About Slaves of Janet

Ken Lailey • Vox,guitar
Roger Davenport  • Bass
Simon Goddard • Lead guitar
John Spot • Drums

Ken Lailey | December 2008
Hi Phil...Congrats on your site.This period in music mid to late 70's early 80's was certainly a unique time. We were inspired like so many others in Brighton to have a go at being in a band. Here's a brief history of the Slaves. Simon Blitz (Goddard) and myself had been in Jonnie and the Lubes.

When that split I'd been hanging out with Roger Davenport brilliant bass player with the Executives. The SOJ name came from the title of an old paperback about Bondage courtesy of friend Paul Potts.

Slaves V1, Ken Lailey vox, guitar; Roger Davenport bass; Simon Goddard lead guitar; John Spot drums
Slaves V2, Simon leaves, Bob Brown (Bedford) replaces him on guitar
Slaves V3, Simon returns on keys, guitar
Slaves V4, John Spot leaves, Tin Tin (Liverpool) replaces him on drums
Slaves V5, Roger leaves and I play bass

We played in Brighton and London (101 Club, Greyhound) and recorded in Seaford, Swindon and at Suchart's Wilbury Grove Studio in Brighton. Suchart was ex-guitarist with Joe Cool & the Killers.

I later recorded with him as EurasionTea (early drum machine and midi tinkering) The Slaves were sometimes joined by M Visu, a Jazz dancing duet (Lesley Anne Hughes and Janet Lailey (ex Lubes saxist)).

They appear on the Slaves video 'Problem Child'. When confronted with this liason we did the only safe thing. We built a cage on set where they could gyrate body parts without taking somebody's eye out. They were of course lovely and still are.

I still make music with Simon Goddard who coincidentally does live in Cape Town S.A. The photos of a sound check by Mr.Cheesybits (thank you Sir) are of us (V4 I think) but I don't remember the gig. The 'other' Slaves of Janet (photos, personnel and write-up) are a mystery to me. Thanks again for PunkBrighton. Ken Lailey

Simon Goddard | December 2008
It's so weird that there would be two Slaves knocking around at the same time and even stranger that they are from South Africa where I now live. I've asked Ken to write something. Great site Phil! Simon

Simon Goddard | December 2008
Dear P Daddy. Thanks for the Slaves of Janet stuff on your brilliant site. The photos from Mr Cheesybits is great. The front write up is talking about some Slave of Janet in East London South Africa, very strange – not us at all. Can I send you a new front bio? Thanks, Simon

Dave Cheesybits | Sept 2008
Dear P Daddy - Since you have gone to the trouble of setting up a Slaves of Janet page Ithought I should go to the trouble of scanning an old film I took of them playing at the Court Hope Community Centre in 1981.

As usual feel free to help yourself to any photos you want to use on your site.
Dave Cheesybits (House of Cheese™)
click here for more SOJ photos

Hairbrain | July 2008
Can't believe this website! Slaves of Janet at the Richmond with the Lillettes I think it was. Maybe it was somewhere else. I was there (wherever it was) but I cant remember anything else! Do I get a prize? HB

Slaves of Janet mp3's can be found on the punkbrighton jukebox

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Slaves of Janet scrapbook - thanks to Dave Cheesybits

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