Punk Brighton
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Where is he now? Moat likely gone. This picture was taken at the back of Smiths in Churchill Square - 20 odd years before the revamp. Nothing much changes, just the facade. Before he became Prime Minister, that nice Mr. Major was to condemn a much younger generation to a life on the streets, with the stroke of a pen.

Though it's the same now in many ways, Brighton was a different place back then. Everyone was depressed, Thatcher was on the scene, rubbish was piling up in the streets and personal freedom was going to the wall.

This page attempts to reflect the side of Brighton away from the music scene. Churchill Square has had a revamp but it's still the same old Churchill Square...except now there's the effin' Mall...

I think I'm right in saying the Public House Bookshop survived from its beginnings around the time of the summer of love back in 1967, right through to the punk days. Now it is a book shop no more, in fact it's reverted back to being a pub. You could find all manner of radical alternative literature in there and in the punk days it sold fanzines from all over. It was also a great meeting place.

The North Star Stiudios at one time housed a print shop in the days before desk top publishing. Many bands used the cheap printing facilities.

Homeless, 77

It's all rubbish! Piling up near in Montpelier Crescent, near the Dials

Old codgers on Brighton seafront

The Public House Bookshop, for all things radical

The Palace Pier Penny Arcade 1980

The West Pier in 1977

North Star Studios

Rhys Wooton | North Star studios | July 2009
Hi. Just looked on your site and saw you mentioned North Star on your punk brighton site. You say that North Star once hosted a print shop. I only became a member 6 months ago and the studio is still alive and kicking as a printmakers studio - might be nice to say that as your site makes it sounds like the studio is now non-existent. i'm an graphic artist artist making hand printed gig posters for local and international bands. check out my work at www.rhyswootton.co.uk -  kind regards, Rhys

The West Pier in 1980

The West Pier in 2003
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Kensington Gardens 1980

The Windsor Tavarn 1980 - favourite haunt for many Brighton punks

Many thanks to Dave Cheeseybits - to see more of his photos click here