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More free mp3's, Spitting Blood, The Plague, Piranhas

punkdaddy writes: It's that time of year - bloody Ada, Christmas again. Never mind, we have already got in the spirit here at punkbrighton, we're giving away another nine free mp3's to make your festivities go with a slanted, retro, late 70's, twisted and warped zing. We've got the Chefs doing Honsho, TV by Emma Sharpe, Chains & Leather by the Depressions, Toy by the Golinski Brothers, Sharp Intake of Breath from Jonnie & the Lubes, End of Civilization and Girl Behind the Curtain by the Molesters, The Photography Song by the Parrots and Ruby Toot from the Vandells. An excellent selection of varying styles and recording quallty. Have fun downloading all these from the punkbrighton jukebox.

Following on from our recent splurge of fanzines, here's another to download, print out and sneak off to the karzi to read and then you can always wipe your arse on it if needs must. Spitting Blood No.1 features pieces on the Piranhas, Dandies, Wrist Action, Poison Girls and Punctuation, plus In The Vault with Olly and Smelly. It's a rollicking good read.

More photos have surfaced, notably the Plague. Thanks to Andy Suggett for these. And another sleeve from the Piranhas' Attrix Records single Yap Yap Yap b/w Happy Families. So there you go, a nice mixed bag. Happy New Year fans, we'll be back in January 2010 to celebrate 10 years of this website with some special attractions on the menu. Up yours!

NEW: Free mp3's on punkbrighton jukebox - Chefs, Emma Sharpe, Depressions. Golinski's, JATL, Molesters. Parrots, Vandells
NEW: Spitting Blood Mo.1 - Brighton fanzine, free download
NEW: The Plague - new photos
NEW: Piranhas - single sleeves added to gallery
Stuart Jones check out his many blogs, tons of freebies

Above: Andy Suggett, singer and guitarist of the Plague. Check out their new photos
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Spitting Blood fanzine
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