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Gill Carpenter | Piranhas | December 2008
Hello.  Just reading a bit about the Piranhas, and fear my memory is worse than I thought. I recall the Piranhas had a Sunday night residency at the Buccaneer and it was the Vandells played Sundays at the Alhambra... Have I gone mad? Gill
punkdaddy writes: Yes Gill, it seems you have. And your memory is shot.

Cheesybits Again | Pete King | December 2008
Hi Pete King. Are you the Pete that appears behind Phil Daniels and Co. when they are talking about buying some speed in Quadraphenia? Or are you Pete the Roady? I would love to see any Smeggy photos you've got as they are a bit thin on the ground. I'd be interested in all the others too.
Drop me a line at and I'll email you back.

Pete King | Molesters Smeggy etc | December 2008
Hi Punk Dad. Pete King of the Anti Piranha League, aka Boodelthe Poodel, I've found a stash of photos from 1976 -1980 with loads of the band members and stuff, if you're interested, the Molesters Smeggy etc. If you're interested I could forward a few. Pete.

Stefan Tylunas | Ammonites | December 2008
Hi Punk Daddy, Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year from the Ammonites. Big thanks for the hard work and dedication in putting this site together. It's because of you, that we have something to look forward to in the new year other than financial hardship, recession and redundancy. The Ammonites are getting back together again!!! Yes, Messrs Roberts, Kelly, Stuart and I have been in talks and shall be performing again at the 'Portland Hotel and Rock Bar.' on Friday 30th Jan '09. It's  recession proof at the door, entrance is 50p or less!!! Shake off your Xmas excess's and January's jitters and shake a leg or two, to Brighton's Finest Fastest Tastiest Timeless Ska Punk (skunk?) Band. What would be even better, would be a support act to complete the evening, anybody willing to get together again? go on, go on, go on, why don't cha. Drop us an e-mail if any takers on
Thanks again punk daddy, Stefan Tylunas.

Ken Lailey | Slaves of Janet | December 2008
Hi Phil...Congrats on your site.This period in music mid to late 70's early 80's was certainly a unique time. We were inspired like so many others in Brighton to have a go at being in a band. Here's a brief history of the Slaves. Simon Blitz (Goddard) and myself had been in Jonnie and the Lubes. When that split I'd been hanging out with Roger Davenport brilliant bass player with the Executives. The SOJ name came from the title of an old paperback about Bondage courtesy of friend Paul Potts.
Slaves V1, Ken Lailey Vox/guitar, Roger Davenport  /Bass, Simon Goddard /Lead guitar, John Spot/Drums
Slaves V2, Simon leaves, Bob Brown(Bedford) replaces him on guitar.
Slaves V3, Simon returns on Keys/guitar
Slaves V4, John Spot leaves, Tin Tin (Liverpool)replaces him on drums
Slaves V5, Roger leaves and I play bass.
We played in Brighton and London (101 Club, Greyhound) and recorded
in Seaford, Swindon and at Suchart's Wilbury Grove Studio in Brighton.
Suchart was ex/guitarist with Joe Cool & the Killers. I later recorded with him as EurasionTea (early drum machine and midi tinkering) The Slaves were sometimes joined by M Visu, a Jazz dancing duet (Lesley Anne Hughes and Janet Lailey (ex Lubes saxist). They appear on the Slaves video 'Problem Child'. When confronted with this liason we did the only safe thing. We built a cage on set where they could gyrate body parts without taking somebody's eye out. They were of course lovely and still are. I still make music with Simon (Goddard) who coincidentally does live in Cape Town S.A. The photos of a sound check by Mr.Cheesybits (thank you Sir) are of us (V4 I think) but I don't remember the gig. The 'other' Slaves of Janet (photos, personnel and write-up) are a mystery to me. Thanks again for PunkBrighton. Ken Lailey

Martin | Lipstick | December 2008
Just wondered if anyone remembered a local band called ‘Lipstick’? Lead singer was a girl called Dominica who lived in Guildford Street. Martin.
punkdaddy writes: I'd happily build a page on Lipstick if anybody out there has any details.

Mike | Nicky & the Dots | December 2008
Hi Stuart, I was wondering if you had any replys regarding your question about the Dots Peel sessions? Where they every released? I presume not. I used to spend ages in all the record shops round Sydney Street way in the late 70s, especially the Attrix shop. I would always ask you 'got anything new this week' cant remember all the bands you introduced me to but an EP by the Flys called '16 Down' sticks in my mind for some reason, still have all my collection including one of the first 500 pressings of Vaultage 78 and all sorts of other rare stuff, have now a decent recording of Toronto by the Dots (thanks to the site) having only previously had it on a rather dodgy copy of the Attrix Tapes but would love any other recordings I could get hold of, really love the website. Keep the punk banner flying. Regards Mike

Alan Hall | Emma Sharpe | December 2008
Hi Phil, seasons greetings from emma sharpe & alan hall and best wishes for the new year. Have a good one! alan & emma -

Dave | Lemon Boys | December 2008
Blimey! I've just been reading what Marcus had to say on the Lemon Boys' page. I had no idea about Sago being in Transvision Vamp. I remember him from Fan Club and the fact that he and Oggs were sleeping down in the Vault. In fact when we hired a skip to get rid of the mountain of beer cans that had accumulated in the back of the Vault, Helen McCookerybook insisted that we filled it up as soon as it arrived because she was worried about them sleeping in it. I was always impressed that they were receiving royalties (probably for the Farewell to the Roxy Album) I'd never met anyone who had received royalties before. Where is he now? Come to that where is Oggs? He was the drummer on Baby Don't Bogie. Dave Cheesybits -

Bob Machin | Airtight Garage | December 2008
Hi Phil. The last you need is my ceaseless nagging but is there any chance that the revised Garage text and photo (maybe MP3?) will take its rightful place on the site?  Finding punkbrighton has been one of the highlights of my year - have a great Christmas and an excellent 2009. Cheers, Bob

Dave | Ijax Allstars | December 2008
Only saw them once. Thought they were great. That was probably the first ska band that I'd ever seen. It was certainly the first time I'd ever seenanyone using a Melodica instead of a keyboard in a band. There was another (softer) reggae band who practiced just up the road from me (Bedford Place or Norfolk Square) who I think were called Natures Way. They were a bit timid about mixing with the punks but the SATCB played with them at least once at a disastrous gig at Acklam Hall (Under the Westway, Notting Hill) organised by the infamous Paul Roundhill (where is he now [and more importantly, do I want to know?]). Only three people turned up and they left after ten minutes. Also on the bill was either Nicky and the Dots or Fan Club, I can't remember. In the end we ended up playing to each other though I seem to remember that certain members of Nature's Way were reluctant to do so but were swayed by other members of the band. I heard that one of their brass players went on to form/play in Pigbag but this may be untrue - perhaps you can confirm/deny this? Dave Cheesybits.
P.S. Anyone that wants a Smeggy and the Cheesybits badge can now by one from my range of obscure badges here
Please note: This is not a plug. Thanks for the plug. DCB

Simon Woolven | The Same | December 2008
The SAME single is worth about £50 in perfect condition, or the Wessex label release is worth about £70 in perfect condition. They were a great bunch who once played a free gig for the National Foster care association for us in Worthing. When they turned up there was no access to electricity and very little assistance available, did they throw a wobbler and walk away? NO they just worked their buts off to get it all sorted and then went on to play a gig which won a great deal of respect and admiration from all that were there! 

Dick | The Same | December 2008
Hi I have found a 45 record by the same:  A side Movements B side Wild About You. Cover picture Movements cartoon couple dancing other side Wild About You cartoon man leaping and face of girl wearing sun glasses blueprint label good condition has it any value?  R Taylor

Simon Goddard | Slaves of Janet | December 2008
Its so weird that there would be 2 Slaves knocking around at the same time and even stranger that they are from South Africa where I now live. Ive asked Ken to write something. Great site Phil! Simon

Simon Goddard | Slaves of Janet | December 2008
Dear P Daddy. Thanks for the Slave of Janet stuff on your brilliant site. The photos from Mr Cheesybits is great. The front write up is talking about some Slave of Janet in East London South Africa, very strange – not us at all. Can I send you a new front bio? Thanks, Simon

All the best for the rest of the year – here are my final gigs for 2008, plus a new poem following the publication of THAT list...

LEWES Lewes Arms  8.30pm (01273 473152) main guest at Oliver’s Poetry Belgium/Germany with my band Barnstormer and playing bass with the support band, my old friends Contingent from Brussels
9 ANTWERP Bar Mondial  
10 GUTERSLOH Munchner Kindl
11 HAMBURG St. Pauli Indra Club
13 BERLIN Schokoladen
14 CASTROP –RAUXEL (nr Dortmund) Bahia de Cochinos

Max Standing | John Peel | November 2008
Hi, nice website. John Peel certainly loved the Brighton bands, even if he's a bit OTT with the Piranhas. He was a great man and is very badly missed. Cheers, Max

CJ | Midnight & the Lemon Boys | Novemeber 2008
Howdy. Hopefully you will have received (via my friend Rob Emanuel) a live recording of the band made at the Venue in Victoria in 1980 or 81. The songs are more representative than the ones currently on your site (as I said before, I think those tracks are of The Kemp Town Rockers). Perhaps you could edit the recording and use some on our page. As a point of interest, Nick Sayer was out of action at the time and the late, great Tony Maybury did a sterling job as stand-in guitarist, though he did moan a bit when we made him where lipstick and eyeliner! Still enjoying the website which remarkably goes on and on growing - jobs a good un. TTFN - CJ

Simon Woolven | Psycho Normal | November 2008
Hi, Hope all is well, Just a quick one to let you know there is a Youtube video of Psycho Normal doing Elephant Man at the New Regent! Best wishes, Simon

Simon Woolven | Psycho Normal | November 2008
The Electric Babies were formed at the latter stage of Psycho Normal, Dick was recruting for the Babies a few months previous to the pictures being taken. Ash who is in the picture with Dick Bone, was good friends with Psycho. I believe Ash still works in the Music Buisiness, doing soundstage production for local bands and events. Best wishes!

John | Piranhas | November 2008
This is an excellent site, particularly the mp3s, which are very welcome. I have tried to re-create Vaultage 78 with a combination of the tracks on your site plus those on the Vaultage Punk collection distributed by Cherry Red, but I am missing "I Don't Want My Body" from The Piranhas. Would you have this available in mp3 format? Cheers, John

Mark | Johnny and the Lubes etc | November 2008
Johnny and the Lubes / the Executives - I had copy 635 of...till thieves borrowed it and forgot to return it. What chance of this piece of brilliance on CD? Also,what about the DPs on CD...As the Depressions they made it by Captain Oi. Again...any chance?

Jon | Karen D'ache | November 2008
You have a mail from me from September 2004 added as a "best e-mail". After writing to you I got in touch with a guy that was trying to put together a CD of Karen D'ache stuff but we lost touch and I still have had no success in getting hold of any of their stuff. Have you seen or heard MIck Jones and Tony James new band "Carbon Silicon".  Good to see some of 'em can keep going!

Bob Machin | Airtight Garage | November 2008
Hi Phil. Quick mail to say the Argus piece that Stefan Tylanus dug out was greatly enjoyed by us all - any chance that we can have it on our page too? Good to be reminded that the manifesto of the Airtight Garage was to 'not give people a good time' - I'm sure we rarely disappointed.  Regarding when and where, I reckon it was Autumn 1980 but can't be more specific than that. I remember that interview being done at some kind of Battle of the Bands, maybe in Seaford, but very likely my memory is deceiving me. <gazes wistfully into the middle distance> How long ago it all seems... Anyway, I'm pretty sure the Ammonites never supported us, but remember warming up for them on a few occasions... they got the photoshoot for the simple reason that they were better looking than us, albeit in a superficial and slightly cheesy way, but that's the Argus for you.  Got to love that closing paragraph in the piece 'I had a grand time and a good bop...'. maybe you should have that across the top of the punkbrighton home page. In an ironic way, of course. Coincidentally, ran into Mike Roberts for the first time in 25 years at the excellent Neptune pub in Hove a few weeks ago - we were both there enjoying Steve Wrigley's excellent 'Completely Free' tribute band. Mike's been part of the globetrotting Stomp empire for years - took his email but immediately lost it it so if he reads this and wants to get in touch maybe he can use this site? all the best, Bob Machin, Airtight Garage

Carole Page| Louder Animal Group | November 2008
Hi. By sheer coincidence and a wave of nostalgia, I checked out your site after a long absence! It's really really good now, and full of the detail which reminds us all of that brilliant era. My partner is no less than Chris D'Ouseley! He was indeed a member of LAG. I have more info than that, and I'll send you it as soon as poss, but I need to talk to him a bit more before passing it all on to you. Just thought you'd like to know. I'll be in touch soon! Love and best wishes, Carole

Brad | Wrist Action | October 2008
His, dizzy from Detour Records is trying to trace members of the band Wrist Action
Are you in touch with any. Know anyone who may know more? thanks, Brad

James Tranmer | Hollow Men | Bright Girls | October 2008
Hey Phil,  thanks for the reply. I just picked up an LP which is a later incarnation of The Bright Girls, called `Siren Plays`. The band (Siren) was also an all women theatre group. The line up is as follows:
Jane Boston:Guitar,Bass,Vocals,Harmonica
Tasha Fairbanks: Alto & Tenor Sax, Bass, Vocals
Debra Trethewey: Drums
Jude Winter: Keyboards, Synthesisers, Flute, Vocals
LP details: Siren - Siren Plays - Stroppy Cow Records SCST 003 recorded at Sonoptics studios Billinghurst 1982.
Will try to do some LP photos soon. Any info on The Hollow Men? Dying to here some more stuff by them. Cheers, James Tranmer.

Stefan Tylunus | Ammonites | October 2008
Yo Punk Daddy. Came across this article whilst unpacking another box. It appeared in the Argus I believe, we were supporting the Airtight Garage Band but got the 'photo shoot'! The photo was shot 'back-stage' at the Alhambra (hence all the beer cases in the background. hic!) Shame I never kept the whole paper, thus allowing me to date it accurately. However if I was 22yrs old in the photo and wasn't lying about my age then it would have appeared circa 1980, which kind of adds up, doing support slots and Dave still being the drummer. Well hope it's of some use? Keep up the excellant work. Regards Stefan

Simon Woolven | Psycho Normal | October 2008
Hi Phil, if you send me your address, I will see what I can do. I still have a couple of Lillettes phone numbers, bet they don`t still work, I know one was Tims 987 3617, I believe the other one may have been yours 691 884. I cant believe it has been 30 years since then. Anyway let me know and I will work on it, more stuff in the attic, but I am fairly sure I know exactly where it is. By the way I am sure DD knew Dick Bone fairly well from the Richmond days, a few times we sat togeather drinking. Best wishes | New solo album | October 2008
Hi there! My second solo album, 'Poetry and Rhyme' is out today on the Voiceprint label. It is avalable on general release (although Amazon think I am called Helen McCookery Book) and features cameos from Martin Stephenson (guitar), Gina Birch (bass), Dubula (guitar), Elle Osborne (fiddle), Paul Davey (sax) and Allan Bradbury (cello). Some tracks are on Myspace to preview
And I still blog at
Next London gig is at the World's End pub in Finsbury Park on Sunday 26th October. Helen x

Stefan Tylunus | Ammonites | October 2008
Hi Punkdaddy, finally got the turntable out of the packing boxes and spun the ‘single’ for recording. Its in wav format converted to 56kbps hope the quality is ok?. Also came across a nice photo that you may post if you like. Thanks for the site, it is excellent and is of a great interest to many from near and far. Keep up the great work. Regards Stefan

Richard Peacock | PTTB | October 2008
Listening to Peter & the Test Tube Babies just now I was reminded of the following Peel quote. After playing "Moped Lads" he opined: "I must say, I prefer Peter & the Test Tube Babies when they slightly more whimsical and a little less Oi!"

Richard Peacock | Piranhas | October 2008
Punk Daddy. A great website wayback when, it is now even better. My friends and I were ardent Piranhas fans after hearing the original Peel Session, still my favourite version of "Saxophone". I have a bits and pieces of their sessions on very worn TDK cassettes, must transfer them to CD one day. (as well as the Chefs") I vividly remember a song "Payback" with the lyrics:  "you live a multi-story high-level life with a cast of grinning relatives from this is your life" and  "you used to do the coinbox at the local Laundromat, now you make your money making debtors pay back"
Can't remember if it was a Peel session, concert or what. Any info you can provide will help lay a ghost to rest. Also, am I the only person in the world that thinks that "Vigelegele" is one of the best dance/club songs of all time? Probably. Cheers, Richard Peacock  

James Tranmer | Bright Girls | October 2008
Found a tiny bit of info on The Bright Girls

James Tranmer | Hollow Men | October 2008
FANTASTIC site. Thanks for giving insight into one of the most openly creative periods of music. I live in Brighton and collect post-punk and have a radio show devoted to the stuff:
I'm looking for more information on The Hollow Men and if they recorded any more material besides the Vaultage song. Also related,i recently went into the new resource centre up behind the art college and got chatting with someone that used to work at the old one. She said the BNP were a real problem back then. Regards, James.

Helen McCookerybook | New album | October 2008
Hi there! My second solo album, 'Poetry and Rhyme' is out today on the Voiceprint label. It is avalable on general release (although Amazon think I am called Helen McCookery Book) and features cameos from Martin Stephenson (guitar), Gina Birch (bass), Dubula (guitar), Elle Osborne (fiddle), Paul Davey (sax) and Allan Bradbury (cello).
Some tracks are on Myspace to preview
And I still blog at
Next London gig is at the World's End pub in Finsbury Park on Sunday 26th October Helen x

Simon Woolven | Psycho Normal | October 2008
Hi, great site! I have a couple of photographs of Dick Bone which you could include on the Psycho Normal page. Dick was a really great guy, friendly, funny and would eat a wineglass, if you bought him a beer. He went on to form The Electric Babies, I have a badge of theirs if you can use the image. I have a pile of bits and pieces as well which may be of use to you. I dont think that anyone who has mentioned Dick Damage, has actually said what a pussycat he was, although he looked like he may do you harm, he was a brilliant person to be around. Myself, my sister, and a friend, once walked DD back to his house, to avoid him being attacked after a rough evening, I think it was the night that the Hastings punks invaded the Richmond. I also have some Nicky and the Dots photos, including a couple of good shots of Dave (Blotto). I am not very computer literate, so if you could suggest someone to do it for me, that would be great. Best wishes to the old crowd!  Please don`t include my e-mail address.

Mark | The Only Ones | Sept 2008
Like your website. I look after Alan Mair's website and I thought I'd let you know that it is actually Alan who is singing "My Way Out of Here" on their album "Baby's got a gun". Cheers, Mark.
Punkdaddy writes: Stewy has made the corrections, thanks for pointing it out.

Martin Sims | Staa Marx | Sept 2008
Hi there, I thought you might be interested to know that Staa Marx are reforming to play a reunion gig on Saturday 11th October. Both Rob Parker (drums) and myself (bass) turned 50 this year, and to mark the event we reformed the band to play at our own private joint birthday party in July. It went so well, that we were asked if we could play a second gig that members of the public could go to, so we're playing the White Horse in Bognor Regis. At the same time we are hoping to promote the fact that Cherry Red Records are releasing a boxed cd set of all their early singles and our version of Pleasant Valley Sunday is going to feature on the cd. Oh yeah .. and if you type Staa Marx into Youtube you can see two songs from the birthday party in July. All the best. Martin Sims, Creative Director, Eardrum 177 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WX 0207 287 2211 "Winners of Best Radio Direction, Aerials 2008"

Dave Cheesybits | Slaves of Janet | Sept 2008
Dear P Daddy. Since you have gone to the trouble of setting up a Slaves of Janet page I thought I should go to the trouble of scanning an old film I took of them playing at the Court Hope Community centre in 1981. As usual feel free to help yourself to any photos you want to use on your site. Dave Cheesybits.

Paisley Pattenden | Nick Sayer | Sept 2008
Hi there, I wonder if you could help me with a huuuge favour please! I am a local lass and would love to get in touch with the wonderful Nick Sayer. I am in a band -
 I know he worked with an old band mate of mine in the last few years so I would really like to get in touch with him too! If you could please pass this message on to him I'd be really grateful. Many thanks, Paisley :)

Marc Wasserman | Ammonites | Sept 2008
Hi Phil, Thanks so much for your quick reply and for sharing Stefan's e-mail.  I actually borrowed a copy of the Vaultage 80 LP about 20 years ago from a friend and that was where I heard The Ammonites "Blue Lagoon" for the first time.  It wasn't until I found your web site a few days ago and the eight Ammonite songs you posted that I had a chance to hear more of their material (which is great!).  Hard to believe its a reeharsal tape. I would love a copy of the LP if you don't mind posting it to the States. Here is the link to my blog:  Let me know what you think.  I did a post on The Piranhas as well.  Are there any other ska/reggae bands from late 70's/early 80's Brighton I should be on the look out for? Thanks again, Marc

Marc Wasserman | Ammonites | Sept 2008
Hello! Congratulations on such an amazing web site!  It's fantastic! I was hoping you might be able to point me towards a member of The Ammonites?  I was hoping to connect with one of them to do an interview about the band for my blog "Marco On The Bass" which is focused on all things 2-Tone and ska, but in particular overlooked ska bands of the 2-Tone era. I first heard of the band on the Vaultage 80 LP and recently saw the songs posted on your site. I was amazed and grateful as I have always been a big fan of their song "Blue Lagoon". I noticed singer Stefan Tylunas wrote an e-mail that was posted on the site. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Marc

Frida Hamsun | Good Times | Sept 2008
Hi, I was in Brighton back in the 70's and those were good times. Crazy, mad but good! I was at the Alhambra (I think it was) the night Nicky & the Dots played there while Iggy Pop was on somewhere else in Brighton. At the time we thought Nicky was the future. Perhaps he was? Thanks to you for making such a site! Very best, Frida xxx

Alan Hall | Vaultage 80 | August 2008
hi Phil, re: Mark | Vaultage 78 | August 2008
I've got copies of Vaultage 80 and the very rare Attrix Tapes if Mark is interested. Nuevo Ago Go are on the compilation tape but not on the site yet! Keep up the good work the site keeps growing and growing.  alan hall (emma sharpe/just fontain)

Dave Cheesybits | Paul Martins Fan Club Gig List | August 2008
Dear PD. Can I just correct Paul Martin's assertion (here) that they played Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's on their own. In fact they were ably supported by Smeggy and the Cheesybits for about one and a half songs until the huge black soul dudes who ran the club muscled us off the stage with a look of total disgust on their faces. That gig is memorable because we met Tom Baker in a pub just down the road and gave him a ticket for the gig (he didn't come). For years I have been dining out on this fleeting appearance. Whenever I meet jazz musicians I always let slip that I played at Ronnie Scots and let them draw their own conclusions. Dave Cheesybits (House of Cheese™)

Mark | Vaultage 78 | August 2008
Hi there, please can you tell me which of these covers was the original cover for Vaultage 78? Cheers, Mark
punkdaddy's reply: Hi Mark, in answer to your question about the Vaultage covers, good question. The original is the first one, the one with the black title - it was the first pressing of, I believe, 500 copies.  
There then followed one with a red title which was the next thousand. Finally, a third pressing had the red title and that circular Attrix price-reduction thing was not a sticker, it was printed on the cover. Hope this sorts it out for you - I didnt even know that myself - I asked our very own Stuart Jones. He knows an awful lot about Attrix Records. Hope you visit the site again. All the best, punkdaddy

Mark | Vaultage 78 | August 2008
Hi there Phil, many thanks for your reply, I had to know as I have now purchased a 1st pressing with the black title and I prefer to buy originals rather than copies. Only just found the site trying to find out an answer about the covers and a great site it is too. Also looking to buy a V.79 & V.80 if you have any knowledge on 1st pressings for these, I'd really appreciate it. Once again, many many thanks for your help, and I WILL be a regular visitor to the site. Cheers Olgacrackcorn YS Mark   

David | Techniques | August 2008
Here you go PunkDaddy :-)  Next time iI am in UK iI will fish out some old pics.
The Techniques
Singer - Grant Bolt
Bass - David Derkin
Guitar - Steve ? (richards friend)
Keyboards - Richard Lemon
Drums - Luke Cress 
Singer - Grant Bolt
Bass - David Derkin
Singer - Melanie Osbourne-Smith
Singer - Tracy Preston
Guitar - Dave Nuttal
Keyboards - Richard Lemon
Drums - Luke Cress 
Singer - Grant Bolt
Singer - Tracy Preston
Bass - John Rolf
Guitar - Dave Nuttal
Keyboards - Richard Lemon
Drums - Luke Cress

Simon Baker | Barry Clifton | August 2008
Does anyone remember seeing the Clash with Richard Hell + the Voidoids at Hasting's Pier Pavilion? I was the one on my Honda freezing my nuts off on the way back following a Trannie Van. If Barry Clifton is reading this.... hi.. I''ll think of more, much more when I have the time, Baz. Simon Baker

Steve Black | Barry Clifton? | August 2008
Hi. Are you the Barry Clifton who was at Varndean Grammar aroound early 1970s? I was there until moving to Sheffield in 1975, where I now live. Still into music, playing, composing and recording....(in spare time.)... Regards, Steve Black, Sheffield

Judy Barrow | Lately of Brighton | August 2008
Oh my giddy aunt. This site is a site for these sore old Brighton punk eyes. Ensconced in Stirling, Scotland, I miss Brighton a lot and this site has brought back all the good times at the Hanbury Arms, the Alhambra and other such dark dank dingy areas. Sweat dripping off the ceilings, and sticky carpets. Being gobbed on or being stomped on. Ah, the joys!
I've still got all my Vaultage albums; I remember bands like Airtight Garage, The Chefs, The Vandells, the Golinski Brothers, Woody and the Splinters, and of course Peter and the Testtubes - he once burst through a hedge at Glastonbury having run across two fields in the days before the fence, and fell right into my tent. And who could forget the immortal lines 'I wanna go where they've never seen snow, send my Giro to Cairo?'
I feel like getting into my camper van, throwing away the tartan, and emigrating back over the border.  Them were the days!  Before the West Pier got trashed, when the Zap let you in even if you were staggeringly drunk, and you could be in a club playing alternative music till three in the morning no matter what day of the week it was. And meet loads of people on the way home after having had a Samson's burger in James Street. You could wear a ballgown with your Doc Martins (or was that only me) and they didnt put you away for it. 'I must be mad' Judy Barrow (Penhallow)

Judy Barrow | And another thing | August 2008
Can you say hello to Stuart Jones, who I worked with (and in fact encouraged my boss to employ him) at Virgin Megastore, when he was the DJ there. Norman Cook was also one our DJ's.....tell Stuart I still have his album, Paper Boats in Puddles. I also know Bob Machin very well, a good pal, so again, without sounding like Two Way Family Favourites, it would be good to get a hello to Bob. Thanking you! Judy

Bob Machin | The Airtight Garage | August 2008
Hey, just came across your really rather fabulous site and was amazed to find my most formative years captured in glorious colour (and prose). I'd like to contribute, so tell me how.
Background in summary:
• Arrived Brighton summer of 1979
• 'The Airtight Garage' quickly fell into line: some kind of Nuggets-style garage rock was the general idea though I doubt this was readily discernible to the average listener
• Intensive rehearsal at The Vaults led to early gigs at the Alhambra and regular gigging through 1980 and '81 at all available Brighton venues till the band split for all the usual reasons - musical differences, inter-personal loathing etc. - in summer '81. Midweek headliners and weekend supports seemed to be the usual pattern; lots of gigs with Midnight and the Lemon Boys, the Ammonites and the Vandells amongst others... some bigger gigs at the Pavilion Theatre and the Dome (for reasons which escape me)
• Singer Ian Marchant (Trapper from the Babies' stepbrother) went on to form The National Game then to fame and fortune as a cult novelist and entertainer.
• I later joined retro beat group The Starbeats and formed psychedelic balladeers The Loving Kind with some-kind-of-pop-genius Eamonn Barrett
• Left Brighton winter 1985 but came back for a few years from 1989 and played in country shitkickers The Colorado Beatles with Big Chris Anderson (ex- the Lemon Boys), Speccy Dave from Daddy Yum-Yum and Mike Lance from behind the bar in the Greys.
a few vivid memories:
• early gigs at the Alhambra, completely clueless, sea at your back, audience full of passing skinheads in front of you. Bricking it, frankly.
• more skinheads trying to break down the door at The Vaults at Friday night rehearsals. Skins didn't seem so cute then. 
• Life before electronic tuners
• Alan, the greatest ever driver and soundman, to whom everyone was 'shaggers', or 'shags' if he was fond of you. 'Think you might need to tune up a bit there, shags'.
• having to pay a £2 deposit for a bogroll at - again - The Alhambra
• Attrix and Rick, who became a great friend in later years and who I still miss greatly. Maybe the nicest guy I ever knew and I'm filling up a bit typing that.
• Not making it on to Vaultage 80 but Rick giving us a page in the calendar (November, if memory serves) as compensation (where is the Attrix Calendar, by the way?)
• Meeting Bob Marley outside the Alhambra in July 1980. I was guarding the gear while someone went for the van, he was looking for a club to go to. I recommended the Afro Club at the Concorde...
• Happy nights at the Greys in later years with Rick, Nick Dwyer, 'Big Chris' Anderson and many other old Brighton Rockers. Great days, and more bands should have been bigger, but in those days it seemed that no-one broke out of Brighton. Maybe no-one really wanted to... Anyway - any use to you? Old photos and stuff may also be available... all the best, Bob Machin
punkdaddy writes: Airtight Garage page uploaded. Peruse the The Attrix Calender

Lenny Rille | The Vault |August 2008
Hullo, it's Lenny. Used to hang around the Vault and Resource Centre in those days. I recall Simon Fanshawe working there, I thought he was dead posh. He's even posher now! Love the website. Bless you, Lenny x

George | John Peel | July 2008

Gareth Simmons | Birds With Ears | July 2008
Inspired by finding your website I dug them out from my photo album last night poor quality crappy cameras in those days! Feel free to use them on your website. Here they are taken Toby's Night Club, Folkestone 5th March 1982.  Regards..........Gareth

Gareth Simmons | Birds With Ears | July 2008
Hey, very nice to see this site. I saw BWE a couple of times at Canterbury Art College when I was a young 15 year old roadie for the PA company that did the sound there. I had been thinking about where my "Youth in Asia" LP had got to, it's probably in the loft! So very pleased to see the downloads and listen again to those traxs of my youth. Ian mentions in the interview about "Fit to burst" as a download where do I find that please?
I remember hearing that track played very well. Regards.........Gareth

Roy Bayfield | Psycho Normal | July 2008
Nice to see a page about Psycho Normal. Remember seeing them in the New Regent. Graeme Hobbs was the vocalist; I can recall a guitarist called Dick Bone. A theatrical, crazy, committed combo. Graeme went on to front Tricks Upon Travellers and currently runs a lovely guest house in Spain!
I reminisced a bit here last year:
Roy Bayfield

Dylan Amey | My Federation | July 2008
check us out on the culture show, blinding.
pass it on if you like it :)

Wag | Horse & Groom Insane Society & Vaultage DJ | July 2008
Just sorted a gig at the gloom and doom, I'm gonna compliment our set with myself on the decks playing songs from "Vaultage" artistes only, it would be nice to see old faces in attendance. Its booked for Friday August 8th. I hope you can make it. Any chance of a small ad on your site? Wag

Hairbrain | Slaves of Janet | July 2008
Can't believe this website! Slaves of Janet at the Richmond with the Lillettes I think it was. Maybe it was somewhere else. I was there (wherever it was) but I cant remember anything else! Do I get a prize? HB

Matt Holland | Peter & The Test Tube Babies | July 2008
The Test Tubes were the only Brighton punk band who had any bollocks, though they've changed their style since them days.

Charles Carr | Slaves of Janet | Junes 2008
Anyone remember "Slaves of Janet"? They started off in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, back in 1980 or thereabouts, had a few gigs, then the lead went back to UK, who was working for Virgin at the time. I was friends with Simon Davis, who followed "Janet" back to the UK and was living in Brixton, where I visited him a few times. Simon then came back to South Africa where he passed away shortly afterwards. Simon's parents were killed the following year in a terrorist attack at a country club in Port Elizabeth. Any of this ring a bell? All the best. Charles

(also known by the punk rock bands of the time as the "magic mechanic" as I was always repairing their amps and vehicles, kind of a general handyman and hanger-on. I play the bagpipes myself, which never quite took on as a recognized punk rock instrument - being too militaristic I suppose ;-)) The history of Punk Rock is the history of the youth at a time of the Cold War, apartheid, post-Vietnam and all the other troubles of the world then - punk rock helped the world to move forward from then and it is still needed today, more than ever. The name is somewhat misleading - but Punk Rockers were people with real hearts and real concerns for their fellows. Many ex-punk rockers today hold responsible positions in government and the community and we can only hope that they haven't forgotten the messages of their youth. View pdf of South African punk press
punkdaddy writes: Initially thought this was the Brighton Slaves of Janet, but no. These guys are from S. Africa, somewhat confusing as one of them now lives in S. Africa.

View pdf of South African punk press

Paul K Jones | Ammonites | June 2008
Hello, more Ammonites please! Good to see the boys music up on the web in the manner of your most esteemed site. Keep going you guys. Paul

Attila the Stockbroker | Glastonwick | June 2008
Hi everyone.... Under 3 weeks to go to our 13th annual Glastonwick Beer, Music. Poetry and More Beer Festival, and there are still enough tickets available for everyone who is thinking about coming and hasn’t got ‘em yet, but judging by last year it will sell out in advance, so please buy them  soon if you want to be sure of getting in.  I’ve just had an email about the food, incidentally, there will be veggie, vegan, hog roast on the Sat, loads of different stuff, a lot more than last year! All details are here:
Cheers A
Attila the Stockbroker | Dick Damage | June 2008
If you read the brochures and do what they say
you prefer a holiday in Italy
meet the mafia and
get shot get shot get shot get you
(Dick Damage - get shot) 
Hallo Dick, just saw your website, I like it. Long time ago, about 2000 years, when we met in Brighton.  Good to see you are still in music. I really appreciate your lyrics, hope you write a lot. I'm still playing, wrote 10.000 songs, 5 books, publish my poems in lyirc anthologies. My last lyric project is in English, title: 69 she priest (you might have named it: 69 she bitch).
Congratulations to your marriage.  Looking forward to hear from you & enclosed I send you one of my poems & Homepage link. Wolfgang
Wolfgang SYSAK
pvc sound & lyric constructions
A-1160 VIENNA, Austria, Europe
Haberlgasse 76/1/3/11

Peter | Peter & the Test Tube Babies | June 2008
Good morning sir, what an absolutely excellent site!  I salute you on your research and presentation. When I have a bit more time I will have a dig around in the loft and see if there is anything I can send you. In the meantime here is a flyer for our next local gig. This could well turn out to be our only Brighton gig this year to celebrate our 30th anniversary! Come down to The Engine Rooms (one of the only venues locally to almost feel like the old Art College Basement AND it sells real ale) on Sat 5th of July and judge for yourself whether there is still life in these old dogs. Oh and by the way I can't shed any more light on WHO burnt down the Resource Centre but I can tell you we were the last ever band to play there. As I remember it was a Rock Against Sexism gig. To be honest it was not without incident (as were most of our gigs those days) and this was not helped by a few guys who got onstage to conduct a willy measuring contest! Hardly the time and place! Anyway I had had to pay a deposit and when I returned the next morning with the key hoping to get it back I was met by many fire engines, fireman, various local musicians trying to salvage their gear and some very irate Centre workers. We lost quite a bit of equipment that was stored in our arch downstairs but more importantly Brighton lost a lot more. The end of an era. See ya. Peter

Russell Pointing | Red Squares | June 2008
Hello, I was the 'Pete Best' of the Red Squares, and still get an enormous thrill at having been on an L.P. as a track on Vaultage 80. I got a nostalgia overload looking at your Brighton Punk site and got a real warm feeling looking back now that we're all fat old and bald, oh yes we are!! Great to see Simon Spain is still alive, he was a great friend and a great artist. After the Red Squares I had a couple of bands but concentrated on promoting other bands at the sussex sports centre and ice rink in Queen Square and finally at the Cinescene Cinema in North Street, which is now Burger King, (I hope they managed to get the graffiti off the wall), I put on all the great Brighton Bands some of whom deserved greater recognition than they got.The reason for writing is to pass on some of the pictures and posters that I've got, as I said Simon was a talented artist and did many of my posters, I'm sure he won't mind me passing them on. Theres a Golinski brothers poster, and a couple of red squares piccys, the group photo is us recording the Vaultage track at Falmer.
Please find them attached.  Regards and Thanks Russell Pointing | Hastings Pier | May 2008
Hi, I promoted punk bands on Hastings Pier 1977 (The Clash, Damned, Sham69, Stranglers etc) just asking if anyone has any pics or news cuttings of the time? Thanx. Phil Church

Dylan Amey | My Federation | May 2008
helloooo, keep all ya ears open, My Federation have only got a couple of tracks on the new Primeval ad on ITV, ITV2 & ITV3 at the mo. its bloody great. hope you are all well?? loads a love Dyl. x

Sally Chambers | Smeggy & the Cheesy Bits | May 2008
Here's an important bit of Brighton Band history.  It doesn't concern the town of Brighton, but it does involve the Brighton band, Smeggy and the Cheesybits. Letters have been appearing on the Bitching page of the House of Cheese [] about the throwing of a sandwich at the band in its early days and apparantly it was this sandwich that started the tradition of chucking flour, eggs etc. at the band, a tradition continued later in King Kurt.  This sandwich is still in existence it seems and a song has been written about it by an Isle of Wight band.  It's at the bottom of this page 
Sally Chambers.

Keith Bernstein | The Numbers | May 2008
Hello, Any idea where/if The Numbers 'Leather Jacket' is available?
Thanks, Keith

Russ Bestley | Hitsville UK | May 2008
Hiya Punk Brighton. Great site, always worth a visit and love the downloads section... Just wanted to draw your attention to the launch of my new site, Hitsville UK (see below)... I have taken the liberty of putting your link on there already, hope that's ok - I'm an old Tunbridge Wellian (though I've been in Portsmouth for 28 years now...) and was a frequent visitor to Brighton on the bus, either with skateboard in hand or to go to gigs in the late 70s/early 80s... as the Anti Nowhere League used to say, I've been to Hastings, I've been to Brighton, I've been to Eastbourne too.... If you like the site, please spread the word... All the best, Russ. Hitsville UKHello All, After many months of hard work, both by myself and web designer Rob Bevan, Hitsville UK, a detailed review of the development of UK punk and graphic design in the wider regions of the UK, is finally online. The site, based on successful exhibitions in Southampton, Blackpool and London during 2007, includes a range of free download material, punk links, and an interactive matrix displaying UK punk seven inch single sleeves by region between the years 1976 to 1984. It also details design elements and plays short sound samples of each record. To explore, go to:

The website pays tribute to the vast range of seven inch singles which came under the banner of ‘punk’ between 1976 and 1984. It aims to show new perspectives on the development of graphic styles and regional variations in punk identity away from the major metropolitan centres, and beyond the ‘key’ designers of the period who feature in a range of art and design histories. Russ Bestley

Attila the Stockbroker | Glastonwick 2008 | May 2008
Hi everyone! The tickets for Glastonwick 2008 (Our 13th Annual Beer, Music, Poetry and More Beer Festival) are now on sale.  Since last year’s event sold out, if you’re coming you’d be advised to get them some time in the next 6 weeks!  All details about where to get tickets, times, who’s playing, beer etc are on the website
And you can hear some of the bands and performers at
A bit of Attila news: if you’re in London, I’m celebrating Mayday at Islington Folk Club tonight, Thurs  (The Horseshoe, Clerkenwell Close) Lots more news coming soon: I’ve got a new book of poems (my first for 10 years) “My Poetic Licence” and new compilation CD out in June, and am doing stacks of festivals this year! Cheers Attila
Attila the Stockbroker

Jon Linscott | Post-punk reviews | April 2008
Hi Stuart, I never knew who had written or performed this track, Ticking Away.. I first heard it back in about 1984 when, on an almost obsessive crusade to acquire every recording Mike Scott (Waterboys) had ever made, I turned up a gem of a cassette. It was the 'lost' recordings by Scott's first proper band, Another Pretty Face. They'd signed to Virgin on the back of some great live performances and the thought was that Scott, heavily influenced by Patti Smith, Tom Verlaine et al at this time, would fulfill his new wave, post punk potential (I far prefer his early stuff, to where he subsequently went, with much of the APF stuff being, in my opinion, his best work). Anyway, there were two tracks sat amongst these APF recordings, and I could never work out how they fit into the sessions. Well, now it turns out that 'This is zero' and 'Ticking away' were recorded along side these APF tracks, recorded at Brittania Row studios in London, with Mike Scott playing piano on both. Apologies if you know all this, however reading your description of Ticking away on your site made me realise what a great 4 mins of music it was/is. If you don't have a copy of this version, let me know and I'd be glad to send them both to you. It's also spurred me into finding out more about TV21 and I'm making all the connections now, how did I miss this band back then?! Its good to see that they're recording again, I must try and find more of their stuff..
Thanks for the thought provoking account of your top tracks, it's taken me, rather ironically given ticking away's subject matter, on a real nostalgia trip..! Cheers, Jon

Josh Kaye | free downloads | April 2008
Hey guys! Good to listen to old Paul Martin yakking (I'm old too ya know!). I remember The Relatives, Charlie Farley and all. Great days. Rock n roll! Josh

Rob Hayes | Birds With Ears | April 2008
Demo recordings were probably done at the music deptartment at Falmer(Sussex Uni) with Billy Cowie. I certainly wouldn't remember dates really. It may be more likely that some of the demos were done on Billy's portastudio. He did those on his own, or just with Ian Smith. That was their way of presenting songs to the band; pretty much all sorted out as a basic track with drum machine, keyboards  and vocals. At a rehearsal we'd add our parts to it and arrange it between ourselves. If it was a song that I had a hand in creating it was done in a very different way.  'Danny Kaye' came about from the opening guitar riff; from me and Simon Lewis (drums) jamming together and saying, 'oh that sounds good, let's do something with it'. Ian Smith wrote lyrics which were amazing, Ian Porter came up with that bassline for the 'inch worm, inch worm' section, and the whole thing gelled into what was my favourite song to play live,certainly. 
But it truly was a nice piece of collaboration. Love Rob | The Exposed | April 2008
Hey, how's it goin? We are a Punk Rock band from Portsmouth, and are currently trying to get as many gigs as we can to promote our new demo. Over the last year we have played numerous gigs across the UK with bands including Stiff Little Fingers and The Bouncing Souls.We finished off the year with a European tour, and now we are aiming to continue developing our fan base in the UK. We're always looking to do more gigs, and we would love to play at the FreeButt. You can hear our demo on or a press pack is available on request. Hope to hear from you soon. Keep in touch. The Exposed

David Roughton | Objeks/New Objeks | April 2008
Hi, I was the bass player in the Objeks and New Objeks - and we did a recording of 2 songs when we turned into the New Objeks – I came across a cassette of these songs and have converted to mp3. The quality is a bit naff as it was not a master tape but a copy on cassette tape (seems like years ago – jeez it was years ago!) Please add them to your excellent web site: ‘Two boys talking’ and ‘Watch Television’. I also have the artwork for the cassette which I will scan and send later. One day I will find the time to send some of the photos I took when doing the Brighton bands calendar – if I can find the negatives…. 
Dawn: I have the wavs as well if you want them – I’m sure they can be improved. Best wishes, David

Dylan Amey | My Federation | April 2008
Right, MY FEDERATION's album, Dont Wanna Die out today 07/04/08 buy it please, cheers Dyl. x

Rob Struthers | Rampage & The Techniques | April 2008
Hi Daddy. I found the site after trying to find some Slaves Of Janet info, and up you popped. Ken & Jan Lailey (of SoJ) are still mates of mine and I still see them sometimes, but I was in a band called Rampage that took part in a Battle Of The Bands gig in Seaford with them. It was won by The Techniques eventually - remember them? We came second. I played guitar. I doubt anyone remembers us, but we were mod wannabes - played The Northern & Alhambra in Brighton fairly regularly until we morphed into D'Arc and became part of that moody thing that went on in the early 80's. I guess as D'Arc we did a bit better, but not much. I loved Brighton so much I moved here in '79 and stayed ever since. Great site and it's brought back a lot of memories. Rob Struthers

Simon Goddard | Memories | April 2008
What an excellent site... bought back some great memories, Thanks, Simon

Dan | Bill Nelson | March 2008
Hello Stuart. I was drawn to your review page via your Red Noise article..brilliant review! Made me dig out my old Bill Nelson LP' thanks for that. I then read your Zones did this band pass me by?
Any chance of taking up your offer of a Cd of the band? The whole website is fantastic. Dan

Riz | Vaultage 80 | March 2008
Hi, great website and tunes. You guys are doing a splendid job. Looking forward to more. Peace, Riz

Dylan Amey | My Federation | March 2008
Hey guys, this is where you can all help us. MY FEDERATION have just released their new single DONT WANNA DIE, it came out on monday 24/03/08, please all buy it. You can get it as a download on itunes,,, amazon etc. or anywhere really, it's only about 67p so please keep music live guys. If you are feeling generous, you can also buy it as a ltd edition yellow 7" vinyl, so fill ya boots. Cheers, Dyl xx PS MY FEDERATION ALBUM release 07/04/08. | Alhambra | March 2008
Hi, funnily enough Debbi recently brought your website to my attention. She also got me the old Vaultage discs on CD for me much to my enjoyment! I can't believe how many years have passed...I am now resident in California and was recently back in Brighton for the first time in years. I had to stay at the Thistle Hotel which was built on the site of the old Alhambra to honour it! Many a Sunday night spent watching the Piranhas or the Vandells at that old place...Would love to get Pete Fraser's e-mail address to touch base. Greetings from Sunny LA! Cheers, Steve Botting

Fiona Selby | free downloads | March 2008
Hello Brighton! Must say a big thank you to you for putting all this together, it has brought tears to my eyes! Seeing all those old faces and the old bands. I have now no gaps in my Vaultage tunes. Long may it continue. Love, Fiona

Mike Forcell | free downloads | February 2008
Good site. I'm amazed you've got so much stuff on here. Love the Vaultage albums, thanks for making them available. Last time I visited was back in 2004, it's really come on a bundle since then. Cheers, and hope you have a great year. Oi! Mike

Dylan Amey | My Federation | February 2008
yeah, so ya bleedin sick of us are ya?!!! Want us out of ya hair, yeah?!!! Well, just quit ya moanin and get yo bumbum to our gig at The Ocean Rooms this Friday 29th Feb. And seeing as I nearly died performing for the photo on the flyer, I think the least you could do is take a peak. We are playing with Sandweaver and Gunpowder Plot. Entry is 5 quid on the door. And we shall be onstage at 9.30pm. My Federation |

Max | Buccaneer punks | February 2008
Hi there, just ended up on the Brighton punk webshite and thought I'd drop a line. I am one of the original Brighton Buccaneer punks and attended most of the Brighton punk gigs from late 78 onwards. Be nice to see some photos up from this period, but very few people managed to afford a camera or keep it in one piece for long enough to get the prints done! Anyway I'm alive and well and working on art stuff. Just did the Bill Bailey website and many other more evil corporate things. Pleased to say I'm still sporting the mohican and making peoples lives difficult. Looking forward to more site updates. max
PS: late of God and the Crazy Lesbians from Hell

Pete Fraser | Exclusives | February 2008
Hi, I often worked with Steve Botting and his PA rig during the early 80s but never new he was an ex member of the Exclusives. I last bumped into him backstage at a Bangles gig in Berkely, California sometime in 1986 (he was engaged to marry their appears the rest is history)
"...Debbi Peterson, who has a 9-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter with husband Steve Botting (who did production management for the Bangles in the '80s), has worked on..." Well done that man. Pete Fraser
PS:  I love your site. it almost compensates for the missing brain cells, the bloody little stop outs.

Kung Fu Monsters | February 2008
THE CONCORDE 2 Madeira Drive, Brighton February 28th 2008 7:30pm £2
Now here’s a posh gig – don’t say we never treat you to anything...We're playing at the Red Stripe Music Awards showcase night on Feb 28th - AND it's only two quid to get in! Come on down, go mental for us, and have your face melted by the Concorde 2's legendary bass system. Neil's already limbering his fingers up. Penny

Alan Hall | Ijax Allstars | February 2008
Ijax Allstars photo looks like the New Regent bottom of West Street to me. I've attached our gig image for comparison. alan (emma sharpe)

Nick McGerr | Ijax Allstars | February 2008
I think you’ve got this one all wrong. I’ve got a brilliant live tape i made of them at the Executives / Woody & the Splinters free gig in Hollingbury and it sure wasn’t the line up you have in that pic. Terry Tetlow, who is Brighton’s best loved ska musician, will tell you all about it (get him a drink). Andy Taylor, who is no longer on the planet starred on vocals and mellotron. Ijax were more ska/bluebeat than dub reggae but could do it all including a massive “One Step Beyond” way before Madness. If you know how to get hold of Caroline Casswell (Brighton Uni/South East Arts Video/ “Reel Time” - Brighton Library) I’m fairly certain she can put you in touch with the festival organizer and may have a copy of the tape. Neil was in “High Time”. n
p.s. when did Executives”  release “Shy Little Girl” (as loved by J.Peel) ?

Dave "Blotto" Williams | Midnight & The Lemon Boys | February 2008
Re: Marcus Myers’ closing note on his Kemptown Rockers (whenever it was posted. I don’t know because, I confess, I haven’t been keeping track of Punk Brighton very closely of late). It’s not really true that I was ever a member of the band. Marcus, what your vague recollection stems from is the fact that, after being booted out of Nicky and the Dots in January 1979, I rehearsed once or twice with the embryonic Kemptown Rockers, down in the Vault where Sago and Ogs lived at the live, but I opted to join Peter and the Test Tube Babies instead. They were a bit more established, you know, and, vain as I was, I didn’t want to be out of the public eye for too long. I don’t remember whether I ever saw the Kemptown Rockers or Midnight and the Lemon Boys live – if I did, the loss of memory can probably be put down to excessive booze consumption. I was called Blotto after all – but I sometimes wondered whether I’d jumped the right way. The Kemptown Rockers’ style le! ft more room to move musically because the chord changes were less quick-fire, and, with my then nascent melodic tendencies as a bassist, that could have suited me better. But “Non, je ne regrette rien” – I think. (Pardon my pretentious French). Dave "Blotto" Williams

Chris Cappell | Vaultage 79 | February 2008
Hi, I remember the days pogo-ing in the Vault to Flesh and Wrist Action, there was some energy! Listening to Vaultage 79 has been a blast. Great website. Chris

stevie | Midnight & the Lemon Boys | January 2008
Can anybody get hold of Mr Myers these days? Of course we know he lives, works and plays in Spain, but has lost touch in the last year or so. Would be sincerely obliged if you knew how I could reach him again...Meanwhile, enjoy more of his past life here: Best wishes, Steve Phypers xx

Brad | Vaultage 78 | January 2008
Hi, Vaultage 78. bloody hell! Sounds dated but hey man, Brighton rocked! Peace, Brad.

Dylan Amey | My Federation | January 2008
My Feds are desperate!!!! We are playing in a Red Stripe Music Competition on Friday Jan 25th at The Providence in Brighton and we need as much support as we can get. Its £2 to get in and we are on at 10pm, but there are some fantastic bands in the competition as well, so it's well worth coming down earlier. Cheers Loads, Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Marta Helis | Vaultage 78 | January 2008
Nice variety on tunes, so different as bands can be. Good days in Alhambra and Buccaneer. Marta xxx

BIGTIMEKARAOKE | Vaultage | January 2008
This is site is sooo addictive! Since first discovering it, I have now added all the Mp3 files I never had to my Vaultage collection. The quality isn't always great but I have improved some of these no end using Wavepad studio. I would really like a copy of The Piranhas single Zambezi with the two B-sides I've never heard of, namely Who Neeeds You and Darrabukkas. God only knows how it slipped my attention when released. Can you help? Surely someone must have the Piranhas Marquee Club complete gig recorded (Cheap and Nasty). If my memory serves me correctly, there was a cassette that predated the Vaultage series, what was on it? After forming a band in Brighton last year, two of us moved  to Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells, but still play every now and then in the usual venues in Brighton. Check out our website, - And yes, I do Karaoke for a living  (someone has to).  All the best, - Wag
P.S. Do you recall a band who I believe came from Worthing called "The Dots" who released a single called Helen in ya Headphones on EMI - were they the Dots who were on the Vaultage LP's?

Mr JCD | 7" singles | January 2008
Hey!   Remember me?  Johnny at Virgin. About 15 years ago I fled the UK for California.  I have a strange feeling I left a box of 7" singles behind.  Did I leave them with you by any chance? Maybe it was all a dream. Hope all is well. Mr. JCD

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