell me more about the ATTRIX  shop ,( the layout etc) which must have been open by November 77 , were they openly planning the label at this time. Up here in Liverpool we were lucky to have Geoff at PROBE RECORDS boosting the scene, giving people practice space, setting up a space for punks to meet, just generally pushing us to actually do something. I read on your site Julie of the mockingbirds was Ricks wife! when did the mockingbirds get started? What were the other local daily hangouts for the punks? Where else would my characters have sold their zine in the area? I think there was an instrument shop called southerm music wasn't there?What about after gig hangouts who had the best parties , was vaults open all night ?
Q4)FANZINES  Again via your site I've heard of local zines called pic of the poseurs/1st avenue & sick where any of these out, or even being planned by NOVEMBER 77, what zines were around back then.
Q5) THE SOUTHERN TV show, dont suppose you have a copy of that tv show recorded at the buccaneer? or more cdrs of the bands mentioned from the very early days, the rougher the better! Thank you for reading this far, I've only ever written a fanzine before MADA ZINE, but I have just contributed a few pieces & old interviews  to a book out about ERICS. For my book I just didnt want to write "& another band to play ERICS was" so the idea is to mix my own experiences watching these bands in 77, but by using other venues played at on the same tours I can also write about scenes that never seem to get written about. Scenes that were just as vital as LONDON!

Matt | Molesters' Peel sessions | July 2006
The Molesters were brilliant. I had hoped that their BBC sessions might make it onto cd like so many other bands. There must be somebody out there who has a decent recording of those fabulous sessions. Would love to hear from you. Matt.

Helen McCookerybook | Radio Interview 28th July | July 2006
I will be doing a short interview and playing some somgs on Scaledown, broadcast on Resonance, at 4.30. Streamed live on or broadcast on 104.4 fm. Details at Helen x

Wayne Berko | Can you help with TV casting? | July 2006
Hi, I am writing to you from a company call Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd. Now we place people in Film/Tv/Music Videos across the whole of the UK. We are currently working on a TV commercial staring Gwyneth Paltrow promoting a clothing brand. Now we are looking for people with punk hair (such as hawk/mohican hair to take part). There are no acting skills required. The shoot will be taking place towards the end of July06, in the London area. Each participant will paid around 150 pounds for the day, payment likley to rise depending how many times they walk past the camera. If you feel you know people who would be interested in taking part please could you get them to contact us ASAP on: tel: 0845 0090344
Kind Regards Wayne Berko M: 0790 3747452 Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd

Simon | blimey! | July 2006
Ooer!..I've got myself on the web at long last! :) Yes, Tim (Lillettes) is doing fine, he works as a Security Guard at Sussex Uni (how the worm turns eh?) I should love to see you for a few beers when I am next down in Brighton, and will give you a ring sometime soon m8. Thanks for getting back to me...stay happy. Simon

John | Smeggy and the Cheesey Bits | June 2006
Hi, did the cheesey bits ever release anything and what was the full line up and how long were they going for? cheers john

David | June 2006
Hi, I'll dig them out and get a selection printed - may take a while but bear with me. It would be great to have an Objeks page - no longer in touch with the others but come across some of them on the site. We are on Vaultage 80 as the objeks then we reformed as the new objeks with a different line up on sax and violin. I have a tape somewhere (well, it was a long time ago!) By the way I worked with James, your nephew? Several years ago - say hello from me. I'll give you my home email as this is a work one: Be in touch soon. Cheers, David

David | June 2006
Hi, I recognise many of the photos of bands on your site as I took them way back in 79/80. I designed a Brighton bands calendar that year - partly to raise money for the resource centre and partly to celebrate the bands scene at the time (I was the bass player in the Objeks)  You might be interested to hear that I still have the negatives and would be happy to contribute some more to your site (which is brilliant by the way) – I even have the normal contrast versions. If this interests you please contact me on this email address. All the best, David Roughton

Alex Ogg | June 2006
Hi Phil - Just FYI - found this on one of the threads I subscribe to. The author is actually Mark Ellen, one time bandmate of Tony Blair, etc, might be an interesting guy to track down for your book. I would, but I don't have time! Best Alex

The Vicar writes: there may be sufficient evidence for a thread proving that the circus and rock and roll are not the happiest of bedfellows. I speak as a witness to a performance at Brighton's Alhambra pub by brief south coast sensations The Dandies in 1977 whose act climaxed with the arrival of Vi Subversa, of local punk rock titans Poisongirls, for a spot of self-taught fire-eating. Subversa would tip a jar of paraffin into her mouth and then expel it across a flaming firebrand. On this occcasion she coughed, inhaled, and was very nearly removed from the venue feet first.

Eric Wright | June 2006
Hi there, just came across your site, and have found it very interesting and nostalgic!  As you were wondering what happened to me, I have lived in Rottingdean for the last 25 years, during which time I formed a band in the late 80's called Mother Carey's Chickens, which was a rock band with a folk violinist and folk singer, (posing as a folk band!), and trespassed into the folk festival scene, where we had a great deal of success, headlining alongside the likes of Fairport Convention, The Oyster Band, and The Blues Band, etc.  Den Woolmer of Laughing Gas fame was on bass.  After this episode, I haven't done much at all!   Anyone need a frustrated guitarist/bassist out there?
Cheers, Eric.

Timothy | June 2006
Like the site , good to know the story is being told.....they were intresting times!!  Just to add my recollction, I was a friend of the Poison Girls, and I beleive Vi Subversa, (Francis) was instrumental in opening up the valut ,she was involved in the resource centre. I beleive they had their first gigs down there ,  that has to be mentioned....I know a friend who has photo's of the gigs I will put him in touch......and I saw the Busscocks, The Poisons had links with them... tim

Simon Falla | June 2006
Hi Phil, You may remember me, I am Tim’s younger brother Simon. I stumbled across the Lillettes website…My god, some memories (most of them quite blurred!) Great that the band has a web presence! I trust you are well. I am married and living in Newcastle now, but have very fond memories of Brighton, and being a roadie for the band. Nice to hear Barb and the others are doing well! Take care m8, Simon

Rose Barnard | May 2006
After seeing the web site, I raked out some, really faint photos of a Vault gig, and a tiny pic taken at the Alhambra, a Mocking Bird poster, + two tapes I haven't  heard for twenty years. Best wishes Rosie

Rob Derkin | May 2006
Hi, PDaddy, the singer we got in after Grant was Rick Sharpe. I've Just got hold of an original Chicane sticker off my Mum. You can use it on the site but don't eBay it. Cheers, Rob Derkin

Dick Damage | May 2006
This is Dick Damage, just discovered your website. Really enjoyed looking at it, especially the bit about me. In answer to your question, I am now living back in Brighton with Mary, who I also just discovered again after 25 years. She was one of three Geordie girls who I met in 1980. They also used to frequent The Alhambra, The Inn Place and all three of them worked in The Belvedere. You might have seen them at one of my gigs! We are now getting married at Brighton register office in August. I have also met a guy named Kevin who was a punk back then, and now manages bands and puts them on at The Engine Room. Where I hope to visit soon. Any old friends or anyone who is interested in playing in a band of mine can email me on Hope to see you soon, Stuart. In the meantime, I will be out and about in Brighton.

Rob Derkin | May 2006
Here's a link to our song for hecklers that John Peel mentions in his report from The Alhambra. Not exactly 'mod' but probably one of our best tunes.
Recorded by our Dad on his old reel 2 reel in 1979 @ Sticky Fingers doughnut shop which doubled as our rehersal studio.

Rob Derkin | May 2006
I played keyboards in Chicane, being the youngest member I often got left out of band photo's (thank goodness) I played the night Peel came down. He came over afterwards and introduced himself. I was too young to really appreciate what a legend he was. He seemed like a nice bloke from what I can remember. After Grant Boult & Tim Larcombe left we got in another singer/guitarist called Rick, can't remember his last name? We got a mention in 'Sounds' after plastering most of Brighton with our stickers. We went on to have 4 no1's and sold over 8 million albums in Japan. Paul Weller became my brothers roadie. Rob Derkin

Richard Blow | May 2006
Bob Grover and ' Dates ' are playing a couple of local gigs which some of you may want to catch. Sat 20th May - the Hope Queens rd. brighton - Part of 'Beatstill' - a fringe festival night pushing the best new Brighton bands . £ 5/ 4 tickets/ door. ( Dates @ 10pm - support from top notch gunslinging upstarts 'New Modern') Sat 3rd june - Glastonwick festival - Shoreham airport . A slot before John Otway at Attila's beer and music festival. £5 tickets and door. (Estimated onstage @ 9.30 ish) They are currently working on a debut album.

Grant Lyons | May 2006
Hi – I used to run LADIDA records in the 80’s from Hove and am currently a director of CHURCH ROAD recording Studio in Hove. I Just wanted the world to know that I am playing my TOP 100 at THE SIDEWINDER – St James’ Street on FRIDAY 19th MAY. There will be plenty of Punk/POST PUNK stuff [Gang of Four, Subway Sect, Au Pairs, Stranglers, Killing Joke, Magazine …. I Will be playing a track by THE CHEFS too. AND DEFINITELY NO COLDPLAY. Grant

Nick Dwyer | May 2006
My exciting tunes can now be heard direct at my own fascinating website: x Nick

JJ Waller | May 2006
I've got a Dodgems badge i'd like to give it to one of the band if they don't already have one. W

Rob Derkin | May 2006
Hi, PDaddy, the Singer we got in after Grant was Rick Sharpe. I've Just got hold of an original Chicane sticker off my Mum. You can use it on the site but don't eBay it. Cheers, Rob Derkin

Raal Harris | April 2006
Raal Harris, vocalist with Deadbeat Descendent: Most bands sit around scratching their nuts and waiting for some tosser with shit hair to tell them when their lives can start, it's weak, it's needy and it's unbecoming. People in New York wanted to see us so we're going. We don't need a note from a record company to say that's ok. Cheers, we really appreciate your support.

Rose Barnard | April 2006
Great site, really brilliant to have my memory jogged, those days in Brighton were so free and easy, with loads of venues to see bands, no restrictions just good good music and a great laugh. Places like the Northern, the Alhambra, the Concorde, the Escape Club, the Art College basement, the New Regent, and many more.

"kristin" | April 2006
Hi, I’m trying to get hold of a record that I have lost, I cant remember the album name. It was a compilation album – had Ian Drury and the Blockheads (possibly rhythm stick and sex and drugs), Elvis Costello, possibly Ramones and several others. There was a song that started “I love the sound of breaking glass” by a male artist. The album was one record but the album cover opened out, it had a graphic of theBrightonpier and or beach, black outlines and a watercolour type wash, blue, yellow and pinks possibly. I bought the album inNew Zealand in 1978 or 1979. Do you have any idea what album this is? I would love to buy another so I could give it to my son – he would love it.

Shend | April 2006
Hello. My name is Shend (The Cravats, The Very Things) and I've just found your wonderful site. I have an intermitent radio show on Radioreverb and am about to play Lord Lucan is Missing by the Dodgems and Elvis is Dead by The Test Tube Babies from my very knackered old Vaultage '78 LP. I now live down in Brighton (The Cravats were on Small Wonder Records back in '78 and we were based in Redditch). Is there anyway of getting the 3 vaultage LP's these days? Whatever the answer it's great to find your site mate! Cheers, Shend

"David Redinha" | April 2006
hello, we are a band called BAD MOJO. we are a punk rock, ska and other genres band. our music is becoming really special as we progress as musicians, and i think its time to show it to the world. is there anyway u can help us on this? we would like to show you our music. thank u for ure time. david

Rose Barnard | April 2006
Well hello. It's me, drummer of the mockingbirds!  A neighbour told me about this website, amazing, pleased to see we are still alive. What about a reunion? Bestest wishes, Rosie

Great site, what a flash back to when, as a spotty 15 year old I would be standing at the door of the Alhambra stamping hands and taking money, as well as helping Steve and Mark Botting set up their sound system for the likes of The Vandells. What great memories. I also remember, along with the Bottings helping set up the sound system at a wedding that Ijax Allstars played. There was some blow at that wedding !!! i think i ate all the Cheese cake !!! Paul Morgan March 2006
Hi. Could you help me to get a CD called 'nothing but the blood of Jesus' i cant seem to get it anywhere.I heard it on the God channel before christmas thanks.

Helen Reddington | March 2006
Here's a link to a batch of Chefs posters that the guy who runs the Chefs site has just posted-
There is also an old interview with The Chefs on the No Class Fanzine site, and I did a new one for them a few weeks ago. Best wishes, Helen McCookerybook.

Stuart Ross | March 2006
How's it all going with the website? Just to let you know that BBC Southern Counties will be broadcasting my Punk piece I recorded with you last year this Thursday morning at some point between 10.30am-12.00pm. All the best

Lizzie Coventry | February 2006
Hello, My name is Elizabeth Coventry and I am an undergraduate studying sociology and politics at Keele University. I came across your website when I was doing some research. I'm currently looking for people to interview that were involved in the punk scene when it first started in the UK 1977, as I wish to write about the continuing punk scene as it is now for adults that grew up in a punk culture. I was hoping that maybe you may be or know someone who fits this description through this website that I could meet with just to have an informal chat about their involvement in the punk scene now. Thankyou for your time, Lizzie Coventry

Kelly | January 2006
Peter & the Test Tube Babies turned out to be the only Brighton band to actually carry on (until fairly recently I think) and actually make a career in the music business out of it - (and most of the time they were out of it!) They weren't the best band around but I guess they were more punk than most of the others. Cheers, Kelly M.

Jonathan Sussams | January 2006
I've just revisited your site and appreciate your comments - I'm deeply moved to tell the truth. We must raise the Dick Damage profile. He was even more punk than Gary. His website is impenetrable. Keep up the good work. Still alive. Jonathan XXX

F.J.Levein January 2006
It strikes me that if there hadn't been so much drug and alcohol abuse among Brighton's so-called punk groups, maybe some of them would have been able to make some better records than most of the shit they dished up.

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