About Joby & the Hooligans

Joby Visigoth • vocals
Helen McCookerybook • bass, vocals
Steve Beardsley • guitar
Ricky Rich • drums

Early Vault band who had plenty of energy and attitude. Joby wore a safety pin through his nose and went through a few contortions on stage as he got the Vault pogo-ing.

In mid-1978, Joby & the Hooligans morphed briefly into the Smartees, with the addition of Carl Evans on guitar and Tracy Preston on vocals, Steve Beardsley (aka Steve Video) adding saxophone to guitar. Artistic differences led to the Smartees dissolving in late 1978.

Thanks to Hooligan's drummer Ricky Rich who sent us a load of photos and this link

A few of their song titles:
• (I want an) Elsinore
• A Vandal Ain't No Scandal
• Seeboard Gas
• Looking through Gary Glitter's Eyes
• Mary Bell• Kiss your feet

Helen later formed the Chefs

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Joby & the Hooligans scrapbook

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