About the Corvettes

Penny Heathcote • Vocals
Robin Banks • Keyboards
Nick Greenwood • Guitar
Jeremy King • Guitar
Dave 'Blotto' Williams • Bass
Mike Stand • Drums

The Corvettes started life in 1980 when a young Nick Greenwood (Russ's brother) and Penny Heathcote, hooked up with Dave 'Blotto' Williams with a view to forming a band. In their search for a keyboard player they approached Robin following the demise of the Lillettes and a band was born...

The Corvettes only played a handful of local gigs, often with Dick Damage as support. They were quickly snapped up by an indie label operating out of Worthing - Shattered Records, who funded the release of 'Love to Hate you' and got a publishing deal with Cherry Red Records.

Sadly, the full potential of the band was never realised. Nick left the band (an amicable split) and management problems culminated in the band fly-posting both their manager's house and Worthing law courts in the dead of night. The local constabulary were not amused - neither was their manager.

In the following years Nick has gone on to do great things and Robin and Dave went on to form the Beverley Clare Band and later Karen d'Ache with ex-Exclusives Peter Cranleigh-Swash and Paul Bonham. Dave and Paul have both played and recorded with Robin's current band, the Provocateurs

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