About Attrix

Chris Towsey • drums
Mark Duxbury • bass, vocals
Rick Blair • vocals, guitar, keyboard

Attrix were one of the earliest experimental bands around at the time of the punk revolution.

Reminiscent of early Velvet Underground, Rick's guitar and vocals had a distinctive edge and his songwriting was genuine and heartfelt, as was the man who sadly passed away in May of 1999 at the tender age of 52.

He is sorely missed by those who knew and loved him. Attrix went on to form the Parrots who are featured on the Vaultage 78 album and Vol Sec. This was after Rick and Julie Blair had set up Attrix Records, the Attrix shop in Sydney Street . The rest is Brighton history.

Mike Majendie | January 2009
Hi, my name is Mike Majendie and I played in various bands and wrote songs with Rick from the late eighties through to his death in 1999.

We had just finished recording a CD of songs when he died. I was wondering whether anything might be planned to mark the 10th anniversary of his passing. I'm up for helping!! Regards, Mike.

Rick Blair started a lot of balls rolling for a lot of bands with his band's first single on his own Attrix label. Note the use of a John Bull Printing Outfit! That's punk, innit?

Sam Blair | February 2009
Hi Punk Brighton, Sam Blair here, Rick's second oldest son. It was lovely to read Mike Majendie's email about dadâ's 10 year anniversary coming up. I'd really love to get involved, and think a gig would be the perfect way to mark the occasion.

I'd be up for doing a couple of covers of some of dad's songs, perhaps one or two of the acoustic stuff from the late seventies. I can't believe how quickly the last ten years have gone - dad is missed as much now as he ever was, so lets give him a ten year bash to remember. Kind regards, Sam

punkdaddy writes:
It'll also be 10 years since the launch of punkbrighton.

I have a vague notion of doing some kind of exhibition or show to commerate it, maybe we could merge the two. I'll get back to you.

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