About Chaos

Paranoid • vocals
Ed Shuffle • lead guitar
Obidire • rhythm guitar
Jack Russell • bass
Beaker • drums

Simon Woolven 2009
Chaos (not to be confused with the other south coast group of the same name from Portsmouth) were part of the Lewes Rock scene, which included Peter & The Test Tube Babies.

The Babies were well known for throwing people off the bridge in Lewes and drinking Merrydown cider, although I am fairly sure that they got the last habit from our little crew.

They once came out of the Resource Centre and saw one of our crew, well out of it, they said what's he on, we said Merrydown cider, they said wow, and the rest is history as they say.

At least that's how I remember it anyway! And it was them that sprayed their name on the Athena B, not fans as they claimed.

Chris Ford | March 2009
Wow! I've just fallen over your site and thought there'll be nothing about us, and tucked at the bottom of the page was a call for 'Ed Shuffle and his band Chaos'. Slight correction Ed (John Dennis, I think) wasn't in Chaos, but used to do most gigs alongside us as a solo act.

Line up was: the late Niel Poste - vox, Julian Court - guitar, John Rolf - bass and me on drums. I've got quite a few photos of the band, but as far as I know no recordings survive. Great site brought back a lot of memories of the Resource Centre and the Alhambra. Chris.

Simon Woolven | March 2009
Hi Phil, It seems that we have a result on the Chaos front! We know for sure that Ed Shuffle DID play with them, even if it was only at the time of the studio tape recording.

If Chris is BEAKER perhaps his memory may be vague, if he is not, then it may have just been a matter of timing. WOW he has photos, but no recordings, you have recordings but no

photos, if Neil has passed away, then I am sure that Chris could give permission for the recordings to be used. It would be nice to see what he actually has and to find out if the Mystery of the Plague could be clarified! I`m sure you have already asked him for anything which you can use for the site, perhaps he may be interested in a copy of the studio tape in return. Best wishes Simon.

Simon Woolven | March 2009
I am sad to hear that Niel has died, he was great to be around and seemed destined to go a long way in music. Chaos played some gigs for us back in the day and were well worth seeing, Niel was a real performer and looked the part in his boiler suit and Paranoid badge, those were the days! 

Chris did you use the stage name BEAKER? If so I remember you well, hope all is o.k. with you, are any of the rest of the band still around? I would love to see the photographs of Chaos, I just wish I had taken more photos back then. Perhaps you also have information on Gatecrash and even The Works

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