About Wrist Action

Tommy Maltby • vocals
Dave Turvey • bass
(later in Vitamins)
Mark Passi • drums
(later in Fan Club)
Pete Dimitri Smith • guitar
(later in Fan Club)
Tony Payne • original bass

Roderick Johnson
What no Wrist Action on your website? Here's a history of Wrist Action as written by Mark Passi, their drummer who is now living in Italy.

I hope you add it to your website as I am sure there are many people that have great memories of seeing them at the Bucaneer, Alhambra and even at the (Top Rank) Suite. I will have to see if I can find the photos I took of them at some of their concerts and send them to you.

Here's Mark's history:
Founded by Passi and Payne in November 1976 after hearing Anarchy in The UK for the first time. At the time they were playing in a funk band trio with Bob Grover called Tempus Fugit.

The band quickly went from playing a debut at a youth club in Hangleton in March 77 to headlining Brighton Art College main hall in April 77.

They organised and played the Fuck The Jubilee gig with the Piranhas. By the end of the year they were being featured in a 'punk' rock documentary based in Brighton with the Molesters, shown on Southern TV in 1978.

During the documentary they were filmed being offered a recording contract by Lightning Records after a gig at the Buccaneer. They later found out that there were conditions attached, such as: they had to cover songs taken from an Elvis Costello demo. Needless to say, they turned it down and soon after the band split in December 1977.

Their sound was a mix between Dr. Feelgood and the Damned. Some song titles : Get Yourself Some Wrist Action, You Make Me Puke, West Worthing, Looking For A Victim.

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Wrist Action scrapbook

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