About the Lillettes

Lillettes scrapbook | Gig listing 1979

Tim Vicious • drums
Dave Robson • guitar, bass
Mick Perrin • vocals, bass, guitar, accordion
Phil Perfect • vocals, lead guitar
Barb Dwyer • vocals
Robyn Banks • keyboards

Formed in 1978 from the remnants of
Flesh. Barb, Phil and Mick wrote the words to the songs and everyone wrote the music, as and when. Phil, Mick & Dave played in the Flesh in the early days of punk back in 1977. Drummer Tim came from a kind of folk band called Biggles. We should've realised then. He couldn't play much and had virtually no kit, so he was our man. We wanted to mould him in our own image. Subvert him. Which we did.

The Lillettes featured on the second Attrix Records album Vaultage 79, with Hey Operator and Nervous Wreck. These tracks were released on CD in 1997 to celebrate twenty years of punk music, titled The Vaultage Punk Collection, on
Cherry Red Records. The CD also features lots of other Vaultage bands.

"Don't aerosol that sweaty pit
The ozone layer don't like it
so they say
so they say"

Where are they now?
Drummer Tim Vicious was seen behind the bar at the London Unity a good few years ago, where he was the landlord for several years. He has now moved on and works at Sussex University. After the LIllettes Tim played with
Reward System

Keyboard player Robyn Banks lives in a cottage out in the sticks. The keyboard wizard is currently playing much more guitar and recording with his band, The Provocateurs

Mick Perrin, having spent some years as tour manager for Ardal O'Hanlon and Julian Clary amongst others, is now head of Mick Perrin Productions, promoting Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Tony Robinson, Reginald D Hunter - the list is impressive.
For full spec, Visit Mick's website: mickperrin.com

Bass player and guitarist Dave Robson is working for social services, still recording and playing.

Vocalist Barb Dwyer is still singing and living in town. She now runs a Fair Trade importers and does monthly Fair Trade Markets at the Friends' Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton. She also has a shop at Brighton Marina. Visit her website lovethatstuff.co.uk

Lead guitarist Phil Perfect aka punkdaddy has been doing this website for the last ten years. His first solo album Retard In The White House came out on CD in 2006, followed by an album in 2007 with Dick Damage, TSDS (The Shit Don't Stick). Watch punkdaddy in live interview with the BBC.

News on punkdaddy's forthcoming book:
"The Punk History Of Brighton" book version went into production in October 2007. Release and launch to be announced, probably Autumn 2008". This is what my publishers told me in 2007.

The moral of the story is - never trust a publisher! They've now said 2010. Your guess is as good as mine when it will eventually see the light of day.

Mick and Barb

Lillettes lyric from So They Say (1978) wriiten by Mick Perrin, though my memory is not what it was

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Lillettes scrapbook

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Lillettes Gig List 1979 + John Peel intro

Richmond, Jan 30 + Dodgems
Balatons, Feb 17
Alhambra, Feb 20 + Nicky & the Dots
Richmond, Feb 27 + The Executives
Richmond, Mar 13 + Chicane
Eva's, Cheltenham, April 2
Castle, Peacehaven, April 8
Richmond, April 10 + Staa Marx
Buccaneer, Easter Rave, April 14
+ Vandells, No Exit
Buccaneer, April 16 + Parrots
Six Bells, Chiddingly, April
Lottbridge Arms, Eastbourne, April 28
Buccaneer, May 7 + The Numbers
Six Bells, Chiddingly, May
Pavilion Theatre, May 16 + Devils Dykes
Hanbury Arms, May 18
+ Woody & the Splinters
Resource Centre, May 19 + Alternative British Army + Dirty Weekend
Sussex University, May 24 + Piranhas
The Vault, May 26 + Smeggy & the Cheesy Bits
Six Bells, Chiddingly, June
The Cage, June 8 + Devils Dykes
Resource Centre, June 10
Richmond, June 12

Hastings Pier, Flesheater's Ball, June 16
+ Piranhas + Nicky & the Dots +Smeggy & the Cheesy Bits
Purley Hall, June
Six Bells, Chiddingly, July
Richmond, July 10 + Siren
Red Lion, Gravesend, July
Richmond, Aug 14 + Golinski Brothers
Royal, Guildford, Aug 17
Six Bells, Chiddingly, Aug
Royal, Guildford, Sept
Six Bells, Chiddingly, Sept
Royal, Guildford, Oct
Six Bells, Chiddingly, Oct
Plumpton College, Nov 10
Richmond, Nov 13 + Ijax Allstars
Art College Basement, Nov 14 + The Chefs
Sussex University, Mandela Hall, Nov 16 + Piranhas + Dodgems
Six Bells, Chiddingly, Nov
Royal, Guildford, Nov
Buccaneer, Dec 6 + Dick Damage & Co
+ Midnite Action
Six Bells, Chiddingly, Dec
Alhambra, Dec 12 + The Cheeks

Download a tongue-in-cheek interview with the Lillettes from Brighton Voice (1979)

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