About Chicane

Grant Boult • vocals (1978-79)
Rick Sharpe • vocals/guitar (1979-80)
Graham Torre • drums (1978-80)
Dave Derkin • bass (1978-80)
Andrew Garth • vocals/guiitar (1978-80)
Tim Larcombe • vocals/lead guitar (1978-80)

Chicane were playing as support to the Piranhas the night the late, great John Peel came to the Alhambra to review the band for the Vaultage 78 album. Read John Peel's Review

Colin Larcombe | November 2007
I would like to add a little known fact that Chicane had an occasional 5th member in the late 70's. Chicane played on Radio Sussex and I played saxophone on Glad All Over. a cover by the Dave Clark Five.

This was quite an achievement seeing that I was only 12 at the time and had ingrown toenails which meant I used to walk around in slippers with the toes cut out. I used to have the tape of this, but alas it has been lost over the years. Regards, Colin Larcombe.

Chicane mp3's can be found on the jukebox

Rob Derkin | May 2006
I played keyboards in Chicane, being the youngest member I often got left out of band photo's (thank goodness). I played the night Peel came down. He came over afterwards and introduced himself. I was too young to really appreciate what a legend he was. He seemed like a nice bloke from what I can remember.

After Grant Boult and Tim Larcombe left we got in another singer/guitarist called Rick, can't remember his last name? We got a mention in 'Sounds' after plastering most of Brighton with our stickers. We went on to have 4 No.1's and sold over 8 million albums in Japan. Paul Weller became my brothers roadie. Rob Derkin

Chicane with the Teenbeats

Rob Derkin | May 2006
Here's a link to our song for hecklers that John Peel mentions in his report from The Alhambra. Not exactly 'mod' but probably one of our best tunes. Recorded by our dad on his old reel to reel in 1979 @ Sticky Fingers doughnut shop which doubled as our rehearsal studio.

Rob Derkin | May 2006
Hi punkdaddy, the singer we got in after Grant was Rick Sharpe. I've just got hold of an original Chicane sticker off my mum. You can use it on the site but don't eBay it. Cheers, Rob Derkin
punkdaddy's reply: Makes a half-decent badge!

Grant Boult and Dave Derkin in 2003

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Chicane Scrapbook

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