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About Wreckless Eric

Eric Goulden • vocals, guitar
Nick Lowe • bass
Larry Wallis • keys
Ian Dury • drums

Eric Goulden was born just along the coast in Newhaven, so that alone qualifies him a berth on punkbrighton. Although he wasn't part of the local Brighton scene, having signed a deal with Stiff Records in 1977, he was always associated with Brighton.

I bought his album The Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric back in 1978, a luminous green vinyl 12-inch, and loved the off-the-cuff lyrics and simple do-it-yourself arrangements of Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.) and Final Taxi. Whole Wide World was a hit record and featured Nick Lowe on several instruments and Ian Dury on drums.

It has become something of a cult classic over the years. It's been covered by the Monkees, the Lightning Seeds and the Proclaimers and many others too numerous to mention here. (Even the ever-awful Cliff Richard got in on the act, covering Broken Doll).

After the initial success of Whole Wide World, his record company, Stiff, supposedly the definitive punk/new wave label, tried to mould Eric into some kind of polished performer - they failed dismally, and for that we should be thankful.

In the long term he resisted and has henceforth pretty much stuck to his roots, which is singing simple songs about the vicissitudes of life and living - quite a rare commodity nowadays. He has something to say and refuses to shut the fuck up. Long may it continue.

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Wreckless Eric scrapbook

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Alive and Kicking - Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby live at the Albert Sept 23rd 2009

What an uplifting evening it turned out to be. Billed as Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, performing more than thrirty years on in his new incarnation with his wife Amy on vocals, guitar and keyboards - it was a real treat. In between songs, his rambling asides and ready wit had us all giggling like idiots.

Sure, there were some bum notes, but hey this is what punk was all about - getting your message across - and he and Amy certainly did that. The big country sound from Amy's acoustic guitar was complimented by Eric's chugging electric and it was damn good stuff.

Where she has a fine, melodic and mellow voice, Eric's cracked and broken cockney vocal chords meshed in to create some very pleasing harmonies. And even without a band, they rocked! Using a laptop for the occasional drum or percussion track, it all worked seamlessly and while the Albert was by no means full, those who attended must have gone away suitably entertained and with the very warmest of vibes.

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