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Piranhas third Peel session, Lambrettas, Chicane gallery, Slaves of Janet and more

punkdaddy writes: Ah, flaming June, innit? Bloody hope so, we're due a long hot summer to get everyone in the right mood. Like to say a big thank you to all who have contributed over the last couple of months. I've been swamped with new material and here is some of it for your delight and delectation.

The third Piranhas session on the John Peel Show features 4 more tracks, among them Green Don't Suit Me, my personal Piranhas favourite of all time. What a rollicking number it is, with Bob Grover's witty and perceptive lyrics backed up by the band at their absolute peak. Maybe it was the prevailing political climate of the time that prevented this song from being released as a single. It's always baffled me.

Also built a basic page on the Lambrettas, as a tribute to the foremost exponents of Brighton's mod revival. Sad to hear about the passing of singer Jez Bird, who was a lovely bloke. He'll be sorely missed. I'm putting together a gallery for the band which'll be posted next month. Thanks to Simon Woolven for a vast array of photos, not just of the Lambrettas but several other bands, so there's a lot more to come.

There's John Peel introducing the Executives, a new gallery added to Chicane, more photos from Jonnie & the Lubes and Wrist Action and a couple of tracks from Slaves of Janet posted on the punkbrighton jukebox. One track in particular, Italy, shows what a good band they were, but like all things punk, amazingly shortlived. Follow the links in the section below or the panel on the right. Finally, the scandal of MP's expenses reiterates the old punk addage: don't vote, it only encourages them. What a bunch of arrogant piss-takers. Up yours!

• NEW: Piranhas third John Peel session 16-01-80 - 4 tracks
• NEW: Lambrettas - new band page
• NEW: Executives - introduced by John Peel + new artwork
• NEW: Chicane - photo gallery
• NEW: Jonnie & the Lubes - more photos
• NEW: Slaves of Janet - 2 tracks added to punkbrighton jukebox
• NEW: Wrist Action - new photos
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Above: A fine mod band, The Lambrettas, with Jez Bird, top left, who died last August

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