Golinski Brothers • Sat 29 Nov 2014 • Justified and ancient

All the way from Vermont
The Describers

The night finally arrived. This was to be the last ever Brighton performance by the legendary Golinski Brothers, and what a night it was.

As expected the Prince Albert was packed to the rafters and there was a rocking good atmosphere right from the start. The first act, The Describers, a young duo from Vermont, kicked off the evening with some close harmony Americana.

Which primed us all for the next course, the Piranhas, loaded with all those great tunes..

Virginity is a social disease
The Piranhas Four

Yes the boys are back in town, so to speak.
With the Old Master at the helm, Boring Bob and the boys belted out a terrific set, as you would expect,

Nothwithstanding a virtually complete overhaul of the last Piranhas ensemble, with Owen still on bass, the inimitable Mr Rick Potter on a nice shiney red Telecaster, and my old bandmate himself, Hillsy on drums, Result!

Send my giro to Cairo
Golinski Brothers

Gone but never forgotten. Ah, is it really so? The Golinskis last ever Brighton performance was another killer set,.

Frontman Darris was on top of his game and loving every minute, his lilting vibe penetrating the depths of the multitude...and so we faced the final curtain with a bleary eye...
Next stop Manchester
Sound man Steve Jones deserves a mention as it was spot-on as always.


Pre- Golinski Brothers last performance at the Albert • Sat 29 Nov 2014

Golinski Brothers into the sunset
Sat 29 Nov 2014
Read Darris' email

Formed on the campus of Sussex University in 1978, post-punk band the Golinski Brothers will play their last ever Brighton gig at the Prince Albert on Saturday 29th November.

They will be supported on this last round-up by the latest incarnation of Piranhas (Four), featuring the inimitable 'Boring' Bob Grover, with whom they shared many a tour bus back in the 80s, and by a close harmony young duo, The Describers, from Vermont USA, singing some fabulous country and Americana songs.

Golinski Brothers came out of the Brighton scene of the late 70's/early 80's alongside the aforementioned Piranhas, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, The Dodgems, The Parrots, Nicky and the Dots and many many more, in the days when bands and music venues seemed to sprout and vanish on a weekly basis. The band were a great favourite of John Peel, who said of their much loved song Bloody 'This is the best song in the world for this week...and people have had the OBE for less, a lot less, than that'. When he died 10 years ago, a box of his favourite 143 singles was found in his room - with two copies of Bloody in it!

Golinski Brothers have a strong body of songs ranging through punk, reggae, soul and cabaret, but it is Bloody for which they are most fondly recalled with its opening lines: "I wanna go where they've never seen snow, send my giro to Cairo' and its plaintive "still you got to 'ave a laugh....ha ha ha ha".

In addition to the Brighton circuit, the band played the London gigs of the day - The Marquee, The Rock Garden, The Hope and Anchor etc and were described by Joe Strummer of the Clash, to whom they played support (with The Who's Pete Townshend sitting in), as 'the Amen Corner of the 80s' - a compliment the band are still puzzling over.

With almost their entire original line-up drawn from all over the country (tenor saxophonist Will Gibbs could not be enticed from Dubai, where he now lives) the Golinski Brothers will be giving it licks at the much loved Prince Albert on November 29th before riding off into the sunset.

The Golinski Brothers are Darris Golinski (vocals), Bob Golinski (guitar) Alfie Bines (keyboards and alto sax), David Potter (tenor sax), Ollie Crooke (bass) and Paul Denney (drums).

Come and dance and wave them off as they ride into the sunset!

Still you got to avalarf!


Read Darris' mail

About The Golinski Brothers

Darris (Dave Harries) • vocals
Bob Golinski • guitar
Will Gibbs and Alan Bines • saxophone
Ollie Crook • bass
Tom Beattie • drums

Darris Golinski | August 2009
Divine comedy or shock horror! I've just discovered that they have built a replica of the old Alhambra, popular seafront venue for most Vaultage bands, in Southern Spain. It is near a place called Granada (presumably named after the loadsamoney pile of Ford crap). It is apparently nowhere near as good as the original but hey.

The Golinski Brothers Resurrection gig is getting close - 5th Sept at the Prince Albert - and I am panic wondering why we decided to do this gig, but tenor sax players are flying in from Barcelona and guitarists motoring down from Manchester as I write so there's no backing out now.

Saw the Buzzcocks at Cropredy Festival the other week (I remember when they came to Brighton circa 1979 and we rioted because they

only did a 20 minute set - the guitarist with a Brighton band, now a well respected member of the legal profession, managed to nick one of their amps in the mayhem. I'm not saying nuffing). If you get a chance to see them go, but I'm not sure how wise grey haired pogoing is, it looked shit but perhaps it felt great.

Golinski Brothers will make sure that St John's ambulance is at hand on the 5th and wish to thank the sponsorship of Stannah Stairlifts. Twenty copies of vynil Vaultage 79 are being given away in our Kolly Kibber competition - details will be on the Golinski Brothers website - www.golinskibrothers.com - and I hope on the PunkBrighton and Prince Albert website.

We've got to believe in free will - we have no choice. Love y'all out there in PunkBrightonland, England. Darris Golinski

The Golinski's best song was Bloody, penned by lead singer Darris. Featured on the Vaultage 79 album. It has a nifty sax riff and Darris carries it all off with a shrug of the shoulders. But it's the first verse of the lyric that stands the test of time:

Bloody (featured on Vaultage 79)
"I'm gonna go where they've never seen snow
send my giro to Cairo
I cant stand another day
I gotta get away
I'm not impressed
my life's in a mess
I get so depressed
still you gotta have a laugh
ha ha ha ha
What am I bloodywell s'posed to do
got my bloodywell self bloody stuck on you"

Peel slobbers over the Golinksi's, loading below...

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Golinski's blow the roof off the Albert (5th Sept 2009)

MC punkdaddy waxes biblical:
And lo, I wandered up to the Albert. The second coming was nigh. And as it came to pass, behold the Golinski Brothers. Kicking off to a packed house and a fun crowd that spanned the generations, the Golinski's Resurrection was truly a night to remember.

Great to see so many old faces (old being the operative word in my case) from the Vaultage era, along with a nice healthy sprinkling of offspring, who danced their cotton socks off at the front of the stage. What joy.

Darris had lost none of his old charm, ever the consummate frontman. The Golinski's had lost nothing of their old zip either, the set racing along at a furious lick.

They reminded us all that great music doesn't always get the merit, praise or recognition it deserves. Bar John Peel, who knew a good thing when he heard it.

How was Bloody never a chart hit? Timing probably - pants disco being the order of the day back in 79. Scandalous. Of course, the entire audience knew the words to Bloody and sang along: "...my life's in a mess, I get so depressed, still you gotta have a laugh. Ha ha ha ha..."

It was a performance of heart and soul from a class act. Thank you guys. Great sound, expertly mixed by Steve Jones. Hot and sweaty dancefloor, a fabulous atmosphere in the best music venue in town. Who could ask for more? Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

for more photos from the gig click here

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