Revised Line-up
Ozzy 'Kro-Bar' Garvey - drums
Dave Barnard - vocals, bass
Tony Maybury - guitar
Eric Wright - vocals, lead guitar

When Frank Smith left the DP's circa 78, Tony Maybury was brought in to replace him. Tony had been playing guitar with local outfit Midnight & the Lemon Boys.

The Lemon Boys had a great sound, obviously influenced by U2 who they had recently been on tour with.

U2 were largely unknown at the time but a lot of the Edge was evident in Tony's playing.

A year later, after the Dp's split up, Tony was to appear in The Vandells line-up, along with Dave Barnard, The modern sound of the Vandells was more suited to Tony's subtle style than the crashing power chords of the DP's.


The cover of Dave's scrapbook

Ozzy with Keith Moon - peas in a pod

At the Buccaneer

At the Buccaneer

Dave Barnard

On the pier

In the pub

Flyer for gig at Pips, Manchester

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Ozzy, who died in 2003, aged 53