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19 tracks from the Parrots/VolSec

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The Parrots/Vol Sec CD is made up of 19 tracks of songs written by members of the band, including Vicious Circles, Pinhead Refugees, (Don't give up your) Dayjob, Photography Song, Love (sic), and Vasectomy, all played by the band at the recent AllDayer gig.
The tracks on the CD were mixed and converted from analogue tapes by Stuart Jones

They include 2 tracks released on Vaultage 78, 4 tracks released on a 12" EP by the Parrots in 1980, 4 tracks released as a casette by Vol Sec in 1981, other unreleased studio recordings of songs played regularly by the band, one rough live track recorded at the Great Dane in Seaford in 1981, one further live track recorded at a Parrots and Lillettes reunion gig at the Zap Club in 1984, and a seriously funky rehearsal track, quite unlike anything else done by either the Parrots or Vol Sec, in which Rick Blair cuts loose on a Wasp Synth! 

The CD contains a picture sleeve and full recording and personnel details, and the first copies ordered also contain a pictorial insert commorating the band's re-animation at the Prince Albert PunkBrighton AllDayer in October 2010. 

PARSEC at the Albert Sat 8th Jan 2011

One of the Brighton bands that performed beyond the normal call of duty at the the punkbrighton Alldayer back in October, The Parrots / Vol Sec - were back at the Albert on Saturday night under the name of PARSEC .

As expected, they played another top class set. Sam Blair was again in fine form with his riffs and vocals while Brenda added some more style when she sang towards the end of the set. Nick Wells played some sparkling lead guitar from start to finish.

PARSEC were supported admirably by the Hollywood Assassins, who came onto the bill at less than 24 hours notice and Fractured, who played a tight set with some resounding guitar work and no lack of humour in their vocal delivery. All in all a splendid evening. Thanks guys and gals.

About Vol Sec

Brenda Robinson • vocals
Rick Blair • guitar, vocals, synth
Colin Murray • bass
Jay Derrick • keyboards, synth, vocals
Nick Wells • guitar
Les Phillips • drums

Vol Sec (originally Voluntary Sector) emerged from the Parrots in late 1979 or early 1980, around the time that their terrific drummer Russ Greenwood left to join the Chefs. Les Phillips was recruited to play drums, Brenda Robinson joined as a singer and songwriter, and Tom White played trumpet.

Vol Sec continued to play many of the Parrots' songs, including those from the Parrots 12" EP which was released about the same time. But Brenda in particular started contributing new songs with a very different feel, including Why

Dress For Men, Love (sic), Beachy Head Blues and Vasectomy, and some of Vol Sec's music moved further towards new-wave funk.

Vol Sec released a four-track audio tape in late 1980, featuring State Education, Vasectomy, Love (sic) and Delusions of Romance.

Love (sic) was used as the signature tune for Radio Brighton's weekly programme featuring Brighton bands, which went out during 1980-81. Vol Sec played together till late 1981. Colin Murray later formed TV Scream with Lol Henderson.

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