About the Numbers

Kev Willets • drums
Trotsky • bass
Bill Darby • guitar
Paul Shand • vocals, guitar

Four lads who made it onto vinyl with an EP entitled The Numbers, featuring such gems as Rock Stars, Leather Jacket, Fines, I Dont Know What I Want and Film Extra.

Back in Nov 2000, stuart@smlc.demon.co.uk sent us this e-mail to which we immediately responded by creating a page. Hope it meets with your approval, Stuart.

Any chance of another section - bands from the surrounding area? There were several good bands who played the Alhambra - the Numbers for example (incidentally, I'd love to get a tape of more of their music, the EP they released just isn't enough!) and also a few bands who played regularly in Worthing: Edwin Frog and the Bloated Toads, Luke Warm and the Tepids (I was Luke Warm!)

Keith Bernstein | May 2008
Hello, Any idea where/if the Numbers 'Leather Jacket' is available? Thanks, Keith

Thanks to Paul Shand for sending in a link to the Numbers EP, loading in the panel opposite.

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