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Year 2007

roberto hayes | Birds With Ears | December 2007
Hi Stu, This is short as tester but I love the website and all the stuff about BWE. I'd like to contribute some feedback about the site  at some point. I've been teaching in Thailand for 9 years and now am teaching at a university in Chiang Mai . Also still playing a lot of music. Totally delighted to hear Fit to Burst after all these years; sounds awsome man!! Send me some news and I'll give you an update about what I've been up to all these years. Love, Rob

helen mccookerybook | Music for Christmad? | November 2007
Hi there! Far too early for Christmas I know although I did see tinsel in the pub last night- but maybe that was because of the football! Here's a link to four free-downloadable Christmas tracks (one not suitable for minors) just so you can be the first off the mark with over-celebrating the festive season. The choir on the first track was recruited by email and learned, rehearsed and recorded their part in 40 minutes, for budgetary reasons!
H McC :)

Paul Wescomb | Bone Orchard | November 2007
Haven't seen any reference to Bone Orchard on your otherwise excellent web site. Paul W

Colin Larcombe | Chicane | November 2007
I would like to add a little known fact that Chicane had an occasional 5th member in the late 70's. Chicane played on Radio Sussex and I played saxophone on Glad All Over. a cover by the Dave Clark Five. This was quite an achievement seeing that I was only 12 at the time and had ingrown toenails which meant I used to walk around in slippers with the toes cut out. I used to have the tape of this, but alas it has been lost over the years. Regards, Colin Larcombe.

Simon Spain | Red Squares | October 2007
"The Red Squares had two lives - originally they formed for the single "The Russians are Coming" It was indeed recorded on a Friday afternoon at Falmer Poly on a four track. Billy from Birds with Ears was a tutor there and helped us set up the equipment. Russell Pointing sang lead, I played keyboards/synths pretty badly and John played guitar. We relied on synth for rhythm... We never did a live gig in that life of the band. Soon after the band reconfigured with me as lead singer and occasional keyboards (also operating the newly acquired drum machine), John on guitar, Chris came in (as a new romantic) playing bass, and Diane Panton played keyboard. We didn't publish any more tracks at all but played live quite a lot and made some recordings for the radio - including this version of Blue Peter). We had a set of around ten to fifteen songs - including Blue Peter, Sinking Feeling, a cover of Roxy Music's Editions of You, Something Suitably Pretentious, and always ending with Swallowing Objects. I have some recordings of tracks still - they are attached. (Blue Peter, Cats and the very early improvised Sound Advice (Russell, John and Myself - recorded in a bedroom in Hove))

I was also half of ArtiScreen Designs, with Alex Smith; we printed posters for many of the bands and venues at the time. I still have have perfect copies of nearly all the posters we made - many we hand screenprinted in many colours - all done at the art college. I will scan the best and send them on for the site ( along with a couple of pictures of the band - you have the wrong band on our page - I think that is the Exclusives)). The site is marvellous and it is a treat to see the incredible detail in which a wonderfully vibrant time of Brighton is remembered. It is a really important documentation - good luck keeping it going and growing!" Please feel free to print my email address. Simon Spain - email me

Amanda Collier | What's what | October 2007
Thanks punkdaddy, you know what's what! Best, Amanda

Pula Zikorski | free downloads | October 2007
I now have two CD's full of the old Brighton punk bands and have been playing them over and over. Never been so...

Simon Spain | Red Squares | October 2007
Hi, I was in the Red Squares - lead singer. I have photos, original recordings, demos and posters. I was also, with Alex Smith, Artiscreen designs - we printed posters for various bands during those days - the exclusives, the chefs, etc. I have many copies if you wanted scans for the site. I will keep this short for the moment to check this is still an active site but get back to me if you want more...How wonderful to see a great site on Attrix!! Very exciting to see this. By the way - that isn't us on the Red Squares page. Simon

Alan Wiley | Flesh | October 2007
Hi, great site. Nice to see my old mates Flesh in all their glory. What happened to that big Mancunian Tony, the singer? Anyone know? Al

Penny Dreadful | Breach/Kung Fu Monsters | October 2007
Hi people... Just to let you know, you can now pick up tickets for our next gig from Rounder Records or Resident. Just ask for Kung Fu Monsters at the Greenhouse Effect on Tues. 6th November. Tickets are £4 in advance and we’ve got Pog confirmed for the bill too!  What more d’ya need for a Tuesday night? It beats Gordon Bloody Ramsay on the box.  See you there.

Dave Cheesybits | Rudeness | October 2007
Has it really been five years since I first posted here? There are a couple of Smeggy and the Cheesybits mp3s attached for your archive. Please help yourself to any of the others on my site if you want them. I am mainly writing because nobody mentioned Smeggy and the Cheesybits in the 2005 emails and I don't want that to happen again in 2007. If I had to criticise this site (I mean if you held a gun to my head) my one gripe would be that it isn't rude enough. I remember everybody being really rude at the time and your site doesn't reflect this. So can I just say Shit, Fuck, Wank, Grollys, Cock, and Flappy Bits. Can everybody try and swear at least once when they post to this site then the atmosphere would be more like the visceral experience I had in Brighton in the late seventies. I would still lurv to talk to anybody that has photos (or tapes) of Smeggy and the Cheesybits especially Kim or Nick. I can as ever be contacted through my site at just click on "Complain"or email me direct Errr...that's all.....Tits

Chris Anderson | Kemp Town Rockers | October 2007
In reply to Mark's email about The Kemp Town Rockers, I am pretty certain that the MP3s listed as Midnight & The Lemon Boys are The Kemp Town Rockers as I was in MLB from start to finish and I didn't play on either of these tracks, and from the poppy sound of them they must pre-date me - we were a much moodier bunch of fuckers (there's one for you Big Dave) and all round mucky twats (and that's two - enjoy). Chris Anderson

Mark Downes | Kemp Town Rockers | October 2007
Nice pages, but nothing on the Kemp Town Rockers. Anyone remember them? Cheers, Mark

Dawn Objek | Objeks | October 2007
Sorry to hear about Pete's death I remember him as a really warm chilled guy who was never phased by anything that happened around him including me (Objeks) and Russ (Chefs) dropping by at odd times to hang out

Dawn Objek | Objeks | October 2007
Found your site really late the other night because I am 50 next year and have started to look people up. I remember seeing so many bands and sometimes mixing the bands up and doing gigs like one night when some of us (the Objeks) and Nicky and the Dots got together at the Alhambra. It was also a great time to see visiting bands and sometimes supporting them - bands like the Raincoats, the Au Pairs, Poison Girls and Crass. I was in the Objeks, and the New Objeks. The Objeks were originally called Vulva Vegan and her Objeks (to cover a lot of our political interests at the time) which consited of Dave (bass) Paul ( lead guitar) Heather (drums) Stella (vocals and guitar) me (Dawn) and Kate (vocals). The attached shots are of a gig we did in the basement of the art school (Grand Parade) one night. Kate's not in these shots. Everyone wrote stuff - lyrics, music. A lot of political actions as well - Troops Out Now, Anti-Corrie bill march, anti-Prevention of Terrorism Act march, Reclaim The Night stuff and arranging benefit gigs for whole days at places like the Resources Centre where a lot of bands used to practice down in the Vault sharing arches and sometimes amps and mikes. Paul, Dave, Kate, Heather - it would be good to get in touch. Stella, I haven't lost your number from the bicycle moment - is it still the same? Helen mcCookerybook, are you still in Camberwell?

I'm really sorry to hear about Russ, he was a great drummer and good mate in the Brighton days. Jay Derrick is that you? We became the New Objeks later on with Sue from the Reward System playing violin. We recorded Two Boys Talking with her and Piers on guitar - Paul had left Brighton by then. Piers did a lot of cool artwork for Concorde gigs. Attached is the artwork for the Objeks first recording which we did on cassette and used photocopied covers and stamped labels. It was called 6 Minutes and was about the idea of impending nuclear catastrophe - Reagan had nearly pushed the button - hence the title 6 Minutes. It had a memorable bass line - thanks dave - and scratchy guitar riffs from Paul aka Gang of Four stylee. I had two secondhand mens' macs. One had 'anti-artist on holiday' sprayed on the back and the other "Public Image you got what you wanted'. I screen printed extra leopard spots on my flourescent pink sleeveless t-shirt that I wore with my straight lime green trousers from Nasty and black Dr Marten boots. Bren used to cut my hair so it stood up brushlike at the front and I dyed it a reddy orange. I remember a great jumper that I got given as a present from this cool woman who made crochet work with metal chains built in. I kept it for years. Bren hope you are still recovering - where are you now? Colin you always were late...really late...would love to see you both. I shared a house in the middle of a car park in Lewes Road at the time, it was surreal - a house in the middle of a secondhand car dealers, that repeated bass line, 4 people, a crazy cat, one orange marigold (when it flowered) and every morning a house filling with carbon monoxide because the dealer tested the engines in turn and the front door didn't fit. My room was covered in Rough Trade posters and had a double leather Mercedes Benz seat inherited from the guy who lived in it before I moved from Brighton to London with two black bin bags - one for dirty clothes and one clean and a few books and cassettes. I've been living here ever since. Rick and Julie were great people - Attrix was a hub - it was amazing to be in Brighton during that time and just be a part of all that energy and life. Love Dawn objek
Email me direct | Website:

Geoff Ansell | Vol Sec | September 2007
Hi Phil, thought I'd look up Punk Brighton and you might like to know that on the Vol Sec page it says thier bass player formed TV Scream with Lol Henderson. After a while they gave up with thier drum machine and used me instead. Hope you are all well, depping for The Snakemen at The Horse and Groom next Friday (21st), if you are around. Geoff.

Mark Thursfiekd | This Colour | September 2007
Hi Stuart, I hope that all is well, love the site. I wondered why no mention of This Colour - a little bit later on I know - also Jungle are noticible by their absence. I played bass in both bands - while Bruce Maxwell Smith ,who played guitar, is in Spain, pretty close to  where Marcus from the Lemon Boys is residing, Marcus joined us as singer for a while as well. As did Nick pre Transvision Vamp, and Ogs on drums. As This Colour we supported the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, Southern Death Cult, Birthday Party, Bauhaus and tons more - with regular gigs at Extremes which used to be in West Street. Drinking wise we were all regulars at Subterfuge. There were also bands like Bone Orchard, Death Rides a Horse, Carved to a Noise and more. Also what became of the Unbelievables? Mark Thursfield

Polly | Piranhas | September 2007
Hi. Good site, nice one. Don’t suppose you‘ve got copies of the Piranhas songs ‘Getting Beaten Up’ or ‘Boyfriend’? Polly

Amy | free downloads | September 2007
Hi punkdaddy! Fantastic site, thanks for the free downloads, these are all brighton gems, aren't they? Eccentric, very English! Keep up the good work. Love and peace, Amy | Breach News | September 2007
People... Citizens...RUN into the street! WAKE your neighbours! TELL EVERYBODY...The Kung Fu Monsters have taken over! The rumours are true – Breach are no more! The quiet and unassuming Brighton 5-piece were last seen leaving Sunday night’s charity fundraiser show at the Albert in Trafalgar street. Witnesses details are sketchy but initial reports are of a sudden flash of brilliance, from which the band emerged as changed and frighteningly excellent creatures, forevermore to be known as... Kung Fu Monsters. Joining this unstoppable, all-powerful force is the band’s new Manager, Melita Dennett, who’s many duties will include calling at your home in the wee small hours if you don’t turn out for gigs, or at the very least go to visit the new MySpace site at and join the friends list. Fear not! The songs you love will still be the same in the Kung Fu Monsters’ furry hands, and the long-awaited new EP is still on its way. Also keep on the look out for covetable merchandise and competitions in the new year. In the meantime, get along to the Freebutt in Phoenix Place, Brighton on October 29th to catch the band in top, monstrous form and be on the lookout for emails from the Kung Fu Monsters in your inbox. Vocalist, Penny Dreadful said: “It’s a new dawn, a new name... The world’s going to love Kung Fu Monsters!” Drummer D’monic Sticks said: “Gnnnaaaaahhh.... Braiiiins!”

Helen McCookerybook | The Chefs | August 2007
I've just looked at the Chefs thing on the punkbrighton site - it's ok but for a few errors: I didn't play bass before I went to Brighton- I learned it for Joby and the Hooligans; the guys all wanted to do the things like playing guitar and singing and basically said 'You can play bass' to me. I borrowed one from Poison Girls for that first Joby and the Hooligans gig, which they told me used to belong to the Buzzcocks, so that suited me! Helen McC xxx

Keith | free downloads | August 2007
Brilliant to have so many free songs, what a great idea. Love the site, I was a big fan of Smeggy (and later King Kurt). Rock on guys! Best regards, Keith

John Fordham | free downloads | August 2007
You are right about the Piranhas songs from their early days, Feel Queer When You Aint Here is my favourite.

Helen McCookerybook | The Lost Women Of Rock | August 2007
Hiya Phil, This is just to let you know that my book's out! Because its an academic book it's very expensive (£55 in hardback) but I've got some 25% discount coupons to use before the end of August that I can send to people if they email me by clicking here. It's had a little write-up in the Guardian and a lot of the women (and me!) were interviewed on Woman's Hour. There's a whole chapter on the Brighton scene and the women who played in the Brighton punk bands.
And I'm still doing lots of gigs, and recording the second album. Hope all is well with you- can't wait for your book! Helen McC xxx

Carol | Brighton music | July 2007
So glad to see that the Brighton music of the late 70's is still recognized as really damm good. I was an American living in Brighton at that time and was very involved in the music scene there. Every night one could see another band, it was great! Thanks, Carol

Steve Pegrum | Machines at the Engine Room | July 2007
On Friday July 20th we (The Machines) came down to Brighton to play The Engine Room club alongside fellow Southend Punks 'The Spurts'. After navigating through the rain swept roads, we managed to arrive in Brighton, and upon seeing the wreck of the West Pier, knew we were right by the venue for the night. After soundchecks and food, we managed to open on time at 7:30pm and started blasting X-Ray Spex et al through the sound system to get the mood going. The Spurts were on first, and the crowd gave them a warm welcome (this being only their second gig since their reformation earlier this year, after their original spilt in '79), and singer Steve appreciated seeing some of his old crew from his Long Tall Texan roadying days in the audience. The guys blasted old Spurts classics like 'Keep on Coming', as well as performing new songs like 'Germs'. Before you knew it, they were off, and then it was time for The Machines. Formed in '77 by Guitarist/Vocalist Nick Paul, he reformed the band in 2006 with Drummer Steve Machine (me) and Bassist Stephen Reddihough, and the band have been gigging as much as possible since. We managed to play all of the 'True Life' EP as well as many 'lost' Machines songs such as 'Weekend' and 'Cyclone'. The friendly crowd gave us a great reception and even demanded an encore, and we played an elongated MC5-esque 'Don't Be Fooled', one of my personal favourites. All too soon it was over and we had to pack down, but it was lovely to meet everyone who said they genuinely enjoyed it - thanks for turning out! - and hopefully we'll be back in Brighton again before too long, hopefully with Johnny De Luxe and the 100 Punks exhibition, and The Shapes too. Cheers Brighton and see you soon! Steve Machine

Eric Holby | free downloads | July 2007
Hi, thanks for coming up with these free downloads. I thought Wrist Action had never recorded anything. Recording quality might be crap but as a historical piece it's priceless. Rock on. Eric

Paul Martin | free downloads | July 2007
Hi Phil, Hope all is well. Lovely bunch of downloads you've got there now. I never saw Midnight & The Lemom Boys or the Ammonites and their tracks here are great, so that's my loss. I'd forgotton how good the Chefs were, two more great tarcks; Dodgems sounding great and a necessary reminder that the Piranhas were once a great band before turning into a new wave Baron Knights and the absurdity of Tom Hark!  That's a nice 22 tracker I've got now, cheers. Any release date set for the book yet? Cheers, Paul

Rick | free downloads | July 2007
Great to get something free! A really good, representative collection of old Brighton punk and new wavers. Some of it sounds pretty rough but that's punk for you. Keep up the amazing work. Regards, Rick

Jane Townshend | free downoads | July 2007
Thanks for putting up all these old tracks, what a brilliant idea. I saw most of those bands years ago, Fan Club were my favourite, pity they didn't get a proper record out. I've been playing Night Caller over and over. Respect and love, Jane.

Penny Dreadful | Breach | July 2007
Hello punters...Just to keep you informed of our forthcoming Breach gigs: 
Tuesday 10th July: We're doing our acoustic Loungepunk thing at the cool as f**k  Joogleberry Playhouse, Manchester Street, Brighton as part of the RAW Hip-Hop festival  (yeah, I know we're not hip-hop - wanna make something of it?).  Doors at 7.30pm tickets are only £4/3 Friday 20th July: Catch the full band, full sound, full on in London at the Fiddlers Elbow, Kentish Town, at 8pm, £4 entry. Nearest tube is either Kentish Town or Chalk Farm and nearest train stations are Kentish Town West, Kentish Town or Camden Road. We're on first so get there sharp. Penny Dreadful x

AMYCANBE | Support band | July 2007
Hello, AMYCANBE is currently getting gigs to play some UK and Europe shows from next September/October. Just came back from UK after playing the Wye Fayre Festival in Kent and will release an album in UK first around September, so if you may be interested someway, that would be appreciated, also if for some support act!!! You can check
for some music and always updated with news. Thanks for your attention. Bye, Amycanbe

Steve Pegrum | Support band anyone? | July 2007
Hi Phil.  Alex Ogg gave me your email address - I'm Steve Pegrum, and run the website, and also drum in The Machines. We've just booked a fairly last minute gig at the Engine Room on Friday July 20th, with us (The Machines), fellow Southend Punkers The Spurts, for a night of 'Original 1977 Punk Rock 'n' Roll'. We are looking to add a third band on the bill to open, say for a 25 mins set, and wondered if you might know of a local band that might be up for doing it and would fit in with the vibe of the night? Because we're hiring the place, and coming from Southend, expenses for us are a little high and we need 65 or so through the door to cover expenses, but once they're done we'll try and distribute any surplus pecuniaries to everyone, so we'd hoefully be able to pay the band a little. Anyway, if you have any ideas/suggestions it'd be great - we know it's a little last minute, but if you can help that'd be excellent. Cheers, Steve

Vaughan Blake | Cravats | July 2007
Dont know what the **** i'm doing here but just been reading all your stuff remembering the old days as we're all farts now only to come across an old mate hade posted a tad in April 2006 (The Shend) see him play a few times and I'm off to see the new formed Cravats at the Valley stadium this Friday 13 (nice date) July 2007. Not sure if he knows about this so just a question to see if anyone can get hold of him to tell him. also I'd love to contact him after all these years. Ta for your time Dude, Vaughan

Steve Black | Barry Clifton | June 2007
..Did Barry go to Varndean Grammar in early 70s? Cheers, Steve Black, Sheffield UK

Robert Laversuch | Fischer - Z | June 2007
Hi, just came across this site because I am translating a book on Fischer-Z. John Watts still lives in Brighton, I believe. The reason I came across your site is because Watts produced a single by "Birds With Ears" called "Windy Pops". I really like your site and you're keeping the punk scene alive in your beautiful town. All the best. Stay alive, Robert

David Ferrier | Midnight and The Lemon Boys | June 2007
Hi, great website and thanks for making the Lemon Boys mp3 available. Just played it to my eleven year old son who thinks Green Day sound better! I have great memories of those days, I went to school with Marcus and saw them play dozens of times. Also saw them play under the name Jewels Shine Darkly and still have a framed poster of a gig they played at the Pavilion Theatre. They were really talented, it’s such a shame they have nothing available on vinyl. They did a radio session for a local station but I can no longer find the tape. I remember they played two covers in their set, “Trash” by the Dolls and “I Heard Her Call My Name” by the Velvets. Do you have any other Lemon Boys recordings available? I’d love to hear some other stuff especially “Walking Back To My Place”. Respect, David  

Alan Hall | June 2007 | Movies
Some more info about new movies on our sites, some different music tracks (versions) that i've just got digitized appear on these vids.  Also Tonight Mathew I am going to be..................."The Alice in Wonderland Band" a new site that features very early Emma Sharpe and the newly formed Features 1980/81

PS: Animated gif of the resource centre 1980? Regards. Alan, Just Fontain

Badger | May 2007 | Attrix single
I am very sorry to hear of Rick Blair's death. I bought the Attrix single after hearing it on John Peel all those years ago. It's great. If any one is interested I can send MP3's of both sides of the single. I've just spent several days transfering all my old punk and what is now called 'indie' singles on to the pc as wavs and then MP3s...some 80 songs. Yours, Badger. (I was the first punk on hte Isle of Wight!)

Reg | May 2007 | Anyone know who this band is?
Dear Punkdaddy, thanks for your answer. Of course, I have no objections with you posting it to your site, this band is really unusual, and with just a bass and drums, I think that it was a great band, here's another sample, sorry the sound is not really good, but I've taped it with a small recorder and the cassette is really old :
Thanks, Reg

Reg | May 2007 | Anyone know who this band is?
Hello, I've recorded around 1981 this 3 piece band, without guitar, and with a female singer, I think it was great, I'm not sure if it's a band from Brighton, perhaps it was a band on tour, I think it was at the Alhambra, at this link you'll find a part of my recording:
Many thanks for your answer, Reg (France)

03MCGRADYC | May 2007 | Punk skater
People say I'm punk skater and emo but I class myself as punk - how do I tell people the difference when they are so obvious to me?

Ricky Rich | May 2007 | Joby & the Hooligans
Hello again Phil. I've seen the changes - excellent ! Thanks for your effort, and a brilliant site. Rgds, RICK

Jules | May 2007 | Piranhas cover art
This is the artifact I promised you. It is an autographed back cover of Jilly/Coloured Music by the Piranhas. Ironic, because Coloured Music was of course all about instant artifacts! Hope it is of some use, JULES

Jules | May 2007 | Johnnie & The Lubes/Executives
Thanks for your reply. No probs about the e-mail on the site. I can show off to my big brother, who told me about it! I attach a jpg of the cover of The Executives/Johnnie & The Lubes EP - just the Executives side- I notice that you've got the other side of the cover on the Johnnie & The Lubes page. I'm sending you another e-mail with an artifact of interest! JULES

Jules | May 2007 | Attrix catalogue
Dear Phil. Love the website – I remember you in the Lillettes – a good fun band. You might have “made it” if it hadn’t been for the name – but looking back you were probably better off having fun and not “making it”. Didn’t really do the Piranhas much good, did it?  I just watched the BBC interview with you, and I was singing along with “Nervous Wreck”. Just to say that the Attrix discography is missing RB/05/EP, which was the Executives/Johnnie and the Lubes EP.

Side 1 was Shy Little Girl and Never Go Home by the Executives
Side 2 was I Got Rabies and Terror in the Parking Lot by Jonnie and the Lubes

It was a picture sleeve – one side the Executives, and the other J & the Ls.  J & the Ls were spelt differently on the label and the cover! I remember that Kay (Johnny “Executives” Morris’s partner) did the sleeve artwork. It was recorded at Graphic Studios, Catford.  Let me know if you want an image for the site of the picture sleeve, and I’ll scan you one. John Peel played Shy Little Girl quite a lot. Anyway, great site about great days. I haven’t scoured it all yet, but I’ll let you know if I have anything you can add. JULIAN BAKER. Alhambra/Richmond regular 1978-1979

Elaine Smith | May 2007 | Dick Damage
Hi Punk Daddy, I was hoping you could pass this email on to Dick for me it would be great to hear how he's doing. Dick rented a room from my mother in our house in Springfield Road. I was 15 years old and I ended up spending a lot of time in his room taking things I shouldn't! But it was an education and I shall never forget watching him on stage. Please pass on my number/email. Best wishes, Elaine Smith

paul | May 2007 | Wreckless Eric
Hi. I might of sent you this already, I can't remember (apologies if I have) but thought you might be interested in this - please tell your mates. Best wishes, Paul
Press release:
Punk legend Wreckless Eric is teaming up with the UK's top learning disabled punk band, Heavy Load, at the Komedia Brighton on Wednesday 16th May. Also appearing are Mat Fraser aka The Thalidomide Ninja (TV personality, film star, comedian, musician and disability rights activist) and Scottish band The Xcerts who were recently awarded Steve Lamacq's single of the week. The night is being used to promote Heavy Load's Stay Up Late campaign ( - their mission to make sure that people with learning disabilities are supported to lead full lives and do what they want to do, not what their staff want to do. The night is also going to feature in the documentary being made about the band which will be released next year. (By the Oscar nominated producers of Solomon & Gaenor) Tickets are available from or 01273 647100

Paul | April 2007 | Molesters
Hi, I've just seen the nicely respectful Molesters Brighton site, excellent doings!!!! Did you know Paul Hayward and John cut a test single backing track in Hans Zimmer's 7 track (one track was fucked) studio in Withdean Court Avenue Patcham, before Hans Zimmer became Hans Zimmer and started to print his own money. I used to live there. They nearly had a go at trashing the studio but I think I stopped them in good time. Poor Hans, I never told him how much good he did for the punk scene, maybe that's why he got good Karma...I think I've some photos on archive of Paul's wedding and the band playing as well as some really posey shots. They also trashed the Hilton in London. One of their fans got a bit carried away, I can never forget the greasy dago manager (can you say that these days???) running around like a looney after seeing "MOLESTERS" scratched deeply on the gold plated lift control face plates, screaming "who are these Molesters I'll kill them, I'll killllll them" I used to work with Paul in computers at Amex and the band called me "HTC" (hunt the c**&) I don't know why but I am still looking? I occasionally did the PA mix for the band...that was fun. If I had a "use once only then dispose" time machine, I would pick that date as it was the best time before the planet got fucking commercialized and everyone disappeared up their arses (which is not pleasureable apparently). Is Paul Hayward or any of them still alive? Paul was a bit of a fast driver, we had a few car wipeouts together, I hope he is ok and fat and married - or fat and has a harem!!!!best regards, HTC.
PS don't print any of this I'll get sued, let me know if you want the pics if I find them.

Ricky Rich | April 2007 | Joby and the Hooligans
Hi, I was the drummer for Joby and the Hooligans / the Smartees from 1977 to 1978. As a matter of interest, Joby morphed in to the Smartees around April/May 1978. I've recently got back in contact with Helen McC, and this inspired me to dig through my old paperwork. I came up with a bunch of stuff - photos, gig posters and a punk magazine, which Helen said you might be interested in seeing ? For your delectation, these are displayed at

If you think you might want to use any of the pics, please contact me, and I'll send you higher resolution versions. Oh, and other popular Joby song titles were -

Mary Bell
Kiss your feet

All the best, RICKY RICH

Mike | April 2007
There was another rock band called “The Vandells” in the 60’s. They were in Richmond, Calif. I was the bass player and my brother, Gary, played the keyboard. Now-a-days he produces an ABBA tribute band. Mike

Dave White | April 2007
Hi. I've been reading the info about punk bands and venues in Brighton for the past few evenings now and find it very interesting. It reminds me so much of my time in and around Birmingham mid to late 70's, the bands, the music, the venues, the people, oh happy days! Can you or anyone you may know help me trace an old friend who was at college in Brighton in the late 1970's? His name was Jon Burgess and was at Brighton Art College in 1977. Jon was originally from Hong Kong (his old man was in the HK Police), he went to school in Stourbridge, West Midlands before studying in Brighton. Jon was a very capable drummer and I'm sure would have been involved in some way in the Brighton Punk movement. Maybe you didn't know him, but if you could suggest anyone that may have known him I would be very grateful if you could forward their contact details. Thanks, Dave White

Alan | April 2007
Hello, I was living in Brighton in 1977-78, I have so many good memories from this time. I used to go the Vault, we played a gig there, our band was the Squares. I remeber the Buccaneer and the Alhambra pubs where I saw Woody and the Splinters, Wrist Action, Piranhas, Depressions. I remember a very good gig of the Only Ones, with no more than ten people in the pub. There were big venues at Sussex University (Ramones, Clash, Johnny Thunders, Buzzcocks). That was fun! I still play guitar in a band in Paris (the Perfect Kevins). Thanks for sharing these informations on your web site. Alain (from France).
By the way here is our website

Tim Jones | March 2007
Great website. Takes me back to my mis-spent youth in Sussex. I saw BWE at least five times and they were outstanding. Ian Smith was a wonderful frontman for the band. I still have Youth in Asia & play it often. It always makes me laugh & brings back some great times & memories of girlfriends past. Tim Jones. South Wales.

Ian Smith | March 2007
Just a note to say how chuffed I am to be included on the new improved website - I was wondering why I had been getting a few very nice e-mails from giggers who remember Birds With Ears and are now investigating the nonsense done since then - must be something to do with your site. Also - you've got a downloadable track of ours (Fit to Burst) that I haven't even got myself, so I'm well happy. God knows where you lifted the portrait painting from, I don't remember that being 'out there' - someone's done their research! Anyway, the site is fantastic, absolutely brilliant, and please send regards to Stuart, whose memoirs are a great read. What with the Zap Club shortly producing a memoir book of 25 years, I hope my contribution saluting the Tuesday Night Veterans gets in, because the punky spirit was certainly upheld by the likes of Captain Stupid (sic) and Gary Hawke through their regular raving platform spots during the eighties. We're all history, baby! Warmest regards to all the survivors. Anyone wanting to check out current nonsense can explore which apart from anything else, might encourage 'youngsters' to have faith in the fact you don't have to get 'a proper job' - or fall for the audition pop idol crap system - just form a band, dance company, circus whatever and get on with it. Make mischief. Ian Smith

Alan Hall, Luana Fontain | March 2007
Visions  is a track from 1982-ish, released on our Stranger Than Fiction LP cassette, original demo recorded at Sound Sense, Seaford by the Brilliant Steve Botting. This session also recorded I'm a Millionaire, picked up by Mean Records and gave us indie success which led to other things. Feel free to use the track as you wish. Alan Hall, Luana Fontain

Jaimie Greenwood | March 2007
the mp3 page is a great idea and conforms to my passion for 'open source' being applied to all areas of the web. Great to hear some of the material that was never previously released. (Please do not publish my email address). Many thanks once again, regards, Jaimie Greenwood

Debra Trethewey | March 2007
I was in a band called Bright Girls which formed after Devil's Dykes disbanded.  We have a track on the Vaultage 80 album called Hidden from History.  I have other tracks on tape and photos etc.  Is this of interest? Great site, brought back lots of memories.  Sorry to hear about Pete. Best wishes, Debra Trethewey (Bright Girls - drummer)

(4 songs for free download)

Hi everyone! Well, after 27 years on stage ranting poems, thrashing the mandola and attacking the fiddle I am finally putting my bits on the line, musically speaking! Next Tuesday (27 Feb) at the Komedia Theatre in Brighton, I’m teaming up with Richard Durrant, one of the UK’s most accomplished classical guitarists, to fulfil a lifelong ambition. We’ll be playing lots of early music (yes, my crumhorn is coming out, along with all the other weird instruments I’ve learned to play over the years) as well as some of our more usual stuff....I have practised more in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 25 years, and for once, I am actually feeling a bit nervous!  It’s going to be a special night. Please come if you can.

Loads more gigs as always. 3 dates still needed for our German tour in May with my band Barnstormer – if you can help, please get in touch. First double act gig with OTWAY for ages in London on March 22nd! A very special night in prospect at Magasin 4 in Brussels on April 20. See below. The line up for GLASTONWICK 2007 (our 12th!)  at our new venue, Church Farm in Coombes, is now complete – more info, ticket details etc soon but you can have a preview at Cheers, Attila

Jim Taledo | February 2007
Always mindful of the fact that Brighton music lovers are a fickle bunch. Yeah well, Jim T

Bridget Fagan | January 2007
Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear that Pete Clarke has died of cancer. He was a guitarist with the Devil's Dykes and is in the photos on this website. He was the Children's Commissioner for Wales and the Social Work press is carrying tributes to him this week. I'm glad to have known him and enjoyed some mad moments with him playing with the Devil's Dykes in Brighton and at the Oval in Kennington thirty years ago. Bridget Fagan

Ric Blow | January 2007
Hi, thought we'd send you the press release and some pics of Bob Grovers new band 'Dates'. The debut album should be available at Brighton/London indie stores and online by the end of Feb '07. The album was recorded at The Levellers 'Metway Studios' in Brighton over a seven day period in late 2006 and contains some of the songs that we have been gigging for the best part of a year plus some new songs too. There should be a launch party soon....and there's a bunch more gigs in the diary. Check out the myspace page for all our shows. The next gig is a freebie over at The Wellie in Shoreham on Sun 4th Feb 8pm if you can make it. Perhaps you could bung the pics and info into a page that links from the Piranhas page on your site? Feel free to use the enclosed mp3 on your site as well if you wish. Cheers, Ric (Dates)

Mike Curtis | January 2007
What a great site. I clicked on ‘feedback’ and your address popped up. Formative years for me. I remember (1977) seeing about 5 gigs a week during the summer. I must have seen Wrist Action about 20 times (Tommy still alive?). Brighton just started to be cool then. People from London would come down for the weekend (oops – no change since the 1880s there . . .) The Alhambra was great – saw Blues Jim (the eternal support) busking in Hove 10 years ago . . . . . but the Basement was best. For a while Tracy Preston (of the Molesters) shared a flat with me and my first wife . . . oh the stories. . . . . all the best, Tracey, if you ever get to read this. Anyone remember The Jam at the Embassy Cinema? Someone called ‘punky Steve’ (who normally frequented The Inn Place) caused a bit of a kerfuffel, as I recall. Sex Motor Flash Attack Repeat? Dear oh dear . . . Anyway, loads more memories . . . . will check in again. Mike

Marc Arscott | January 2007
I am looking for any memorabilia to do with the WHITE RIOT TOUR gig at Brighton Polytechnic on 25.5.1977 featuring THE CLASH, THE BUZZCOCKS, SUBWAY SECT and THE SLITS. Anything in the way of photographs, posters, flyers, local press or fanzine reviews, etc. Please contact Marc on 07919 651188 or - Thanks.

Robin Gordon | January 2007
Hi. Bob (Grover) is going out as the Dates. Dates music brighton youtube. Best, Robin | January 2007
Hi punkdaddy, I'd like to get copies of vaultage 78, 79 & 80. Are they available on vinyl, tape or CD? Do you have anything by dick endaway and the lip parters? Cheers, Jeremy |-)

Roger Newman | January 2007
Dear Punk Brighton. Please could you pass on my email address to anyone that has had an interest in or knowledge of an "underground" club known as Brighton Combination . There were many performers and artists from this large freewheeling club that were involved in the early development of punk in Brighton.  I have a personal interest in this club as I was a founder member of similar club/group of musicians, poets, street  artists, and general entertainers ,known as Worthing Workshop. We had the interests of  Brighton Combination and shared performers with oneanother. One of our claims to fame was to have held first ever pop/music "festival" known as Phun City and headlined artists such as Mungo Gerry and Pink Fairies. Your help would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Roger Newman | January 2007
Hi, I'm trying to find some information on a band that was popular in the mid 70s in Brighton, called Tonge (spelling may be off a little) one of the band members was Frank Smith a school friend of mine, they used to play at the Alhambra (again the spelling may be off it's been 30 yrs), I know they weren't punk but, I discovered your site and was well impressed with your knowledge of the 70s scene, plus I have a 20 yr old Punk for a son. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, Paul Gill. An old boy from Brighton | January 2007
Hello, my name is Billy and I am conducting research into how Brighton as apposed to other UK towns caters for subcultural revivals... My research study aims to link Brightons cultural roots to the re-creation of resistant youth groups such as mods, punks, teds, and perhaps the hippie counter culture amongst others... I am a final year student at the University of Sussex and would appreciate it so much if you could please help me out... Thank you for your time...Billy Lowe

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