About the Plague

Andy Suggett • guitar, lead vocals
Si Hill • guitar
Ezri Carlebach • bass
Luke Cresswell • drums

The second version of the Plague were "a Brighton teenage post-punk outfit that never played beyond a few south coast towns in 1978 and 1979," according to Ezri Carlebach.

They became aware of the existence of the other Plague in London after they received a letter asking them to desist from the name's use and get a new identity, sharpish. But as Ezri Carlebach points out, "We didn't last long enough to bother."

Drummer Luke Cresswell went on to found Pookiesnackenburger, alongside Carlebach,

before writing the hit show Stomp. This won and Edinburgh fringe award in 1995, then an Olivier, eventually spawning five spin-off companies across the globe and an eight year and counting run on Broadway. Carlebach was also later a member of jazz-punk fusionists Betrayed.

Sadly, the group's originals, including 'Pogo On A Nazi', 'I Don't Really Care About You', 'Catch The Plague' and 'Tory Party Blues' (Carlebach: "in which I predicted, but I hasten to add did not welcome, Thatcher's general election victory of 1979") lie in an unmarked grave.

Reproduced with permission from Alex Ogg

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