About Louder Animal Group

Nick Dwyer • vocals
Chris D'Ouseley • guitar
Simon Dwyer • keyboards, buttons
Paul Clark • bass

Apart from former Nicky & the Dots front man Nick Dwyer, I've no idea who was in this band. In the picture opposite that looks like another former Dot, Chris D'Ouseley but I can't be certain.

If any of you out there know who the other members were please email us and we'll get their names up on this page.

They made their own single entitled Pip Pop on Ears Pop (Products) which presumably was Nick's own label as the sleeve bears his old address in Bonchurch Road. Just like the Dots, this was a shortlived outfit, they kind of came and went in the space of a few months.

Blotto | Louder Animal Group | May 2011
Hi Phil. Certainly is sad news about Dick Damage. He was quite a character.

But my main reason for writing is to supply information about the Louder Animal Group. This rather self-consciously arty successor to Nicky and the Dots had Paul Clark on bass, rather than myself.

Thus “the metamorphosis of Nicky and the Dots into the Louder Animal Group” had nothing to do with Paul joining the Piranhas, although when he made that move it may have triggered the end of the Louder Animal Group.

The fourth member of the LAG was Nick’s brother Simon, who I think played keyboards and operated the drum machine. By the way, a late-period Nicky and the Dots song called Simon’s Jacket referred to Simon Dwyer. I think it was written by Nick.

Jay Derrick (hi Jay!) is also mistaken when he writes that Blotto "went off and joined the Chefs”. In fact I was never a Chef.

After declining to have anything to do with the LAG (I doubt if they wanted me anyway) I disappeared back to Burgess Hill for several months before getting involved with Nick Greenwood and Penny Heathcote. This led to the formation of the Corvettes.
All the best, Blotto (Dave Williams)

Carole Page | November 2008
Hi. By sheer coincidence and a wave of nostalgia, I checked out your site after a long absence! It's really really good now, and full of the detail which reminds us all of that brilliant era.

My partner is no less than Chris D'Ouseley! He was indeed a member of LAG. I have more info than that, and I'll send you it as soon as poss, but I need to talk to him a bit more before passing it all on to you. Just thought you'd like to know. I'll be in touch soon! Love and best wishes, Carole

Main picture above from
The Attrix Calender 1981

from Mr Jay Derrick - December 2010

Jay Derrick | Louder Animal Group
Hi Phil, I was just looking at the Louder Animal Group page of the site.  You ask for more on the other members of the band, in particular who played bass and drums.  

The LAG single, Pip-pop, lists the personnel as: Metal finger by Wet Blanket, Ear-drums by Louis Cans, Bass-hum by Two Careers, Voice Guitar by Mr Kipling, and Hiss by Sound Scene Studios.  I don’t remember who played bass, maybe it was Blotto before he went off and joined the Chefs, but the answer to the drummer mystery is that they used a drum machine. 

I remember this well because it was a little controversial at the time.  Brighton Voice carried a story about the Dots splitting up and morphing into the Louder Animal Group, and noting that the Dots drummer Ken Hogg appeared to have been replaced by a machine, the Voice suggested that this might be a trade union issue!  This suggested the possibility of Musicians Union pickets outside LAG gigs!

The Voice interviewed the LAG, who were quoted as saying ‘The machine is much better, you don’t have to buy it drinks’.  Ken retorted saying that he bought all he drinks anyway! 

The short life of LAG suggests that the new formula had problems too.  I’m not sure about the timing, but the metamorphosis of Nicky and the Dots into the Louder Animal Group might have been one of the effects of Paul Clark going off to become a Piranha.
Perhaps we need a sort of Pete Frame family tree of Brighton bands in the late 70s….  A key figure on such a diagram would be Paul Clark (Attrix, Nicky and the Dots, the Piranhas, and Pookiesnackenburger) – I don’t know if anyone else played in so many different outfits.
All the best Phil, Jay

from Mr Nick Dwyer - November 2011

Nick Dwyer | Louder Animal Group

Hey Phil, Very impressed with the mass of archive material on site. I've remembered things I didn't think I did.

To answer the questions about Louder Animal Group...

Line up was Nick Dwyer on vocals and guitar, Chris Douseley on lead guitar, Paul Clark on bass and Mick Dwyer (NOT Simon) on beatbox.

In photo on seafront arch, Chris, Mick, me. The song by Nicky and the Dots "Who is Simon" was about my brother, maybe. There wasn't a song called "Simon's jacket". Not one I remember anyway!

LAG became an even more arty-farty band called "Men in the Garden" (ND Drums, MD Keys/vox, CD Guitar/vox and new man Mick Petts on sax) who had the privilege of driving overnight to Paris to be told to leave the stage after two semi improvised songs.

In retrospect the French were right: it was up it's own arse!

Keep up the good work of making us all feel as though we made a difference!
All the best, Nick Dwyer

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