About Idrenes

Leroy Shamis • vocals)
Paul Simms • rhythm
Steve Kelly • sax
Robert Lovell • bass
Ken Phelps • drums

The song Red, Gold and Green was featured on Vaultage 80. Recorded at Sound Sense, Seaford.

We need more info on this band, anyone help?
Drummer Ken Phelps previosuly played in Flesh

Torsten | Sept 2009
Yes punk addy, after about a decade of searching, I finally came across your site and found the song I was looking for:
Red Gold and Green by the Idrenes

Yet it is a cover of a Jamaican roots reggae band, but this original tune seems to be impossible to retrieve.

If you (or anyone else) should have the Vaultage 80 album, it might be possible to find at least the original writers in the liner notes or on the label.

Any kind of help is highly appreciated (or rastawise spoken "appreciloved"). Many thanx in advance and 1love. Torsten aka RedHigh


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