About Devils Dykes

Jen Green • vocals, rhythm guitar
Stella Morgan • keyboards
Heather de Lyon • drums
Pete Clarke • bass
Sal Horne • reggae scraper

Vaultage78 Review by John Wellington
Brighton & Hove Gazette, Dec 1978:

The Devil’s Dykes are a brand new band who played their first public gig at the Rock Against Racism and Sexism festival. They played a good, boppy set with a nice warm feeling...

Says Heather: "About half our songs have political overtones. We think that rock music is too male-dominated and if women see us then they may think tht they can do it too. But we dont want to be too heavy. A lot of the songs dont mean much."

Two of their best songs, Fruitless and Plastic Flowers are on the Vaultage 78 album."

Death of Pete Clarke, January 2007
So sorry to have to announce another recent death, that of Devils' Dykes bass player Pete Clarke from cancer.

Bridget Fagan | 24 January 2007
Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear that Pete Clarke has died of cancer.  He was a guitarist with the Devil's Dykes and is in the photos on the web-site. 

He was the Children's Commissioner for Wales and the Social Work press is carrying tributes to him this week. 

I'm glad to have known him and enjoyed some mad moments with him playing with the Devil's Dykes in Brighton and at the Oval in Kennington thirty years ago. Bridget Fagan

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