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Wreckless Eric, Fan Club, Piranhas, 1st Avenue fanzine

punkdaddy writes:
It's been a year of second comings, with the Ammonites original line-up leading the way back in January, with a belter of a set at the Portland. Then last month, the Golinski Brothers resurrection to celebrate thirty years of Vaultage 79, blew the roof off the Albert. Only just recovering from the lingering buzz and Wreckless Eric was back in town.

He hasn't re-formed his band, he just never went away. Duetting with Amy Rigby, his American wife, who sings as well as playing guitar and keyboards, Eric rolled back the years to show what a fine entertainer he is. Read my review and see the photos from yet another memorable night at the Albert.

Thanks to Jonnie of the Lubes for the loan of his fanzines. I've now scanned them all in, cleaned them up (bloody hell, am I a nerd?), and 1st Avenue (No.1) is now available as a .pdf for you to view online or download. Among the artists featured in the fanzine are Amazorblades, Arthur Brown, Graham Parker and Woody & the Splinters.

1st Avenue offers a useful insight into the way things were circa 1978. It's signed off by a Johnny Marre. If you're reading this Johnny, or any of the 1st Avenue crew, please get in touch.

To round things off, I've also added more photos to the Fan Club and Piranhas' galleries. Check out the section below for all the relevant links. If all that doesn't keep you happy until next time, up yours!

NEW: Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - live at the Albert
NEW: Fan Club - new photos added to gallery
NEW: Piranhas - new photos added to gallery
NEW: 1st Avenue No.1 - Brighton fanzine, free download
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Above: Loads of fun at the Albert with Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby. Photos and gig review >

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Wreckless Eric
& Amy Rigby
at the Prince Albert
Wed Sept 23rd

Review & photos
of Eric's gig GO >

Golinski Brothers Resurrection
Check out their
photos & slideshow >

What a night!

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