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APL were the mindless bozos of punk, says expert

In the wake of bozoism at Euro 2000, back in the heady days of 78-79, the APL (Anti-Piranha League) surfaced at Piranhas gigs in and around town. Quite what their beef with the band was all about is still baffling now, but possibly it was because the Piranhas played some Anti-Nazi League benefits. The APL certainly made their presence felt. And it wasnt good natured. Their aim seemed to be to cause aggro at Piranhas gigs, but it soon spread to other gigs too.They even had their own badges made up though none of them were part of any band.

A local punk historian told us: "At a Pavilion Theatre gig, during a set by the Lillettes, a wino wandered in off the street and onto the stage and asked if the band knew any Frank Sinatra stuff. He was pissed as a rat. The Lillettes duly obliged with a socking version of 'My Way' a la Sid Vicious. Several people called for the guy to get off the stage. Three APL geezers turned on one joshing heckler and proceeded to beat the living crap out of the poor sod."

The APL had a badge but no band. They didnt like the Piranhas much.
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