About Flesh

Ken Phelps • drums
Dave Robson • guitar
Phil Perfect • guitar
Tony Morewood • vocals
Later Mick Perrin • bass

Played mainly at the Vault, but also the Resource Centre, Alhambra, the Richmond, Art College Basement, wherever they could. Flesh supported the Depressions, Piranhas and Nicky and the Dots amongst others.

Manic singer Tony liked to insult the audience and get them worked up as much as he could. Flesh were high-energy with fast-paced songs such as Apathy in the UK and Jobs For The Boys.

Bassist Dave and drummer Ken's pumping rhythm section were complimented by Phil's colourful guitar work topped off with Tony's strangulated vocalising and sinuous gyrations.

After Tony left the band, Phil, Mick and Dave went

on to form the nucleus of the Lillettes. Mick was playing in Laughing Gass and was poached one night at the Richmond by Phil and Dave. Ken later formed the reggae oufit Idrenes. Tony went on to become a stand-up comic.

Mick and Ozzy Garvey from the Depressions were having a gobbing contest at the time. This was our introduction to our new bass player. This was punk.

Flesh scrapbook

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