Dick Damage R.I.P. 13 January 2011

Very sad to announce the death of Dick Damage, one of Brighton punk's most distinctive characters, who lost his battle with cancer on Thursday 13th January 2011.

Dick had been ill for a while but this still came as a terrible shock to all those who knew and loved him. His funeral was held on Friday 4th February 2011 and was attended by many friends and family.

The wake was held at the old Whitehawk Inn where Dick's life was celebrated with stories, a slideshow, photos, his music, paintings and mementos.

If you want to send messages of condolence to Dick's widow Mary and family, email us and enter 'Damage' in the subject line and I'll post them on this page.

Many thanks to all the staff at the Whitehawk Inn who did a really great job in making everyone feel at home. And thanks to all those who bought a copy of Dick Damage & punkdaddy's CD, TSDS, making generous donations to the Young People's Centre in Ship Street.

Tell me more about DDTee Diamond Jubilee Tee Shirts

As a tribute to my old pal and bandmate Dick Damage, I wanted to celebrate the jubilee by getting some of his words and images down on some Tee shirts.

Dick would have loved to have been around for the jubilee, He'd have really enjoyed the mass hysteria and street parties with his old friend and soulmate Tony Rebel Green.

I'd also like to thank Tony Rebel Green and Ru and Val for their continued support and friendship. God save the Queen!

These shirts can also be purchased at
The Market Place shop in the Lanes
7-8 Meeting House Lane, BN1 1HB

T-shirt text is an extract from the song Mental Rebellion (words by DD, music by punkdaddy ©2007):

"...the Queen was washing in her bathroom
looking out the window at the Thames Barrier
I was thinking if you had icebergs
you could just slide them in and out of the space
so the queen could just float down the river
the icebergs could be slithered out of the way
so she could just slide along the river
seeing where she could go
into the Houses of Parliament
and slip through the back door
into where she belongs..."
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tony Rebel Green, and Ru and Val for their continued support and friendship. God save the Queen!

Tell me more about DDTee Diamond Jubilee Tee Shirts

Dick Damage & punkdaddy CD: TSDS
13 tracks penned by DD&PD recorded in 2007
re-mixed in 2011

To purchase TSDS, email us, type TSDS in the subject line and make a donation to the Young People's Centre

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Thanks everyone for all the lovely messages about Dick. it's really nice to hear all the great things people are saying about him. His funeral was at Woodvale north chapel on Friday 4th February 2011 and afterwards a celebration of Dick's life at The Whitehawk Inn. If anyone wants to say anything about Dick they can do so here. Thanks, Mary (Mrs Dick Damage)

David Jones | Dick Damage | March 2012
Hello from Germany, it's March 2012 and I only just heard about Dick's passing which came as a real shock.  Only this morning I was humming one of his songs
- "oh boy you're a loser" which I have loved for decades now. 
Please accept my belated heartfelt condolences - I knew Dick as a very sweet, clever, creative and warm person, and although my other band - the Prime Cuts - were the best thing to come out of Brighton that decade, Dick was a far better lyricist and performer than I am.  I even name-checked his song "purple people" in a song I wrote and performed some years later.  
I had the privilege to spend some time as second vocalist in the bands Dick Damage and the Imitators (with among others the amazing Rob and Paul as co-members) and later Dick Damage and the Dilemma.  We often played the Alhambra, but also Lewes, Crawley, and a few other places I now forget.

My name in the band was Dave Extra, and it was the most amazing experience to perform with this legendary guy. Dick was Punk in Brighton -  and although I have spent the last twenty five years here in Bremen, Germany I still think about him.

ome of you will remember the final gig at the Alhambra as Dick Damage and the Dilemma in which Dick announced the “death” of Dick Damage – obviously planning to continue his musical career in another guise.

He gave the performance of his life that night, and of course something that good just can’t die:  Dick Damage did of course return to perform and record more great music,  and while I am incredibly sad that he is no longer with us, I know that his energy creativity and the wonderful way he treated people will continue to be a source of inspiration for so many of us who were lucky enough to know him. Thinking of you my friend.
Dave Extra    a.k.a  David Jones  

PS:   it just occurred to me that "oh boy you're a loser" was one of the tracks we laid down in the studio (as Dick Damage and the Dilemma).  The studio version was fantastic and  contained a "Day-o" chorus and a remarkable guitar performance. It would be a great tribute to Dick to get that version online - or as a Youtube video with pictures of Dick in action. Does anyone know where that great recording ended up? 

Andy Baha | March 2011
It is with great sadness that I learn of the passing of Dick Damage. I never knew him back in the day, but I got to know him very well in the late 80's when I had a greengrocer's shop in Sutherland Road. His appearance could seem strange at first glance with his chains and badges, and he always looked like he was carrying the world around in an array of carrier bags. But he ambled into my shop one day and continued to do so, for a chat, on an almost daily basis for a couple of years. When you got to know him he was polite and articulate and always had a view on the issues of the day. I next came across him when my then job took me to Newhaven Fort one day. Dick came to greet me and his dog bit me. When I pointed this out he said ‘Yes, he/she does that sometimes’ in his laid back manner. My Mum lives at the bottom of Whitehawk Road and she’d see him quite regularly, until recently, still carrying the world in his carrier bags. RIP Dick.

Johnny Denis | March 2011
Hi just to say I'm sorry to hear that Dick has died. I knew him from playing in the Survivors and once met him on a bus a decade later. Best wishes to all his friends and family. Johnny Denis (ex DD & the Survivors, Blazing Innocence/The Cornets, Ed Shuffle and Chaos)

Gary Gilmore | March 2011
I've just gone on to your site for the first time, and to my shock found out about the passing of Dick Damage. My name is Gary Gilmore, i was around Brighton in the late 70s, with the growing punk crowd. I moved into a bedsit, only a few streets away from Dick when he lived off Springfield Road. I visited Dick many times, in his bedsit/room, and we would often share our love of music, and talk long into the morning. He was a kind and at times a shy person, and he was a great friend to me at the time. On stage at places like the Alhambra or the Basement, he would be full of the punk energy which made him what he was, a local cult figure. Thanks for the music and good times Dick, Gonna miss you. Gary

Paul Roach | March 2011
Knew Dick when he lived in Brighton. Interesting and very amusing bloke. He came back to my place in Hove once for a beer. Friend of a friend. Remember excellent song re 'picking nose', which I still hum occasionally. Saw him play The Alhambra - I believe. God, it's a long time ago. Great live act. Really sorry to hear of his passing. Paul Roach AKA Swergis

Simon Woolven | 18 Feb 2011
I am shocked and truly saddened to hear that Dick has gone, he was such a nice guy, who sometimes had to contend with people crossing the road, because they didn’t like the look of him , which at times, I think hurt him even more. He was so gentle and funny, in fact a few of us occasionally walked him home at night, so that he could avoid the Hastings crew. He was Silly, Mad, Crazy, Funny, Over the top, but above all, he was a Nice and very talented Man. What stopped him exploding into the big time? Who knows, but it certainly wasn’t lack of talent! You will be missed by so many people!

Nick Byford 18 Feb 2011|
I’d be really grateful if you would post this. I never met Mary, but I would like to offer my condolences as until today, I had no idea Dick wasn’t well, let alone that he’d passed. I suppose that’s what happens when you move away and lose contact. Anyway, here’s my tuppence worth…I was shocked and stunned at the news that Dick had passed away. I would like to offer my condolences to his wife and family. Although I knew him from the days of the Richmond et al, we became better acquainted during the early to mid eighties. Sadly our lives went in different directions thereafter, but I will treasure those memories I have of him. As Paul Bonham has already said, he was a truly fantastic bloke, a friend to many - especially me. I will miss him.

Kim | 11 Feb 2011
Hi there. Have you heard the sad news that Dick Damage died recently of cancer? Only the same age as me & you (I'm guessing).
cheers, Kim - Deptford Bike Dolly - except you couldn't believe it when you met me a few years ago!

Rosie Barnard | 7 Feb 2011
I never knew Dick personally, but he was always a face in the crowd in punk scene days. Still it is another talented person gone too soon. My heart is with Dick's family and friends. May he rest in peace. Thinking of you all, love and sympathy from Rosie Barnard.

Paul Bonham | 4 Feb 2011
Very saddened by the news of Dick Damage.  I remember him as being a lovely bloke. He will be very much missed. Paul.

Jonnie Condom | 21 Jan 2011
In a time when everyone strived to be individual along came Dick Damage. To stand out in the Brighton crowd back then was difficult but he achieved it with ease. For me personally there are a couple of unique moments that always remind me of him; an old photo of the two of us on the seafront, before we were both in bands, where we are not the most bizarre thing in the picture - and Damage & Co supporting us on our first headline gig. He will be sadly missed but not forgotten. Jonnie

Ian Smith | 19 Jan 2011
Lamenting the popping off of Mr. Damage, an inspiration and a pleasure to gig with. He helped bend all expectations of what was and wasn’t cool, doing things his own way, and his mere presence on the scene encouraged all of us more theatrical types to let rip too. (And he was really ****ing funny). Bye for now, Ian Smith (Birds with Ears)

Helen McCookerybook | 19 Jan 2011
Hi Phil. That's awful news about Dick. He was one of the great punk characters in Brighton, one of those performers you tried to go to see as often as possible because no two gigs were the same. I met a bass player of his once who told me their rehearsals consisted of Dick reading out the chords over the phone a couple of hours before the gig! He was also a lovely bloke, funny and good natured. What a shame. Hope all is well with you, although I know you will be missing him. Helen xx

Peter Bywaters | 17 Jan 2011
Hi Phil, just found out (from your site) about Dick passing away. Any news re the funeral? Peter

Stuart Northage | 14 Jan 2011
Sadly and after a brave battle against cancer, Dick Damage passed away yesterday morning 13 January 2011

Kayleigh Maycock | 15 Jan 2011
Hello, would your website be able to post  an in-memorium to the late great Dick Damage who sadly passed away of cancer last Thursday. i feel this would be helpful for the fans, as well as the young people he looked after the last few years of his life. Thank you, from Kayleigh and Adrian (both fans and young people he kept under his wing)

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About Dick Damage, the Dilemma, Imitators etc

Andrew Carter • drums
Dave Dee • bass
John Goode • guitar
Dick Damage • vocals

What can you say about Dick Damage that hasn't already been said? Here was a masterful performer with a nose for the truly absurd. Always ready and willing to incorporate another whacky idea into his zany stage act, backed up by some very able musicians, notably John Goode on guitar.

Offstage, Dick was such an amiable guy though you would never think so if you saw a performance of his at the Alhambra when he came on stage with golfball eyes on springs and whipped the crowd to a manic frenzy of ludicrous humour.

Dont know how many of Dick's songs actually ever got recorded apart from Do the Winklepicker which is featured on the Vaultage 80 album.

Damage mp3's can be found on the jukebox

Damian | December 2002
Hi, I am Dick's brother, Damian. Dick Damage is fine and still living in East Sussex. I spoke to him at the weekend after discovering your website. He was very interested to hear about your web site.

Dick Damage was in 4 bands in total over the 78 to 81 period: I can't remember all 4 but here are 3 of them: Dick Damage and the Imitators, Dick Damage and the Dilemma, The Dick Damage Big Band.

I did the mixing at a couple of gigs. I have to admit I was terrible at it. If you would like to talk to Dick or me please get in contact with us. I know D would love to get in contact with John Goode. Hope to hear from you, take care, Damian

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Dick Damage & Tony Rebel Green • Brighton soul mates

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