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Depressions, Joe Dash, Poison Girls gallery, Golinski Bros

punkdaddy writes:
To spruce up a Bank Holiday weekender, here's a rare recording of Do You Love Me from the Depressions, before they shortened their name to the DP's. If my memory aint deceiving me it's a cover of the old Bryan Poole & the Tremeloes hit. Not the best recording you've ever heard but maybe the first time you've heard it.

Built a new band page on Joe Dash, who were fronted by Shaun Jones, brother of Stewy, author of the Attrix Memoirs. The song Incest is an interesting bit of whimsy from a guy who looked initially as if he would make a big impact on the local scene. Joe Dash were shortlived however and Shaun later re-emerged with Venus In Furs. Also created a gallery for the Poison Girls to accommodate new material. Ta Simon!

After the Ammonites absolute ripper of a show at the Portland back in January of this year, the Golinski Brothers will attempt to blow our hats off at the Albert on Sept 5th. Billed as the Golinski's Resurrection, to celebrate 30 years since Vaultage 79 hit the streets, the original line-up have got back together from all corners of the globe. That's a feat in itself. Take part in the competition and win a copy of Vaultage 79.

With camera & notebook at the ready, yours truly will be down there on the night as MC and punkbrighton's eyes and ears. It's a great opportunity to get down there and heckle me in between the bands. You know you want to. Whatever. Up yours!

NEW: Depressions - 'Do You Love Me?' free mp3
NEW: Joe Dash - new band page and 'Incest' free mp3
NEW: Golinski Brothers - Bloody YouTube vid + odds and sods
NEW: Poison Girls - photo gallery
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Above: Shaun Jones aka Joe Dash, takes the number of bands featured on this site to 65

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Golinski Brothers Resurrection!
at the Prince Albert
Sat Sept 5th

was an absolute belter as predicted on this website!

Check out their
Resurrection photos & slideshow

What a night!

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