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Archive May 2008

Birds With Ears Album + tons of other free stuff

Stuart Jones writes:
In addition to the large number of free Brighton punk mp3s on offer on this site, we kick off the first in an occasional series of complete album recordings, otherwise unavailable to the public. First up is the 1981 Birds With Ears album on Attrix Records, Youthinasia (RB12). This bizarre, funky, darkly comical masterpiece has gone largely unheard since the early eighties, unless you happen to have stumbled across a copy in a charity shop or car boot sale – a rare chance.

So this month we present the first two tracks from the album as free mp3’s with more to follow on the first of each month. Also included is a 1980 interview in Brighton's Voltage fanzine as a downloadable pdf. If you can be arsed to come back each month, you’ll eventually get the whole damn album, plus a fantastic surprise package at the end. I have personally remastered these tracks from my own pristine LP, using Adobe Audition, upping the level and adding some reverb in a few select places. Brighton rocks!

punkdaddy writes:
Yep it's all happening this month, tons more new stuff. We've had a fantastic response to requests for mp3s and other historical goodies, thanks to all who contributed. Check out the box below for links to all the cool new stuff. Paul Martin sent in a recorded interview from BBC Radio Brighton's Breadline 1980 show featuring his band The Relatives. We've also made available hard copy extracts from interviews from the fanzines Voltage and Naked Eye as downloadable pdf's. This month features Birds With Ears and Midnight & The Lemon Boys.

We've also updated the Vaultage 08 cover should you want to download it. Up yours!

Birds With Ears Album: first two mp3s + interview from Voltage fanzine
The Relatives BBC Radio Brighton 1980 interview as mp3 + press cutting on the last night at the Alhambra
Golinski Brothers: John Peel waxes lyrical over ‘Bloody’
Lillettes: John Peel spins the band on his show
Vaultage 2008: new CD cover artwork free to download
Midnight & The Lemon Boys: interview from Naked Eye fanzine (downloadable pdf)
The Corvettes: new band page + photos
New photos from Brighton circa 1977

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Above: Birds With Ears 'Youthinasia' album cover
+ free tracks and interview
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Birds With Ears Album
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Jamie Barnard Special Patrol
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Watch punkdaddy's interview with the BBC

• The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March 2007 was set up in conjunction with Attrix Records to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March 07 Archive). If you have mp3's of your Brighton-based band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, keep sending them in. To download a full size, fairly high-res printable jpeg version of our 'Make Your Own CD Cover' go to the July 07 Archive
Stuart asks: has anyone out there got a recording of a BBC Radio One session the Piranhas taped for Mike Read, dated 15/9/1980? It features two unavailable songs 'Two Time Sally' and 'Anything'