About the Executives

Johnny Morris • guitar, vocals
Tony Wiseman • drums
Roger Davenport • bass
Pete Beeson • guitar, vocals
Paddy Fields • keyboards

The Executives formed and first gigged in early 1978. And their music is generally fast/loud/danceable but ultimately very varied.
The band came into being mainly through Johnny's songs, and his songs tend to dominate. Though songs are also written by Pete and Paddy and are arranged by the whole band.

The Executives have been compared to the Stranglers. "The only reason I can see for that s

poor statement is that the group have keyboards, but a they are entirely different and both groups use them to seperate endings. Any comparison is very weak."

Executives' politics come through in the lyrics of many of their songs and are anarchic/pacifist/keep your mind open at all times. "We don't understand why it's so hard for us to get gigs in London. Whenever any executive sees bands in London hae gets a headache."

The bands' first record release was an excellent debut. It was released with Jonny & the Lubes the two bands sharing a side each. The single, Shy Little Girl b/w Never Go Home, sold out.

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