About Daddy Yum Yum

John (Kid) Crampton • Guitar, Vocals
Will Kerr (The Rev Suede Hatchett)
• Percussion, Vocals
(Handsome) Rob McRobert • Bass
Dave (Haystacks) Simner (aka Speccy Dave) • Guitar, Banjo, Accordion
Ian (Jivin') Jarvis • Drummer Mk1
Stuart (Wildman) Green • Dummer Mk2
Willi Kerr
Daddy Yum Yum 1980-82

Daddy Yum Yum had a Sunday night residency at the Alhambra in Brighton, played regularly at

The Hope & Anchor, Dingwalls and other London venues and supported Ian Dury at The Hammersmith Odeon (as it was then) on Charles and Di's wedding night.

Unlike The Piranhas, Daddy Yum Yum actually turned down a record deal with Pete Waterman and then went out with a whimper instead of a bang!

God knows what we thought we were playing at the time but listening to it again I realise that we had invented Thrash Skiffle!

Dave Simner | Old Photos
Great to see those old photos up.
John and Rob were in Woody and the Splinters
as I think were Stuart and Ian at one time.

Dave was in the Accents with Chris of Midnight and the Lemon Boys. Willi and Dave still play in The Curst Sons with Tim from the Red Guitars. Regards, Dave

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