About Hollow Men

Andrew Filshie • vocals, guitar, synth
Gwyn Morgan • bass
Martin Rooth • drums

The song Never Again was featured on Vaultage 80. Music by Morgan and Filshie. Recorded and producd by Laurie Poore at his studio, 1980.

Gwyn was a Welshman who drifted to Brighton during the summer of 1980. He hung around the Attrix shop a lot and played in another ad-hoc band, the semi-legendary Picture Sleeves: Rick Blair, Nick Dwyer, Gwn Morgan and Shaun Jones, who played one gig only, at the Alhambra.


'Laugh at our skeletal sisters
sobbing in the shade
with dried out faces
and paperback spines
watch their crazed
and mutant children
spitting in the dust
of their minds
and pissing on the statues
they'd made'

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