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Archive July 2007

So, we have a new (unelected) Prime Minister and Tony Blair slopes off into the sunset as a peace envoy! What a joke politics is. The warmonger turned peacemaker. Yo Blair, up yours! Reminds me of a song we wrote when I was in Flesh, Jobs For The Boys. I think Tony Morewood wrote the lyric. As relevant today as it was then. Just goes to show, nothing much has really changed in 30 years. And so we get on with our lives...

The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March was set up in conjunction with Stuart Jones and Julie Blair of Attrix Records, to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March Archive) If you have mp3's of your band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, keep sending them in.

This month we've got 5 more songs ready to play and/or download, from such Brighton luminaries as The Chefs Love Is Such A Splendid Thing, Lillettes Attack, Mockingbirds Bones, Midnight & the Lemon Boys Dreams and Nicky & the Dots Linoleum Walk. Go...

Thanks again to our own intrepid reviewer Stuart Jones who whipped the tracks into digital shape. Next month we'll be adding a few more.

Click the album cover opposite to launch a full size, fairly high-res printable jpeg version which you can use to make your own CD, if you can be arsed. Download all the existing tracks or select just the ones you want. Of course, once downloaded, you might want to convert them back to WAV or aiff.

• Thanks to everyone who emailed and hopefully the spammers have been thwarted (see our June Archive). If you want your email address to be published we will use your name only as a hot link back to you, for instance, if you are requesting people reply to your mail.

New! Read punkdaddy's review of Alex Ogg's massive throbbing tome, No More Heroes a comprehensive A to Z of UK Punk 1976-80, published by Cherry Red Books.

• New! - Stuart Jones reviews Colossal Youth
by Young Marble Giants

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