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Year 2002

damian | December 2002
Hi Stuart, I am Dick's brother, Damian. Dick Damage is fine and still living in East Sussex. I spoke to him at the weekend after discovering your web site. He was very interested to hear about your web site. Dick Damage was in 4 bands in total over the 78 to 81 period: I can't remember all 4 but here are 3 of them: Dick Damage and the Imitators, Dick Damage and the Dilemma, The Dick Damage Big Band. I did the mixing at a couple of gigs...I have to admit I was terrible at it. If you would like to talk to Dick or me please get in contact with us. I know D would love to get in contact with John Goode. Hope to hear from you, take care, Damian.

carolsharp37 | December 2002
Hi there, I've a friend in Germany who has gave me a bit of a poser here - she's trying to find out who the band was that sang a certain song - the only trouble is she only knows these 3 lines (I don't even know if they follow each other or what!), so maybe they might ring a bell as they say with you. Hope yous can help? "Glad I walked away, I'm about to go insane, they can think......" She says she thinks it's a punk rock band, that's why I asked you. Look forward to hearing from you and maybe you'll be able to put the both of us out of our miseries!! Haha. All the best, love Carol xxxxx 

Jess | December 2002
Great to see some stuff on Wrist Action. What about Slaves of Janet?

nick.dwyer | December 2002
I wonder "How is Pete Smith". Anyone know? I often see him wandering around town staring at roofs, and once had the nerve to break into his reverie. "Do you remember me?" I asked smugly when drunk in Kemp Town one night. "Yeh." OK! Fair enough Pete. I also worry about Dave... he's a cleaner at the Sky Gym building now. What's going on? By the way, hello to Blotto! Thanks for replying. Nick.

jon | December 2002
Jonnie & the Lubes: still nothing on the site - plenty of stuff available - just shout.

Maxine.Collins | November 2002
Hey!  Love the site and have had a great time recognising all the old faces from the past!  One thing, though.  Can you do a page on Midnight and the Lemonboys? We followed them relentlessly and it would be nice to at least see some piccies of them !!
Ed's reply: We'd love to do a page on Midnight & the Lemonboys. A great Brighton band, does anyone out there have any blurb/photos/recollections of them? If so. please email us.

MOVO1 | November 2002
I'm glad one or two of u remember 'SPERM OV DOOM'. This is SCOFFA the lead singer , I'm wanting to know if anybody out there has any old tapes and any of our gig posters? All of my stuff got destroyed and I'm sick that I've got nothing left but fading memories. I would be willing to pay for any copies, thanks everyone, u never know, the mighty sperm may well return to coase chaos in Brighton one day, love SCOFFA +++

Fiona J | November 2002
Shame that Stuart Jones memoirs has come to a close, I was really enjoying it. I hope he does continue to write for the site as his wit and wisdom has become a monthly bonus. I must say the site is looking good these days, keep it going guys!

Melanie Weston | November 2002
I have only recently moved to Brighton but what a town! If you were brought up in Stowe you'd know what I mean. So I was amazed to discover all this old history on the punk groups of the day. I never realised Tom Hark was by a band from Brighton. Thanks again, Mel.

Gavin | November 2002
Cool stuff, but I think you could be a bit more generous with the sound clips.
ED's reply: The reason we use short audio loops is basically down to download time and file size. Once the UK gets broadbanded across the nation, well, who knows...

Chris Ayling | November 2002
Interesting site and a tip for all married geezers: avoid endless arguments with your wife about leaving the toilet seat down by pissing in the sink.

roderickjohnson | October 2002
What no Wrist Action on your website? Here's a history of Wrist Action as written by Mark Passi, their drummer who is now living in Italy. I hope you add it to your website as I am sure there are many people that have great memories of seeing them at the Bucaneer, Alhambra and even at the Suite. I will have to see if I can find the photos I took of them at some of their concerts and send them to you.
Click this link for new Wrist Action page. We don't arse about on this site! (Ed)

Freddy Lombard | October 2002
Shame about the Alhambra. Had a few good rockin' nights there. Saw Nicky & the Dots, the Lillettes, Piranhas and the Lambrettas, to name but a few.

Carl Hibbert | October 2002
My teenage days! This site is a real blast from the past. I met Stuart Jones once (or was it Shaun?) in the actual shop on Sydney Street. Great days.

Ellena Callissimo | October 2002
I was in Brighton in 1978, you bring back an awful lot of old memories for me. I remember Wrist Action, the Flesh and Laughing Gass at the Vault one night and having the time of my life, pogo-ing with a bunch of sweaty punks!

Paul Jackson | Sept 2002
Stuart Jones has brought back a lot of memories. Back then I was a snotty art student type. I think that personally I've made progress as now I'm just an ordinary 'Joe Public' and quite Ok with things, even if they are still shite, politically. This site is an exception in a world gone apeshit with political correctness and people kow-towing to arseholes everywhere. Keep up the brilliant work. Punk lives!

Pene | Sept 2002
Cool story on Boring Bob Grover, he's a geezer. I'm happy he said 'fuck you' to the BBC, they are all tarts who think they are where it's at, but they aint got a fucking clue. Cool site, like the vibe. More...Lotsa love, Pene. Sept 2002
I'm visiting London and I want to know where all of the good punk shops are for punk clothes and everything like that.

Dave Cheesybits | August 2002
Nice to see some emails from people I knew especially Helen from the Chefs who I once watched piss in a pot on her bedroom floor. Funny how we remember the important things. I'm currently putting a site together that includes a bit of Smeggy and the Cheesybits and would be interested in any jpegs of the band and any emails of people's impressions of the time. I would especially like to contact Kim whose photos I am about to publish on my site without her permission. I remember so many great times from this period, my mind has conveniently blocked out all the bad times [like the one gig I played with Dick Damage and the Survivors at The Alhambra]. Please contact me at:

Chhrisp | August 2002
I'm enjoying Stuart Jones' Attrix Memoirs, which have brought back a lot of memories. At the time, I was sharing a house with Jim (Bruv), the other Chefs guitarist, and went to see the band whenever they played. My brother Jonathan managed the Chefs after they moved to London. I think Stuart might have exaggerated Carl's racist outburst at Sussex University Kids Carnival though. What he said was 'You don't want to hear any of this fucking black music do you?' Unforgiveable, but not a prolonged screaming tirade. It was such a shocking thing to say that I can see why Stuart remembers the way he does though - particularly since he had to bundle Carl off stage! Carl was obviously very drunk and angry - he also pulled out the plug out on hippy ex-Gong singer Gilli Smyth in mid-space whisper. He couldn't have chosen a worse place to make a racist outburst than Sussex University in 1980, back when it was still one of the most radical campuses in the country. Perhaps part of his motive was winding up the student audience? I was just talking to Jim about this, and neither of us can remember him being beaten up. But we weren't there when that might have happened. Carl was fine the following tuesday when they played the Basement anyway. He was probably so drunk he couldn't remember being beaten up! Pete Chrisp

Paul Bonham | August 2002
Blott put it all so well (like he does). A fabulous bass player and a smashing bloke. I think he speaks for many of us. I'm really enjoying the Stuart Jones stuff. I remember his radio shows with Vince Geddes and they were superb. Stuart was also very encouraging to other bands and in later projects I was involved in, he always gave a lot of support and encouragement (as he did during the Attrix days). He always had a lot of energy. In the 80's I was in a band who put out a record on our own label. He gave us so much encouragement and support (playing it at the Virgin Megastore where he was a DJ at the time), very grateful to this day. I note his comment about The Chefs wanting to move to London. There was a thing with most bands that to do anything you had to go to London . A bit like going from Primary school to secondary school. In retrospect (because I thought exactly the same thing at the time) I think Brighton had it's own thing and should have been proud of what it had at that time. It was a scene with loads of fabulous bands and ideas. The essence of punk. Can't put things as well as Blotto but I hope you get my drift. Regards, Paul (still enjoying the site).

KOffer | August 2002
Great site which brings back so many memories. Being 18 and living in Hastings in 1979 I saw many Brighton bands that year including the Flesheater's Ball on the pier. Shame the review from the Bexhill News was so short as it was a great night. Sounds like the reviewer left after Nicky & the Dots set. From what I can remember, Smeggy & the Cheesy Bits were supposed to be on before the Dots but Smeggy turned up late. The Dots played a shorter set to allow them to play after Smeggy finally turned up. I can still recall the guitarist coming on stage to apologise and saying something along the lines of "if Smeggy hasn't had an accident, he will when the band next see him". Soon after, he bounds onstage and says something like "We're Smeggy & the Cheesy Bits and we do Slade rip-offs" followed by half an hour or so of incredible noise. The Piranhas were great although I seem to recall there were the APL badges being worn around this time. I still have a number of badges, singles, posters at home somewhere. I also think I have an ep released on Attrix which has 2 tracks on each side. Can't recall who is on one side but the second side has a band called (I think) Jonny & the Lubes with "Rabies" and "Terror in the Parking Lot". Was this a Brighton band? I seem to recall one of the two bands may have come from New Romney?Anyway, thanks for the memories as they say. Kevin.

Kevin | August 2002
I sent an email yesterday referring to an ep on Attrix featuring 2 bands. I managed to find it last night at home and the bands are Jonnie & The Lubes and The Executives. The ep has 2 tracks from each and I think the prefix is RB06. I also remember seeing the Executives at the Carlisle pub in Hastings. Anyone have any idea who was in either of these bands or what happened to them?

Trevor Clark | August 2002
Great site, nostalgia is for old people (Oh Shit!) I am old. Ex Chichester Rock Society, I also worked with Staa Marx and follow up bands and helped out with The Chefs a little bit when playing the London pub circuit.

Blotto calling | July 2002 July T-Shirt Winner!
Back in April, former Nicky and the Dots frontman Nick Dwyer inquired about the whereabouts of a certain Blotto. Well, I am he, Blotto himself, bassist with the aforementioned Nicky and the Dots, Peter and the Test Tube Babies (briefly), the Corvettes, Karen D'Ache, the Soul Survivors, Global Village Idiot - the list goes on.
I'm between bands at the moment, since my last project - a cynical, money making enterprise (at least, that was the idea) playing 70's glam-rock covers - seems to have given up the ghost after a brief and uneventful life. I've also got a day job as a subeditor on the Morning Star. I've always been very conscious of how my involvement in the Brighton punk scene of the late '70s got me off to a great start. I also feel that I rather blew it subsequently, but that's another story. In all the musical stuff that I've done since, I've thought of myself as, in some sense, building on what I started back then. One of the great things about this website is that it shows how quite a large number of others have done the same - having been inspired, supported and all the rest of it by the Brighton punk scene, they've now moved on, yet all the time knowing how much they owe to it. The site is brilliant not only because it allows a nostalgic down punk's memory alley but also because it reveals how something of the creative ferment of that time has survived. Of course, it often finds expression in other forms and styles now - such as this site, for instance - it's still there.

Jay Herbert | July 2002
Thanks for this great site, wow this brings back a lot of memories for me. I was 15 at the time and pogoed the nights away down the Vault to the likes of Wrist Action and Flesh. Whatever became of those guys? They were my heroes. Ta, Jay. July 2002
Kenisia and Out Of Luck play the Hobgoblin, York Place, London Road, Brighton on Thursday 25th July 2002 at 8pm. Over 18s only. FREE!!!

Cass | June 2002
I used to play in a few bands with Dave Bruce in London. Last time I saw him was in Brighton about 14 years ago, and he was playing in a band with Gerard who used to be in Flowers in the Dustbin. Does anyone know what became of Dave? Cheers, Cass

Claire | June 2002
I'd love to see stuff about Fan Club, Midnight & the Lemon Boys, Smeggy and the Cheesybits if you could find anything suitable, and longer sound clips would be brilliant - jogging the memory makes you want to hear more! Very good site, I really enjoyed it! Cheers


susy_taylor | June 2002
Would you like some blurb on Bright Girls? And what about putting Hidden from History on the site. Feminist punk is part of the history. Susy Taylor, Bright Girls

Alex | May 2002
What a great snapshot of what really happened in Brighton at this time - and good to see old man Byford getting some thanks from Stuart!

Tony Maybury | May 2002
Hi, I am an American guitarist named Tony Maybury. I noticed on your site there is another one (Tony Maybury formerly of the Vandells). I would like to contact him and maybe send him a tape or something. Do you have a way he can be reached? Thanks.

Rich (R.Candor, Big Sur, USA) 12 May 2002
Hey punkdaddy and all you other punkdaddies out there, thanks for your cool site. Seeing the Lillettes featured on your front page brought back a lot of great memories from those nutty days. I used to see the Lillettes whenever I could, at the Richmond, the Buccaneer, Alhambra or the Vault. They were a band who never got the recognition and were always under-rated. Another band I liked was Dick Damage's Dilemma, he was a true Brighton fruitcake. I now live back in the States where bands are afforded a bit more respect and taken a bit more serious. I only wish those Brighton bands had gone on to bigger and better things but, and I'm not sorry to say it, there's always been kind of small-town mentality about Brighton audiences, you spoilt assholes! But then I still love there. Rich...

Denise | May 2002
Hi, I was pretty young at the time (12 years old) but I hung out with a crowd who were all older than me and a bunch of speedfreaks and we saw bands at the Concorde, the Alhambra and the Art College Basement, it was the best thing. The Lambrettas (I liked mod bands especially), the Piranhas, the Lillettes. They were good days, we were always skint or pissed, nothing's changed. Love, Denise.

Nick Dwyer ( April 2002
May I remind Joby and Steve Beardsley that I wrote "Looking through Gary Glitter's eyes" and demand a mention in the biography as one of the founder members. Oooh I'm so cross! OK, so Steve re-titled the song (brilliantly) that I called "I'm a pop-fan, you're a pop-fan, we're all pop-fans, (so jump up and down)". OK so I was chucked out for being friends with Chris Douseley and formed a better pop band with him...May I also remind Steve Beardsley and Joby that "Sex motor flash attack repeat last time" was our best tune. And no - none of us in the band wrote it.It's awful to harbour so much bitterness after so many years! On a relevant tangent, I think I may have an old copy of some fanzine in which I interviewed the Chefs at great length when I was their manager for 2 weeks. It may be of some archival interest as it may be an early issue of my old and dear dead brother Simon's Rapid Eye Movement before he met genesis P Orridge and went all Cabbalistik...And what DID happen to Dick Damage after he came out of jail? Any news of Blotto? Your potential archivis, Nick Dwyer

Nick Dwyer | April 2002
I meant to say also how sad I was to read about Russ Parrot's death. I hope his near ones are OK.

The Cheese | April 2002
Yeah cool site man. I was a punk back in them days, before that I was a bit of a hippy and then a mod to start with so what the fuck am I? We're all part of the same production line. I liked the Smarties, Joby & the Hooligans, the Lillettes, the Dots and Piranhas. For me, the Piranhas went a bit off beam with Tom Hark, their best was Shut Up. Is that my cue?

Bert Finucane | April 2002
I remember those days...what memories. This site deserves some kind of award. Rock n roll!

Carmen | Mar 2002
Crikey!!! What a blast from the past.....I still have me Vaultage lp's, and remember very fondly the Alhambra (never paid to get in cos the windows were always broken, so you could hear the bands from outside!). You have brought back some very happy memories (as well as some very hazy ones!!) Nice one!!!! slurps n snogs, Carmen.

Nax | Mar 2002
My friend mailed me this today, and I remember seeing Dick (Damage) up Trafalgar Street somewhere with Smelly, or Hugh. I was only 14 at the time, but was on the scene for a while, I only played my Chefs e.p. last week to a friend of mine, and totally embarrased myself by going overboard while she just nodded! The Hanbury Arms was their usual hang out. Brighton Poly on a Saturday night was a blast, and then my parents moved to Worthing! Oh my God. At 38, I still wear rainbow or black, docs and colour my hair (extensions much less aggro than Directions!). I'm a primary school teacher and a mum to two boys, they don't bat an eyelid at my bondage, or leathers, in fact my 6 year old likes black nails and red fringe as well! Great to see the stuff again, I still sing Devils Dykes' Plastic Flowers when I drive on the A27 near the Dyke sign, I must have been very impressionable then! I help run the Sussex Pagan Circle, so mix with some good people still, with the same never-grow-old attitude, as I said before, at least Directions covers up the grey! Ta again, luv Nax.

Stuart | Mar 2002
Coincidences etc.....Busy setting up a website for my mate Gary Turner (his paintings etc) and came across the Dick Damage page..... Dick, (Mark Chapman) is my brother-in-law...! Now custodian of Newhaven Fort, and as eccentric as ever!... sure he'd be glad to hear from you! Stuart M. Northage.

Simon | Mar 2002
Hi. Came across your great site while looking up the Depressions. I remember them as Tonge (one of the few bands to liven up deadly Worthing in that era). I believe they released a single called the Gambler, but have never been able to trace it in any shape or form. Wondered if you'd have any advice on that? Cheers, Simon.

Gary | Mar 2002
Hi, I'm the real punk daddy, started in the Dodgems, ended in Piranhas, from Big G. I AINT WITH LORD LUCAN NO MORE.

Kerry | Mar 2002
Yeah cool! Cant wait to read Stu's stuff. I remember his brother Shaun, Venus in furs. Rock on! Kerry.

Amy | Feb 2002
Hello, I'm checking out your site after finding it through a Depressions search in msn. I am looking for some pictures of the Depressions and I saw the band line-up one in the subsection of your site dedicated to the Depressions. I was wondering where you got that point is, so it is larger... please get back to me. Thanks a lot. Pure Mania

Da Manager | Feb 2002
What about the Brighton Riot Squad? BRS were late 70s Punk at it's mellow and mashing best. With Atilla the Stockbroker as Leader they certainly showed Brighton how to RIOT!! Put em in, please. Da Manager

Rgpunk77 Jan 2002
PUNK ROCK IN MY VEINS! The best of Punk Rock from 1976 to 1986

Steve | Jan 2002
It's a bit late, perhaps - I've only just come across your excellent website today - but I thought I would answer the question put by an anonymous person on August 29, 2001. I'm pretty sure that the song Pete Townshend joined in with when the Clash played the Top Rank was "Armagideon Time". So there you go. I used to travel down from Horsham to see Brighton bands at the Richmond, Alhambra etc. and I don't think I ever had a boring night. My favourite memory is turning up to see Nicky and the Dots at the Alhambra - that was the seafront one wasn't it? On the same night Iggy Pop was playing at the Top Rank. Members of the band were on the door and they seemed almost shocked that we would rather go to their gig. They said, "You do know Iggy Pop's on tonight don't you?". We did, and I would do the same again. Best wishes, Steve.

Tarnya | Jan 2002
Yo. My name is Tarnya. Been into all this stuff for a while...I'm kinda stuck and in need of help...I'm doing this school project like you do...I'm yr's a textiles one.....well in my themed research I have to talk about the start, middle and end of punk. Punk may not be dead to us, but for many it is...I hero's in the Clash have finished.....well I was wondering if you could tell me some stuff that I could put into my project please. I myself look like Brody Armstrong. The piercings and mad big spiky hair...well please help me out here....Cheers. Ignore the e mail address....a private joke.

Paul Bonham | Jan 2002
Hello. My name is Paul and I was the drummer in a band called The Exclusives who had a track on Vaultage 80 called Sinking Gondola (I'm the one with the sticky out ears).I was very young at the time and learnt a lot from the bands we played with. We did gigs with The Dodgems, Woody & the Splinters, The Chefs, Life Size Models (when they were called The Relatives) Golinskis, Midnight & the Lemon Boys, The Vandels. It was a great time for me, a time for learning which I did from a lot of the above Bands. I have so many memories of The Alhambra (RIP), of great nights and great people. It was my first ambition to have a track I was on released by Attrix. I still have all my badges, Vaultage 80 Calendar. Your site is a dream come true for me and it's great to know other people have a high regard for the quality and spirit and enthusiasm that the Brighton scene had in those days. If you want any more information on the Exclusives, please let me know. Thank you again. Regards Paul Bonham.

Cormac | Jan 2002
dear punk brighton, I am putting together a book on the art of UK and Irish punk '76-'79. I have several publishers interested and am still sourcing material. I'm looking for sleeves, posters, flyers. magazines, fanzines, gig stubs etc etc. anything graphic. Do you own the material that's featured on your site? Do you have material that you would be willing to let me use? If not, do you know anyone else who has material? Looking forward to hearing from you. Cormac.

Claire | Jan 2002
Hi, I'm a French girl, I'll come in Brighton on February and I would like to know if there are specials places for exentrics tennagers. Thanks. Claire (a French girl)

Corin | Jan 2002
Hello My name is Corin and I am a third year student at the University of Sussex. I found your website while researching for a documentary that I am making for my degree. We have been given the amazingly wanky title of 'portrait of a generation' to work to. Would you and other punks of the late seventies be willing to take part in our documentary about that generation? The punk scene of Brighton was not something we had considered until seeing your site but soon realised there was quite a lot that hapened down here. If you would like to take part can you e-mail me back? Thanks a lot, Corin.

Larz Gustaffson ( Jan 2002
GREAT website! I was so happy when I found it. In fact I was searching for The Piranhas on the Google search engine. Could someone please tape the Vaultage ´78 album for me? I am willing to offer a tape with obscure Scandinavian punk rock in exchange. It´s from the good old days, of course. Please, mail me! Thanks! Yours truly, Larz.

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