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Hey everyone! Stuart Jones here, elbowing my way into punkdaddy's domain again. You know this blogging lark that seems to have caught on so much? Well, I've got it bad, doctor...is there a cure? There are a good deal of them, all featuring free mp3s for your delectation

The Fiction Factory offers free mp3s of audio short stories. There are examples of horror, comedy and suspense for those bleak evenings when there's only shit on tv. For seventies glam, punk, soul, folk, pop etc then go to The Super Seventies, which has new additions every two months.

I’ve written a couple of novels, psychological thrillers. The first, The World Upstairs, is available as a free online audio book. Mr. Obscure has become insanely popular, with a growing crop of global visitors spreading the word.

Here you’ll find album tracks, forgotten b-sides, long-deleted things and peculiar oddities. New tracks arrive on the first day of each month.

As far as I'm concerned these are not blogs in the accepted sense. They aren't confessionals or diary outpourings. They are, to me, regular web pages offering shitloads of splendid free music.

A good starting point for those who are new to the world of Mr. Obscure is the Directory, from where you can learn more about it all and choose where you want to go.

I hope you'll visit these pages regularly and grab whatever you like - and don't forget to bookmark the best ones!

Stuart Jones

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