About This Colour

Lyell Drummond • vocals
Bruce Maxwell-Smith • guitar
Mark Thursfield • bass
Paul Denny/Oggs • drums

This Colour emerged from a surprisingly vibrant music scene in Worthing in early 1981. The first incarnation featured Lyell Drummond (vocals), Michael Livingston, (guitar), Dave Brown (bass) and Smivs (drums). They recorded ‘I Cry’ under the name This Colour.

The line-up solidified in late 1981 with singer Lyell joining up with Bruce Maxwell-Smith (guitar), Mark Thursfield (bass) and Paul Denney (drums), who had made up the highly regarded post-punk three-piece, The Egocentrics. Thursfield had co-produced ‘I Cry’ and had also written the song ‘This Colour’ from which the band took their name.

They recorded their early sessions in Worthing’s much lamented Pebble Beach Studios.

The tracks were engineered and co-produced by Roger ‘The Pope’ Tebbutt. The sound was fresh, new and very much cutting edge. It derived much from the virtuosity and creativity of Maxwell-Smith’s guitar. When first played on Radio Brighton, there was something of a seed change in the existing music scene.

This Colour quickly became one of the biggest draws in Brighton and the surrounding area and played most of the major London venues. Paul Denney was eventually replaced by Peter & the Test Tubes Oggs on drums. Aside from their own headline gigs, they supported the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, Bauhaus, Nick Cave and The Birthday Party and Southern Death Cult.

The band eventually parted ways in 1983 with Maxwell teaming up with former Midnight and the Lemon Boys front-man Marcus Myers, while Drummond and Thursfield went on to form The Jungle.

Mark Thursfield | March 2009
Hi guys - thanks the This Colour page looks great - except although the line up mentioned recorded a single track under that name, they never did a gig. The above line up is the one that recorded and gigged. This Colour was a project that I was working on with Lyell, but I was contracted to a label at the time.

Once that finished, Lyell just joined us - and we took on the name, which as I mentioned was a project and a song that I wrote anyway. That is also the line-up in all the pictures too. Thanks again, Mark

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