About the Same

Original Line-Up:
Steve Rose • guitar, vocals
Pete Juster • bass
Tony Denier • drums

Mark Lame:
Hello, cheers, for the great site! I host a radio show at University dedicated to c.76-84 UK punk/pop/ska and am always looking for more insight into the history of the many great bands from that era. I was well pleased when a fellow fan and collector turned me on to your site. Most of the Brighton bands I know of were on the Attrix label and therefore are included here and thanks much for adding the Numbers!

Here's another band that might be worth adding:The Same - "Movements" / "Wild About You" (80 - Wessex, reissued on Blueprint with the sides flipped). This band were apparently from Worthing and unfortunatly I don't know anything else about them, but it's a great Mod/Ska single!

There was also a band on the 'Uppers On The South Downs' LP with this name from Bexhill/Eastborne... maybe someone can finally clear up the confusion as to whether there was any relation between these combos? It's widely believed they're not, but it's always possible a member moved and opted to use the name when issuing some new recodings.
Hey, it confused people over the two Liverpool / Wales Spitfire Boys 7"s for years before it was finally revealed by guitarist Dave Litter that this was exactly what happened in that case!)

Alfred Armstrong:
Hi, I see you now have a page for my old friends the Same. I can add a little to your info. They were formed as Better Looking in Worthing in about 1974, and played under that name until about 1978, when they changed their name to fit in better with the mod revival. Musically they were essentially a power pop band. Better Looking also included Brian Morris on rhythm guitar.

Pete, Steve and Brian were all at Worthing High School for boys at the same time as I was. Pete and Steve were in the year below me and Brian was in the year above. They played a lot of gigs in Worthing and Brighton.

I remember in particular the Alhambra. I acted as DJ at a number of their gigs, and also supported them as the bass guitarist of Twist and Shout, another Worthing band of the time, though one much less successful.

There is a photographer called Simon Potter who sent you an email a while back, who may still have photos of the band he could pass on. Sadly I don't have any myself.

Dick | December 2008
Hi I have found a 45 record by the same:  A side Movements B side Wild About You. Cover picture Movements cartoon couple dancing, other side Wild About You cartoon man leaping and face of girl wearing sunglasses on Blueprint label, good condition. Has it any value? 
R Taylor

Simon Woolven | December 2008
The Same single is worth about £50 in perfect condition, or the Wessex label release is worth about £70 in perfect condition. They were a great bunch who once played a free gig for the National Foster Care Association for us in Worthing.

When they turned up there was no access to electricity and very little assistance available, did they throw a wobbler and walk away? No, they just worked their butts off to get it all sorted and then went on to play a gig which won a great deal of respect and admiration from all that were there! 

The Same Interview from Situation Butane fanzine 1980 (downloadable pdf)

Wild About You mp3 on punkbrighton jukebox

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