About the Objeks/New Objeks

Paul • guitar
Dawn • vocals, synth
Kate • vocals
Dave Roughton • bass
Heather • drums
Sue Bradley • violin
Piers • guitar

email from Dawn:
Found your site really late the other night because I am 50 next year and have started to look people up. I remember seeing so many bands and sometimes mixing the bands up and doing gigs like one night when some of us (the Objeks) and Nicky and the Dots got together at the Alhambra. It was also a great time to see visiting bands and sometimes supporting them - bands like the Raincoats, the Au Pairs, Poison Girls and Crass. I was in the Objeks, and the New Objeks.

The Objeks were originally called Vulva Vegan and her Objeks (to cover a lot of our political interests at the time) which consited of Dave (bass) Paul (lead guitar) Heather (drums) Stella (vocals and guitar) me (Dawn) and Kate (vocals). The attached shots are of a gig we did in the Art College basement one night. Kate's not in these shots. Everyone wrote stuff - lyrics,

music. A lot of political actions as well - Troops Out Now, Anti-Corrie bill march, anti-Prevention of Terrorism Act march, Reclaim The Night stuff and arranging benefit gigs for whole days at places like the Resources Centre where a lot of bands used to practice down in the Vault sharing arches and sometimes amps and mikes.

Paul, Dave, Kate, Heather - it would be good to get in touch. Stella, I haven't lost your number from the bicycle moment - is it still the same? Helen McCookerybook, are you still in Camberwell?

I'm really sorry to hear about Russ, he was a great drummer and good mate in the Brighton days. Jay Derrick is that you? We became the New Objeks later on with Sue from the Reward System playing violin. We recorded Two Boys Talking with her and Piers on guitar - Paul had left Brighton by then. Piers did a lot of cool artwork for Concorde gigs.

Attached is the artwork for the Objeks first recording which we did on cassette and used photocopied covers and stamped labels. It was called 6 Minutes and was about the idea of impending nuclear catastrophe - Reagan had nearly pushed the button - hence the title 6

Minutes. It had a memorable bass line - thanks Dave - and scratchy guitar riffs from Paul aka Gang of Four stylee. I had two secondhand mens' macs. One had 'anti-artist on holiday' sprayed on the back and the other "Public Image you got what you wanted'.

I screen printed extra leopard spots on my flourescent pink sleeveless t-shirt that I wore with my straight lime green trousers from Nasty and black Dr Marten boots. Bren used to cut my hair so it stood up brushlike at the front and I dyed it a reddy orange. I remember a great jumper that I got given as a present from this cool woman who made crochet work with metal chains built in. I kept it for years.

Objeks mp3's can be found on the jukebox

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Objeks/New Objeks scrapbook

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More about the Objeks/New Objeks

Sue Bradley | New Objeks | August 2009
Hi punk daddy. I played the violin on the ‘2 Boys Talking’ track which you have credited on the jukebox to ‘The Objeks’ but I think we were the‘New Objeks’ by then. An important distinction! Sue Bradley

David Roughton | April 2008
Hi, I was the bass player in the Objeks and New Objeks - and we did a recording of 2 songs when we turned into the New Objeks – I came across a cassette of these songs and have converted to mp3. The quality is a bit naff as it was not a master tape but a copy on cassette tape (seems like years ago – jeez it was years ago!) Please add them to your excellent web site: ‘Two boys talking’ and ‘Watch Television’. 

I also have the artwork for the cassette which I will scan and send later. One day I will find the time to send some of the photos I took when

doing the Brighton bands calendar – if I can find the negatives. x. Dawn: I have the wavs as well if you want them – I’m sure they can be improved. Best wishes, David

Kate sent this in with some photos
My recollection of the Objeks was that we were basically gigging for benefits.. No one ever made a penny which is why the Resources Centre was so essential for sharing resources with other bands.

Three of us were at art school (Dawn, Paul and  Kate) three were not (Heather, Dave and Stella.) Those of us at art school were all making political art ..our  activities very much reacting to what was happening with local politics..eg the art school and the student union..then there were the issues that were going on regarding the tories and the local fascists, the BNP and the NF, and many of us

joined in demos locally and in London. Dawn's list is pretty accurate and also impressive. I can't remember that much detail..it was all an angst blur peppered with a lot of essential humour. Kate

Objeks mp3's can be found on the jukebox

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