About Joe Dash

Shaun Jones • vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jon Goode • guitar
Dave Godot • bass
Paul 'Ludo' Martin • bass
Mark Leechasko • drums

Shaun Jones came to the Attrix shop in Brighton from the Worthing area after his twin brother Stuart made contact with Rick and Julie Blair. The brothers helped the Blairs stock the shop, and so became part of the Attrix team.

Stuart was manager or the Chefs and later Birds With Ears while Shaun learnt a few guitar chords from Rick and some other friends, wrote his first songs and invited Jon Goode and Dave Godot from Dick Damage's & the Dilemma to join his fledgeling group, at this stage without a drummer.

This was dubbed 'Joe Dash', which was a bit confusing for local gig promoters as they thought it was a solo act, a singer-songwriter or a stand-up comedian.

Shaun's brother Stuart sat in on drums until a more professional sticksman could be found,

and through the friendly machinations of ex-Piranhas fan club secretary Suzie Horne, now working at MCA records in Piccadilly, London, Joe Dash were booked in at the demo studio at the top of the building for two sessions over a weekend in mid-August 1981.

This went well, with four interesting and charismatic tracks put down on tape. Joe Dash played all the usual Brighton venues, sharpening the material and gelling as a pretty tight unit.

In September 1981 they found a dynamite drummer in the form of Mark Leechasko, who was joining his first group. A fan of Echo and the Bunnymen, Mark was a powerhouse who added much needed muscle. Then Dave Godot was replaced by the best bass player in town at that time, Paul 'Ludo' Martin from the Life Size Models, formerly in the Relatives and the Molesters.

Shaun, now calling himself Times, began writing stronger and darker material. He changed the group's name to Venus In Furs following a second studio demo session, this

time in Worthing) but after a further year of many gigs and the recording of a 3-track single, the band split up.
That single became Record of the week in Melody Maker, reviewed by Morrissey, who loved it.

Five critically-acclaimed albums were issued under the name Venus In Furs between 1984 and 1990, but these were largely the work of Shaun Jones on his own, overdubbing virtually all the instruments.

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