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Pete Lyon | December 2003
Yo! My name's Pete Lyon and I'm an alcoholic. Oh sorry, wrong meeting. I mean my name's Pete Lyon and I was the keyboard player with The Vandells back in 79/80. This is a droll website. It really is a walk down the memory lane of dis-functional, bitter failures. Are we all growing old dis-gracefully with the punk ethic still inscibed in our 9 to 5's? Your Vandells page brought back many memories. Obviously The Alhambra, "Ain't you got no 'omes to go to?" and that skate board place. The Vault made you feel dead even if you weren't. Sad to see a young, fit looking Tony Maybury. It was all downhill after the Vandells. Thanks for saying nice things about us. Dave Barnard wrote a lot of good songs but we never made it. I think the main reason was our huge consumption of drink and drugs, but I'm not an expert. I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand for many years as I couldn't stand the frantic pace of Brighton any longer. Greetings to Rob of Woody & The Splinters and Chris of The Lemon Boys. I also played with the Splinters, Fan Club, The Exclusives and Psycho Normal & his Stiff Victims at various times. If anybody remembers these facts do get in touch. And yes Owen, I remember No Exit. You supported us frequently and your bass player was called Alan and he never stopped laughing. Never saw the joke but it's dark when your head's stuck up you own asshole. Yours, puking, pogo-ing, gobbing, and whizzing into the nearest Old Punks Home with safety pins on!!! Pete Lyon

"marc cole" | December 2003
From 1979 til 1986 I was there. I knew Marcus and Tony from the Vandells, I watched them slide down the toilet into rampant heroin use. No tears for them. I was lied to and ripped off by Tony Byford who, with his then girlfriend Trish, attempted to 'create' a new Brighton sound (ugh). I was her guitar player then and was the musical force behind anything she attempted. Trish could hardly keep her hands off of anything in tight pants and she also loved to do drugs at a frightening rate. I spent many nights at the Alhambra, and the Windsor and the Richmond...and at the time it seemed as though the music scene was about to DO something other than titilate the locals. But, as with all things Brightonian, it was just a dream waiting to be smashed by the chase of the dragon. I left Brighton in 86' to escape the depressing fact that all the people who talked such a good game about the music scene, had fallen into a cycle of  pathetic drug life. I wonder if your web site has the guts to reveal this fact to its visitors. While many bands like the Piranahs and NIcky and the Dots and Peter and the Test Tube Babies went beyond the Vault and the Alhambra, it is a fact that most of them died a deservedly slow death due to a lack of COMMITMENT to seeing the thing through. While many hold a teary moment while viewing your site, I wonder how many will also realize how fucking lame these bands were...I mean really, Midnight and the Lemon Boys  were the biggest buncha posers who could barely keep in tune with each other. I had a great time while roaming around my old home town recently. I now live in the States and am a Filmmaker/ Director with a company (who shall remain nameless by legal restrictions) that pays me SCADS of dough. I also have fond memories of those days in B-town, but I guess it is not without a harsh reminder that people are driven by what thrills them, and for most of the kids who played music back then it ultimately was HEROIN that thrilled them most. Keep up the good work and don't forget to mention all the dead junkies on your list of Brightons Muso's. MC.

"Charles Fentobli Fweepleshorts" | December 2003
Hello, I just read all 9 Attrix memoirs from start to finish - excellent. I lived in Brighton from 1977 to 1978. My mum still lives there. I was wondering if you know where I could get a copy of Vaultage 78? Did 'I don't want my body' ever appear on any other album? My brother used to play drums in a band probably in 1979-1980. I came over to America in 1978, and he sent me a tape - probably of Vaultage 78. I gave it to a girl, who later became my wife. She leant it to this wacky huge Spanish punker wannabe, and we last saw her and her big purple hair in 1980 disappearing into the streets of San Francisco. I've missed it ever since. I'm glad your site is up and well. I remember seeing it about 10 years ago, but it seemed rather sporadic back then. I didn't see mention of Dick Endaway & the Lip Parters. I come over once in a while. I'll look you guys up next time. Cheers, Jeremy |-)

Denis | December 2003
Hello just discovered the fabulous site. Used to play 'rhythm' with DD and the Survivors ie., prior to the Dilemma. The survivors left Dick, became Blazing Innocence and briefly the Cornets. I went on to no fame as acoustic punk Ed Shuffle. Performed alongside Chaos (from Lewes) and then joined them. My favourite night was playing in two bands at the Vault an then running down the road to the Alhambra for another. Ahh those were the days. A few years back, I met DD on a Lewes-Brighton bus. He was A1 normal and quiet. Told me our drummer had topped himself sometime before in the eighties?  johnny denis 

"a&bevans" <> December 2003
wat up well I'm 14 and I'm tryin to start a band will u help pleaz e-mail me it is thanx later chris

"Peter Lyon" | December 2003
Hello there. Just found your site and as CJ Anderson (who he?) says. It is a right old memory jogger. A minor detail. On your Vandells page you have me as guitarist when I played the keyboards if I remember correctly (which I probably don't as I was rat-assed much of the time). In fact I only just remember being in the Vandells. Thanks for reminding me. Unfortunately that isn't me in the photo but a guy named Adam who replaced me for a while then I rejoined. Thanks for the positive description of the Vandells as a musical band. Dave Barnard's contrubution cannot be over estimated. Sad to see Tony looking young and fit. Well, cheers and see you down the Alhambra. Pete Lyon

Owen Evans | November 2003
Anyone remember NO EXIT? Oh come on, course you do. Happy memories of the Alhambra - I was 17 at the time and the lead singer!! Ooops. Owen

"Whittingdale, Marcella" <> November 2003
Hi there, I'm writing to you from Meridian TV - I'm a reporter who works from their Brighton office, just opposite the Palace Pier. I am trying to get in touch with people who know the musician, Graham Coutts, and I was wondering whether you might spare the time for a really quick chat with me. If that is something you might be happy to do I would really appreciate a call on 01273 572 555 or 07958955 614. Alternatively, as I am a Brighton-based reporter, I could come along to meet you at any upcoming gigs you might be having. Either way it would be great to speak to you. Many Thanks, Marcella Whittingdale, Meridian Broadcasting

"MGV" <> November 2003
Brightons kickingest punk-popsters MR GREEN VENDETTA are opening for the UNDERTONES, Saturday Nov 22nd at Brightons' Concord 2. Get there early - we have some free sampler CD's off our forthcoming album (to be titled 'Never Pretty Always Dumb' or 'The Monster You Created' - we're still scratching our heads on that one - which is a shame, because there are 4 American labels trying to release the album!) to give to early birds and for once, we're spitting out the humble pie, 'cos Jeeeebus, does it kick butt!  We also have some cheap tickets, so give us a call on 07956 808802, or drop us an email. Laters, MGV

"Crowns Horsham" | October 2003
What a corking website and memory jogger. My name is CeeJay Anderson, and I was sax player (aka "Toot Nomore" - a pisstake of that skinny git that played in the Pirhanas) in The Cheesy Bits, and later bass player with Midnight And The Lemon Boys. I bumped into Mr Myers in The Setting Sun last week (first time I've seen him in years) and he told me to give your wonderful efforts a little look and I'm well pleased I did.  Some familiar names cropping up - I'm surprised so many of us are still around. Take care everyone ... C J

"Jo" | November 2003
Hi, I've just come across your site whilst searching for King Kurt on the net.  I am in the process of building a KK website and saw that you mentioned Smeg being in a band called Smeggy and the Cheesy bits.  I was wondering if you had any more info on them or KK. If you have anything that I might be able to use on my site, photos, memories, memorabilia, etc I wonder if you would email it to me and I would of course give your site a mention for the info. Cheers, Jo.

Chhrisp | November 2003
Does anyone out there remember Ted Milton's great band Blurt, a wild honking saxophone trio from the early 80s? If, like me, you're feeling nostalgic for 'maniac sax breaks and Ted Milton's throttled vocals', come along to the Pavilion Theatre on 8 November.  They're playing in a show about the Russian absurdist Daniil Kharms. Tickets are £8 from the Dome Box Office.
The spirit of punk lives on! Peter

"Paul Rutishauser" | November 2003
Hi, you'll find attached a scan of a picture from the summer of '79 or '80 with some faces from those days in Brighton. I was at the art college from '77 to '80 and worked at the "Basement" - the college bar which hosted lots of gigs and other events. I also, for  two summers, worked as a sea front photographer with a monkey - this picture must have been taken below the promenade between the two piers. I remember all the faces but only a few of the names - "Big Mark" (back row, middle) Cliff (back row right),  Dougie (eating the monkey - which was called "Freckle"), Simon (cropped hair, behind him). All of them worked at one time or another as bouncers in the Basement and elsewhere. Simon, who was at the art college with me, played for a time in a band that preceded the Cheesey Bits. I played for a time with a band called the Objeks, which had a track on one of the Vaultage albums. All of the people in the pictures were regulars at the Basement, and also drank in the Windsor Tavern, which was a meeting place for punks, mods and anyone else who dared enter - I lived a couple of doors away in Windsor Street. The pub had stacked mattresses for chairs, an Asteroids machine, and "Stiff Little Fingers" on the juke box and was spectacularly decrepit. No doubt it's a themed wine bar or an office block now. Interesting times, which taught me a lot - certainly nostalgia wasn't in our vocabluary back then? Best wishes, Paul R.

"Susan Rose" | November 2003
re: The Same: I can help you with the line up. The guys on the cover are Stephen Rose, Pete Juster and Tony Denier. Stephen wrote the song. I didn't meet Stephen until the band days were over - but he still plays at home! Susan

"Amanda Carroll" | October 2003
THE AMMMONITES: A fab pop/ska outfit who first appeared on the ATTRIX "Vaultage 80" LP with the track "Blue Lagoon" at which time the line-up consisted of: Colin Smith (bs), Stefan Tyluas (vox), Nick Stewart (gtr), Steve Kelly (sax), Mike Roberts (gtr), and Dave Doleval (drms)... In 1981 they also had a double A-side 7" issued: "Big Eaters" b/w "Dressed To Kill" on RED RAT (#RRR 402) by which time they also had a new drummer (Chris Pristley).... Cheers, MARK LAME

Alfred Armstrong | October 2003
Hi, I see you now have a page for my old friends The Same. I can add a little to your info. The line-up was Steve Rose on guitar and vocals, Pete Juster on bass and Tony (whose surname escapes me) on drums. They were formed as Better Looking in Worthing in about 1974, and played under that name until about 1978, when they changed their name to fit in better with the mod revival. Musically they were essentially a power pop band. Better Looking also included Brian Morris on rhythm guitar. Pete, Steve and Brian were all at Worthing High School for boys at the same time as I was. Pete and Steve were in the year below me and Brian was in the year above. They played a lot of gigs in Worthing and Brighton. I remember in particular the Alhambra. I acted as DJ at a number of their gigs, and also supported them as the bass guitarist of Twist and Shout, another Worthing band of the time, though one much less successful. There is a photographer called Simon Potter who sent you an email a while back, who may still have photos of the band he could pass on. Sadly I don't have any myself. Alfred Armstrong
Now! With added Dot.Communism:
"The eye has been described by scientists as a small-sized volcano"
- Webster Edgerly

"Amanda Carroll" | October 2003
Hi, thanks for getting the SAME page up... I actually got 2 emails from people who responed to me message on the 'board' so here's a better 'bio' section to add for their page instead of my previous emails.... Cheers, Mark 
The SAME: formed as Better Looking c.77 in Worthing
Line-up: Steve Rose (gtr, vox) Brian Morris (gtr) Pete Juster (bs) Tony (drms)
Single: 'Movements' b/w ' Wild About You (1980, Wessex - WEX 267) this first issue was released in an 'art sleeve' and was reissued as: 'Wild About You' b/w 'Movements' (1980, Blueprint - BLU 2008) with a band photo sleeve as well as a company sleeve...Mark Lame

 Alfred Armstrong | October 2003
I was a friend of the band at the time and so I can fill you in on some of their background. The line-up was Steve Rose on vocals and guitar, Brian Morris on guitar, Pete Juster on bass and a chap called Tony on drums whose surname escapes me. Steve, Brian and Pete all went to Worthing High School at the same time as me, Steve and Pete in the year below and Brian in the year above. The band was previously called Better Looking, but they changed their name around the time of the punk explosion, probably 1977. They were certainly nothing to do with the Bexhill / Eastbourne band which appeared on the "Uppers On The South Downs" LP.

After they recorded the single, it was picked up by Simon Bates and made his record of the week. This was not just sheer good luck: one of his assistants was a girl who was a friend of the band, at one time singing backing vocals with them. This airplay sent the record to a dizzying number 101 in the charts. The NME, though, gave it a pretty lukewarm review, criticising Steve's vocals as not strong enough. The Blueprint picture sleeve for the single (seen here) shows Pete, Tony and Steve left-to-right. If memory serves they parted company with Brian around this time which explains his absence from the sleeve photo.

Their biggest break apart from this was a week-long residency at the Nashville in London, shared with The Tourists (later to become Eurhythmics). The billing was supposed to be equal but The Tourists had much better management and they somehow wangled top billing every night. Pete Juster is still playing, now in an R&B band called Henry's Pencil, who appear at the 100 Club from time to time, though I fear he is an estate agent in the daylight. Alfred Armstrong

Louisa | Sept 2003
Hi there. It's a really cool site you have about all the old Brighton punk bands. We are in a punky all girl three piece called Teasing LuLu. 2 of us are originally from Brighton and Sussex and one is a Geordie. We live and play regularly in Brighton. One of the Lillettes has signed our guest book!! If you're interested please check out: Love Louisa, Lucy and Serena xxx PS - where can we get our hands on some of the recordings featured?

"Amanda Carroll" | Sept 2003
Glad to hear your willing to do a page for The Same and Ammonites...I don't have a scanner, but i'll have a friend do the sleeves for me and pass them on to you soon!! Cheers, Mark Lame

"Amanda Carroll" | Sept 2003
Hi again Punk Daddy, Here's another Brighton act to possibly add to the archives... 
THE AMMMONITES: A fab pop/ska outfit who first appeared on the ATTRIX "Vaultage 80" LP with the track 'Blue Lagoon' at which time the line-up consisted of: Colin Smith (bass), Stefan Tyluas (vox), Nick Stewart (guitar), Steve Kelly (sax), Mike Roberts (guitar), and Dave Doleval (drums). In 1981 they also had a double A-side 7" issued: "Big Eaters" b/w "Dressed To Kill" on RED RAT (#RRR 402) by which time they had a new drummer (Chris Pristley)
P.S. I know this is mainly an ATTRIX based archive, but If you're willing to add a page for these guys (and The Same, which I previously sent some info on) I'll get a couple of sleeve scans to you to go along with the info, just let me know.
Also I wanted to ask... as I previously mentioned, I currently host a radio show at University (near Seattle WA. in the N.W. USA) dedicated to UK punk/pop/new wave/ska c.77-84 and I was really bummed to not win the "Brighton Bollocks" CD as it would be extremely useful to me in putting together an all Brighton show (which I have been wanting to do for a few years now). If there's any way you could find it in your heart to let me have a copy it would be very much appreciated!!! In return i'd be more than happy to send you a recorded copy of the show when I get around to airing it (likely around Christmas since I still have lot's of vinyl I need to pick up and research to do, which your site has been very helpful with!)....If not I totally understand...Cheers, MARK LAME

"peter remington" | Sept 2003
To fill in the gap in Nick Jones's Tom Hark Trivia: ELIAS and his Zig Zag Jive Flutes was the band. Purely instrumental, of course. Released, I seem to remember (!) on a Columbia 78 - at least that's what my dad told me. Pete "Anorak" Remington

"Claire Bolton" | Sept 2003
Hi - found email address on internet when searching for 'The Vandells' - my friend and I used to know the band way back in 79 and would love to get in touch with any of them especially Marcus. If you can help please email me at : Cheers.

"Kate @ Fresh" <> Sept 2003
Hi - I dont know if you can help me but I am emailing from a casting agency in Brighton. We are looking for a male punk (preferably with Mohican / died hair etc) to be cast in a role of a pop video that will be shooting in Brighton next week. If you can think of anyone I will need to see them or a photograph asap to put them forward for the job. Many thanks, Kate Merrin, Fresh Agents, Whitepoint Studios, Hove Business Centre, Fonthill Road, Brighton & Hove, BN3 6HA
Tel: 01273 711 777 Fax: 01273 711 778 Mbl: 07714 67 22 33

"Doug Potter" | August 2003 ONE-OFF CD COMPETITION WINNER
greetings punkdaddy - I'm overwhelmed! The only thing I ever won before was a plastic wallet for not coming first in an Eagle comic competition. Of course I now feel really guilty about all the people I have stopped from owning this rare winning.Ho hum. Perhaps I could do a review of the CD for Punkbrighton to let people know just how fantastic it is - especially the track from the Dodgems' Lost Tapes - "My First Divorce". Now that I'm famous perhaps my ex-Dodgem chum Gary will get in touch. Cheers, Doug

David Reid | August 2003
Of all the songs I remember listening to under the duvet when I should have been asleep this is the one that although I have only heard it a couple of times it really sticks in my brain and I'd love to get a recording of the song. Can you help? Cheers, David August 2003
Click Here: <A HREF=
Vox Puella - Helen McCookerybook
She's doing a show in Edinburgh. In today's Guardian: 'In a bumper Fringe year, with sales up nearly a quarter on last August's record million, spare a thought for Helen Reddington, the only performer yet to sell a seat for her show. Maybe it's because the name Voxpop Puella doesn't exactly scream See Me! But the one-time member of the punk band Joby and the Hooligans isn't fazed, having once played in a full-cast pantomime version of Titus Andronicus to a grand total of two nuns and a reviewer from the Scotsman. If the worst comes the worst, Reddington has promised to let her daughters take the stage with her in the Holyrood Tavern'. Pete | August 2003
Punk.daddy, I recently posted this question on a message board and received one reply. Do you know how I can contact the band for the sax players name? It is for my next book. Thanks.

1980 "Tom Hark" by the Piranhas was #6 and has a tenor solo/riff throughout. 1986  "Hello Darling" by Tippa Irie was #22 and had a tenor solo in the middle. Thanks, John L

Subject: Re: UK Top 40-Anyone know the name of the sax player?
From: "Nick"
I believe The Piranhas' saxophonist went by the name of Zoot Alors. This may not be what his mother called him. The Piranhas were from Brighton, UK - check out for info and contacts.

Some trivia:. Tom Hark is a remake of a 1950s township jive (kwela) record by '[someone] and his zig zag jive flutes', also recorded by the Ted Heath Orchestra! I believe The Piranhas version is popular with soccer fans at Burnley FC and Sheffield United.  Try a google search! Best, Nick Jones

"peter remington" | August 2003
Wonderful site! Not only does it give a unique view of Brighton's place in punk history, but it helps me fill in quite a few gaps in my own. Arriving in Brighton in 1981, and becoming involved in the cultural scene through the now defunct Brighton Film and Video Workshop, I inevitably ran into quite a number of people who'd been involved in the heyday of Brighton punk. Imagine my sense of frustration at their continual references back to people I didn't know, bands I hadn't heard, gigs I hadn't attended. Now all is revealed. In fact the site provided a few surprises for me - the names of some people who I hadn't even known were at all involved in the punk movement of the 70s. A lot of the people featured in the site were of course still involved in creative activity - in the widest sense of the term - in the 80s and beyond, and it's good that some of the contributors have provided updates. But there's plenty of things still left to explore - particularly since people of my own "Brighton generation" are only too aware of how many later developments - both local and international - followed on from the kick-start of Brighton punk. Someone with the resources and local knowledge needs to start another website to continue the story. I'd be happy to contribute, but it's a bit difficult to get this going myself from my base in Cyprus.
Finally, I was saddened to hear of the death of Rick Blair. I was never a close friend, but I did jam with him and the ubiquitous Phil (almost) Perfect a couple of times in the 80s. Too many of my Brighton friends and acquaintances are now no longer with us. One small graunch: Come on Ijax - where are the photos? Where's the write up? Keep up the good work. Pete Remington

"jay.derrick" | August 2003
Mark Lame's info on the Parrots EP is correct, except that the name of the last song is Breaking Up New Ground.  The high point of my music career (apart from playing at the Alhambra to 1 person the night Talking Heads and Dire Straits were on at the Top Rank) was when Photography Song was played on John Peel!  Home Sweet Home has been selected by some mysterious process for the one-off comp CD Here's the Brighton Bollocks.  This song about washing-up was written by Nick Wells and Julia Darling, and was played on Radio Brighton (remember there was a slot for local music for a while?).  This was maybe the first time 'fuck' had been heard on the local station.  
Sadly, as many people involved in this site know, two of the Parrots died within the last few years - Rick Blair and Russ Greenwood.  They were fine musicians and great to hang out with. Shortly after releasing this EP, the Parrots transmuted into Vol Sec.  Russ left to join the Chefs, Brenda Robinson joined as vocalist and songwriter and Tom joined on trumpet.  Vol Sec released a tape in January 1981 called Game Over (illustrated on the Parrots page), which featured four tracks: State Education, Vasectomy, Love(sic), and Delusions of Romance.  Cheerful souls we were in those days. Anyone remember the night at the Art College when punters pulled the plug on the Fabulous Poodles for sexist lyrics?  That's something you don't see on MTV... Jay (ex Parrot)

"Simon Cheetham" <> August 2003
Hi from the Disco Students. We played many times in Brighton, check out our small site

(new one, will be online in a month or so). We list all our gigs - the band has reformed and we'll be playing again in the Autumn.

Simon Watson | July 2003
Stuart, I HATE being called Watto. So I'm not giving you the 100 Lemon Boys Beta badges I have in my loft, or the demos, or telling you what Steve from the Exclusives is doing, or indeed what I'm doing. So ner. Best regards, Simon Watson. P.S. I never liked the Chefs either.

Gary | July 2003
Dear Whoev
er, could you please tell me if the Vaultage 78 album was ever  released on CD, and if so, where could I find a copy? Thanks very  much  for your time, Gary Clarke. Ed's reply: Gary, there's a Vaultage compilation CD: the Vaultage Punk Collection on Anagram Records (a division of Cherry Red Records). This came out in 1997 to celebrate 20 years. You can write directly to them at: Cherry Red Records Ltd, Bishops Park House, 25-29 Fulham High Street, London SW6 3JH

Mick Mercer | July 2003
Hello, loved your site, which brought back weird memories of the Vaultage albums and some of the bands. One band I noticed missing was The Molesters (or Molestors?) who I thought were brilliant, and did two singles on Small Wonder. Any chance of putting something about them on the site? Cheers!

Mick Mercer | July 2003
Hello, following on from my Molestors enquiry, I also noticed Wrist Action mentioned. I once rented a flat in London from David Van Day! He had a Wrist Action tape, as I disoveredas I almost got evicted because of some mortgage thing which had nothing to do with me. He agreed I could flog anything I found in his lockup in the basement. Not much there as the record collection was in shocking condition, but there was a Wrist Action tape. Maybe he was planning to manage them? It wouldn't have surprised me. Cheers! Mick

Mark Lame | July 2003
Hello, cheers for the great site! I host a radio show at University dedicated to c.76-84 UK punk/pop/ska and am always looking for more insight into the history of the many great bands from that era. I was well pleased when a fellow fan and collector turned me on to your site. Most of the Brighton bands I know of were on the Attrix label and therefore are included here and thanks much for adding the Numbers! Here's another band that might be worth adding:  The Same - "Movements" / "Wild About You" (80 - Wessex, reissued on Blueprint with the sides flipped).. This band were apparently from Worthing and unfortunatly I don't know anything else about them, but it's a great Mod/Ska single! There was also a band on the "Uppers On The South Downs" LP with this name from Bexhill/Eastborne... maybe someone can finally clear up the confusion as to whether there was any relation between these combo's?? It's widely believed they're not, but it's always possible a member moved and opted to use the name when issuing some new recodings... (hey, it confused people over the two Liverpool / Wales Spitfire Boys 7"s for years before it was finally revealed by guitarist Dave Litter that this was exactly what happened it that case!)... I also wanted to mention/ask about the PARROT'S EP... It's not listed in their section, but I believe they did do one??? Parrots - 'Parrots' 12"/EP (1980 - Desert Island Disques: Par-1) Photography Song / Home Sweet Home / Serious Thing / Breaking Up Now Song. Line-up for this EP was(?): Rick Blair (vox/gtr) Colin Murry (bs) Jay Derrick (kbrds) Russ Greenwood (drms) Nick Wells (gtr). Hope this was helpful and keep up the good work! Cheers, Mark Lame

Mark Lame | re: The SAME | July 2003
I'm glad my info was of some interest/help to you and sorry, but I don't have any pictures... however... If you go here: and click on the 'S' in the alphabetized sidebar on the left you'll find a listing for the SAME and their "Wild About You"/"Movments" 7"... click on PS to see the sleeve... You can email him to ask about using that pic. on your site and i'm sure he'll be more than happy to let you and I'm also sure he'll want to add your site to his links page! Maybe worth mentioning... the P/S shown there is the band photo version for the 2nd press of the 7" (on Blueprint)... and the locale & band line-up he's listed is for the Bexhill based SAME who appeared on the "Uppers On The South Downs" LP, but he's added Steve Rose... S. Rose is actually the writer credited for the Worthing based SAME's "Wild About You" 7" and as far as I know this was a 3 piece (which the sleeve shows to be true?). So either this was(?) the same band and they moved and gained/lost a member or he's made a mistake by believing they're the same band, which is maybe more likely as I've found more than a few errors of that kind in his listings... Confusing eh? Cheers, Mark Lame

Blotto | Re: Kemptown Rockers and smelly socks | June 2003
My God! I can’t believe that Marcus Myers remembers my extremely brief involvement with the Kemptown Rockers. In fact, I was never a member of the band, I only rehearsed with Marcus, Ogs and Sago down the Vault once or twice. This was in Janaury 1979, I think. I’d just been booted out of Nicky and the Dots for trashing a students’ union office at the University College of London (December 2 1978, how do I remember this stuff?) after a gig we did there. I particularly recall throwing the telephone out of the window. So, I had to find another band to keep me in the public eye - you know how we rock stars are. I considered the Kemptown Rockers, but, in the end, I plumbed for Peter and the Test Tube Babies, whose bassist Chris “Trapper’ Marchant had just left to replace me in the Dots. Which brings me to the e-mail from Walnut, brother of Test Tube Babies guitarist Derek Greening, which appeared back in January. It was so nice of you, Walnut, to praise my bass playing that I’ll forgive your less flattering references to my allegedly smelly socks and tramp-like appearance when leaving the Greening home the morning after a heavy night. It was also very nice of you to say that I’d still fit if I wanted to rejoin the band, but I don’t think that my liver could stand it any more. Still, if a vacany came up, I might consider it.

<newtandcucumber | Re: Hidden From History | June 2003
Yet again the Brighton Punk mafiosi have excluded the bands that didn't fit. Where are the Molesters, shamefully ignored by Brighton in their prime and yet again, history repeats itself. Likewise Better Looking from Worthing, at least as punk as Nicky and the Dots. Johnny and the Lubes- punk at its best, nothing , ditto the Executives. No mention of the Attrix bands' gigs at the Assembley Hall in Worthing convieniently forgotten. The Moondogs, Beach Fleas, Laughing Gass, Teaser, Sunshine Boys- where are they now? No mention of the legendary sly132, the first tagger I'd ever heard of. The Cissbury Free Festival, Brighton Free Festivals - I don't quite get it how all the premier punx now admit to the hippy influence. I don't have the answers only the questions. Re: Punk Bands | June 2003
Hey, check out my band and let me know if you like us

"Joe Clay" | Re: The Piranhas | June 2003
Hi, I've been trying to licence 'Tom Hark' by The Piranhas for a compilation album we're doing and am having very little success in tracking any label down that can claim ownership of the track. Can you help at all? Any contacts or new leads would be gratefully received. Best regards, Joe Clay.

"vincegeddes" <> | June 2003
Stuart, How dare you call me avuncular, I don't know what it means. Vince.

"Doug Potter" | Re: Lucan Live! June 2003
Punkbrighton continues from strength to strength. I thought you might be interested in using this news item from Black Box Recorder's web site at One Little Indian record label on the site. BBR first issued their recording of 'Lord Lucan is Missing' on the USA version of their CD 'England Made Me' in 1999, and also as the b-side of a 7" single on Chrysalis. They also put it on their CD 'Worst of Black Box Recordrer' released in 2001. As you will see, BBR are releasing a recently recorded live version of 'Lucan'  on a CD single, together with 'The School Song' from their 'Passionoia' CD. The single is due out on One Little Indian at the end of the month (June). I met the band and saw them perform at the Cockpit in Leeds in March, and they recorded the single a day or so later at the Mean Fiddler, London. It's amazing that Vaultage '78 is still making waves, and I must say it was spooky to see and hear 'Lucan' performed 23 years on by a band other than the Dodgems!The BBR recording values do exceed those available in Paul Milo's front room, however the best recorded version of 'Lucan', for the John Peel Show, has rever been released (yet!) I can give more fax + info re: BBR recordings, if you want. Perhaps Punkbrighton surfers can contact their local radio stations and get 'Lucan' a few more radio plays.

Best wishes  Doug Potter  
p.s. Has Punkbrighton thought of doing a complete discography of bands from the Brighton scene? I think there could be a lot of interest in one.

"marcus myers" <> May 2003
Hi There, This is Marcus, the former lead singer of Midnight and the Lemon Boys and the Kemptown Rockers. I got told about this site by Bruce Maxwell Smith, a still good friend of mine who used to be in another Brighton band This Colour. I must say, my eyes got slightly misted up reading about all the different bands at that time, and remembering the faces and places. It all seems so long ago! I still have strong memories of drinking snakebite in the back bar of the Windsor, buying `Specky Blues` five for a quid, and pogoing to just about anybody at the Vault, Alhambra, Art College Basement etc etc. The Lemon Boys were formed in 78 by Nick Sayer(Sago) formerly of Fan Club with Ogs on drums, Chris Anderson on bass and me on vocals and rythm guitar. We did seem to get a bit of a buzz going and did a fair amount of touring supporting U2, The Photos and The Lambrettas to name a few. Unfortunately for us, we were never signed and so as far as I know, never actually commited anything to vinyl. However, our then manager Simon Watson (Watto) was known to be a bit of a hoarder and I`m pretty sure he has some kind of archive of photos, demos etc.
If you`re out there mate, please get in touch! Nick had a bad back injury in 1980, so for a year we carried on with the late Tony Maybury on guitar. I`ve only just found out about his death from this website. My memories of him are of a very sweet, quiet bloke who was very easy to be around, who always looked `cool`, played an equally  cool Rickenbacker guitar, and always seemed to have loads of birds after him. The band eventually ground to a halt early in 81. Ogs went off to be a full time drummer with the Test Tube Babies, and after a two year gap, Nick formed Transvision Vamp with Wendy James and made a few bob. I lost contact with Chris, so I`m not sure what he`s been up to. I moved to London and formed Brilliant with Youth, then another band called Hard Rain. I then played in the Test Tubes for three years as Marcus Mystery before joining Then Jerico for a while. After a few failed projects, I eventually started to do alot of session work doing guitar and vocals for various people such as Alishas Attic and Belinda Carlisle. A couple of years ago I moved to southern Spain with my wife. We now live in a small mountain pueblo but I`m still doing gigs in mad little places around Andalucia. If I do get my hands on any info or photos regarding the Lemon Boys or anybody else, I`ll try to forward them. I hope this has not been too  much of a waffle, and I`d just like to say hi to anyone who remembers me! Love Marcusxx
P.S. Am I right in thinking you were briefly in the Kemptow Rockers, Blotto? Or was I just pissed that afternoon!

andy pawlicki | May 2003
Re: The Puritans: I was wondering if anyone remembers seeing this band in 1977...They played in the basement a few times usually supporting other local bands. A three piece - with a singer called' Bowi' - a Scottish bloke on bass and a drummer - all seemingly influenced by the Lovers and Richard Hell. The only song I can remember (Ship was 20p a pint) had the hook "Marguerita, she's the queen of my soul" and was probably called 'Marguerita'.....sorry can't do better than that. Andy Pawlick

"Howard Shaw" | May 2003
Hi there. Great site which brings back a lot of good memories :)
I'm the Howard that is mentioned in the Fan Club piece who was part of KempTown Rockers. Before that I was in Urban Delights (awful name I know) which was formed in 77/78 by 5 students at Brighton Sixth form College - me (bass), Marcus Myers (lead guitar who went on to KempTown Rockers & Midight & the Lemon Boys), Bill Davies (vocals), Mark Pearson (rhythm guitar) & Andy Murden (drums) who had just left the Piranhas. We had a debut gig at the Vault on the same card as Smeggy & went onto a regular slot supporting the Piranhas at the Alhambra (via Andy's contacts with them) and occasionally Nicky & the Dots at the Richmond. We used to wear all black & white as I think the ska revival was just at that time although the music was more in the chirpy Piranhas style. After Urban Delights broke up, I was briefly in KempTown Rockers but left for Uni just before they found relative success as Midnight & the Lemon Boys. KempTown Rockers rehearsed in the Vault and Mark & Nick (who were also in the Plastix after Fan Club) actually lived down there for a while with all the gear. My best memories are Sunday nights at the Alhambra which was Piranhas night. The place would be absolutely heaving and had a great atmosphere. Regards & gl, Howard Shaw

SonicYovee | May 2003
I used to front a band called Standard Issue, we used to be one of the house support bands at the New Regent along with, Where's the W?, The Jungle and Tales from the Tube. Did some college gigs where the Piranhas used to come on and do Tom Hark and Zambize with us for the encores ...which was nice. We were a pretty shitty Jam/Clash ripoff but someone must remember us as we did about 75 gigs a year between 79-83. One of my favourite gigs was supporting the Hot Dogs (Sigue Sigue Sputnik) at the Alhambra. Mick Jones was with them and did our sound for us. Great night, only about 30 people and they came to see us! A huge lightning storm lit us from behind through the Alhambras' front windows and when we'd finished everyone fucked off to the Belvedere and left the Hot Dogs to play to an empty room. We played to an empty room ourselves at Toppers in East St as the promoter, Johnny Clarke, had forgotten to print any flyers, so he just scribbled on some beer mats half an hour before we were supposed to go on and handed them out to bemused passers by while chugging on cans of Special Brew. Good old JC. We actually had to hang him upside down and shake him to get some money the night we supported Brilliant at the Pavilion Theatre, we got £7.00. Fantastic website, I'll be back...Sparky xxx

Shirley Braha | May 2003
hey- I am soooooooo hot for the Chefs. I downloaded some of their stuff on Soulseek, and it is so good, I just might die!!!! Do you think there are any places I could find their records? If not, are they considering doing a rerelease? What are the members up to? Is her real name Helen McCookerybook? What similar bands from that scene would you recommend for a fan of the Chefs? Oh the questions!! love, Shirley

"Chris Nicholls" | April 2003
Anyone remember the Buzzcocks gig where it turned in to a riot and the audience dragged their gear off stage? Also, there was a nutty girl called Denise, sister of Buggesy, anyone remember them :-).Vandells were the best Brighton band followed by Smeggy, I seen em all. Remember the Sham 69 skins at the New Regent?

"mel" | April 2003
Hey, if you look like Brody Armstrong, can I have your number?

Weed | April 2003
Hi, Excellent to see the punkbrighton site online. I'm not sure whether it contains anything u don't know already (other than mistakes), but attached is an extract from records database which contains info on many/most of Attrix releases + associated which u may find of interest. Was stimulated to email u after seeing "in memory of Rick Blair" - presume he's dead? If so we'd be interested in brief details (date, cause of death etc) - if not, please pass on my regards. I knew Rick from Twickenham in the early 70's when we were squatting across the road from each other - and I knew Julie from her schooldays up in North Lincolnshire. Still have my copy of "Hard Times" (and a good record it is too) - even got down to Brighton to see the Piranhas - and that Chef's EP was always one of my favourites (there's not too many tracks around about STD... the only other that comes to mind from those days is the Drug Addix "Special Clinic" on Chiswick SW39. All good things, Weed

"bertrand.voisin2" <> April 2003
Hi, I'm a french student and I'd like to get some information on underground press in the 70's, like OZ, international times, Creem, Frendz, etc. I'd like to know what were the link between this press and the art student, if there are some, the press and the beginning of punk press. Were the journalists implicated in the popularity of punk movement? What about Sounds magazine? Did they influence Oi music? In which way? Can you please help a little bit? Thank your very much for your little help? Bertrand Voisin.

Jonathan Sussams | April 2003
I like the site very much. Mark Passi ought to be tracked down to make it perfect. Just to be picky, I'd have to ask, is he Marc or Mark? Even I don't know (I think Mark is the preferred spelling). There is also a reference in my bit to a picture of an article, which isn't linked to the article. Mind you, your site, as a whole is brilliant and so full of stuff that I cannot ask for more to be done in the name of Fan Club, a band which I think you will have to agree was the best in Brighton for the first half of 1979.

"Asher Rogers" | March 2003
In the best emails section, someone mentioned Smeggy and The Cheesy Bits, I'm wondering if that was Smeg from King Kurt? Cheers, Asher 

A Byford | March 2003
Stroke of genius that - having a photo of the busted Brighton Pier as it stands today, against the "premonition" on the final (or even Vinyl) Vaultage chapter some 23 years previous....Alex

Gary Turner | March 2003
Hi, spotty little friends of mine. It's Gary Turner, Dodgems lead vocals and bass. I started the Dodgems in 1978. We actually began as Jet-Slag with Doug Potter (guitar and vocals), Charlie Zuber (drums) and Dave Owen (lead guitar and vocals). I was bass and vocals. Dave, it turned out, was more in to west coast American stuff, so the Dodgems were born as a three-piece, Doug and I wrote our own material and I became lead vocals. We advertised in the argus for a keyboard player and happily met Paul. The rest you know, except about 1990 I discovered we were a cult in New-York, I was mega suprised. It was great recording with Chas Charles (Blockheads), but a band is a band and losing Charlie Zuba was the end for the Dodgems. The Pirahnas finished about the same time, so I joined Bob Grover (Boring Bob) in recreating the Pirahnas. The new line up was Bob (guitar and vocals), me on bass, Mike Roberts (guitar), Dominic Dring (Sax), Jeff Ansell (drums), Colin Spicer (keyboards) Mike Lance (percussion for a while). We gigged around for a few years and then got allergic to Penicillin'. Bob is now into building web sites. I'm making digital art, my web-site is . Mike Roberts is sound-engineer for Luke Creswell (Stomp) and ex-Pookysnak'n'burger, along with Paul and Johnny from the Pirahnas and Nick Dwyer of Nicky and the Dots. Jeff is still drumming and driving taxis. I don't know what Dom or Colin are doing but Mike Lance is opening a bar in spain. Life moves on! I wonder if anyone knows what happened to our great fan SNIKS'!? Gary
P.S It has to be said I'm not punk daddy anymore. I'm punk Granddaddy! more pics following

Raalharris |March 2003
Gadzooks!! Just read the latest edition. Re the Pier -oddly prophetic indeed.
totally agree with the sentiments expressed by the punkdaddy. Shocking events if you ask me, this town's going down the tubes thanks to this bunch of pound chasers. Damn their eyes!!!

Melanie Swails | February 2003
Great days, I was a student in Hastings and saw a few of the Brighton bands there (Piranhas, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, the Dodgems) and we used to have a laugh when we came over to Brighton. It was where it was all happening. Is it still the same now?

Chris | February 2003
I remember Midnight and the Lemon Boys, a good local band who should have got more recognition. Are you going to get them up on the site?
Ed's reply: We'd love to have the Lemon Boys on the site, does anyone have any info and/or photos of the band?
If so, email us.

Grant.Boult | February 2003
Fan Club were amazing. The singer was Dave McDonald and the drummer was Mark Hoggins, with Nick Sago on Guitar. Mark and Nick were then In Midnight and the Lemon Boys, who should have been massive and supported U2 on an early uk tour, and Bono sang a song of theirs, called Strange Drugs at Jenkinsons! And then Nick went on to Form Transvision Vamp! who were relatively succesful. Fan Club made a recording of a song called Moonbeam.

I have just seen your site and can fill a few info holes for you as I look through. I was in The Vitamins after Addison left, as everyone was at my school, I was a year younger. I had been in Chicane, the mod band, previously and you can see our name sprayed in the Vault where we rehearsed to the left of your picture of Pete Smith! I then started a band called The Techniques with Luke Creswell, now of Stomp fame, also Addison's brother. We supported Martha and the Muffins, The Beat and The Comsat Angels, all athe Top Rank suite. More to follow as I remember it. Best, GB

Howes Zachariades | January 2003
In early 1996 I was training to be a teacher, and spent my evenings listening to John Peel (something I'd been doing since I was 14 in 84 anyway). He played Bloody by a band I'd not come across, but I taped it anyway, and I've been humming it ever since. Lo and behold, bored one Saturday, seven years later, and I come across said masterpiece (and I discover, by the Golinski Brothers) on your fantastic website - amazing! Any chance of putting the wholesong on someday? Great stuff. Regards, Delboy.

Warren Greening | January 2003
Hi, my name is Walnut, Test Tube Babies roadie and brother of Del (guitarist). This is a message for Blotto: I remember when you joined the Test Tubes, you brought a lot to the band with your brilliant bass playing. The problem is our mother still moans about all the times you slept on her floor and stank the place out with your stinky socks and embarrassed her in front of the neighbours every time you left her house looking like a tramp,if you wanted to rejoin the band you would still fit in. Walnut

Joe F | January 2003
yeah guys, cool. this takes me back. I'm wondering about a lot of people. What are they, where are they, who are they? January 2003
Tom Hark may be being released for Sheffield United's Worthington Cup run.  It is played when we score a goal so it is going on sale at Sheffield United Superstore, Bramall Lane, Sheffield on 23rd Jan 2003 and if it does well may be released nationwide after that.

Simon Potter | January 2003
Enjoyed v v v much reading about the good days, got my first Soft Boys album from you and read Situation Butane. Did some work with the same and always enjoyed the Chefs. All the best, Simon Potter. PS any news on any of the Piranhas?

Pablo | January 2003
Good to see you is now even better. How many Brighton Punks now live around the world? The freedom which we all celebrated has never left us. Thought and Passion. Humour and socialist values. Exploration and high energy. These elements are the fundamental ethos underpinning our lives. George is the Anti Punk. The system will collapse. Every individual has real value.

Wwesthamer | January 2003
just found your site. Have been is USA for 15 years and have great memories of Brighton. I remember when we smashed open the coffin in the vault. I think shit legs was there too. Remember him? Skinheads?

Lisa | January 2003
Sperm ov doom were the best punk band ever to come out of this town, I hope they play again, their gigs were the best shows I've ever been to, they really kicked ass.

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