About the Lambrettas

Jez Bird • vocals, guitar
Doug Sanders • guitar, vocals
Paul Wincer • drums
Mark Ellis • bass

"The Lambrettas were an English mod revival band, active in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Named after the iconic Italian Lambretta scooter brand popular among mods, the band was formed in Brighton. Their original line-up consisted of Jez Bird, Doug Sanders, Mark Ellis and Paul Wincer.

Their biggest hit was in 1980, with a cover version of the 1950's Leiber and Stoller song, Poison Ivy, which reached No.7 in the UK Singles Chart. They scored a No.12 hit with the follow-up, Da-a-a-nce.

In the same year, they released the album Beat Boys in the Jet Age, which reached No.28 on the UK Albums Chart, and another charting single, Another Day (Another Girl). All these releases were issued by Rocket Records.

After the mod revival scene faded, subsequent singles, which included a 1982 cover of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love - featuring Patrick Freyne on drums - and a second album, 1981's Ambience (drummer Paul Wincer left the band and was replaced on the album by Steve Bray), were commercial failures.

The band played their final concert in London, on 14 April 1982. Jez re-formed the band in the 1990's, performing at small venues in England, and recording several demos for a new album that was never issued.

Many sources state that bassist Mark Ellis has for many years used the pseudonym 'Flood' -- well known for his work with such artists as U2 on remixes, etc. This is, in fact, a different Mark Ellis. Doug Sanders still plays in a band called Zenhouse. Founding member Jez Bird died of cancer on 27 August 2008, at the age of 50."

The above extract was lifted from Wikipedia

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