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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of punk in the UK 2007, Attrix Records (Julie Blair & Stuart Jones) approached punkbrighton.co.uk with the idea of putting together a page of mp3's, ready to download, completely free. Most tracks are from Brighton's Attrix label but some are directly from the artists themselves.

Stuart Jones tells us how it came about: "A couple of years ago I visited my old pal Julie Blair, who with her late husband Rick had started Attrix records all those years ago. She played me an ancient tape of Rick running through some Dylanish songs from 1975. I was impressed and borrowed the tape, transferring it to CD and remastering it in the process.

Recently I went through all her tape archives in order to get the tracklistings to these songs and discovered a number of fascinating, unissued tracks on cassette and master reels which were never used. With blogmania taking over the net, free mp3 downloads are springing up everywhere. And with 2007 being the 30th anniversary of punk in the UK, I had a sudden brainwave, sitting in Julie’s kitchen, ankle-deep in master tapes...

I put out a call to many of the musicians who had been in Brighton bands between 1976-81, for unissued stuff – outtakes, demos, live recordings – or tracks which were released, but which few copies had got out to the public. I got a mixed response, but some fabulous things were dragged out of cupboards where they had gathered dust for almost thirty years.

I would like to thank Julie Blair, punkdaddy, and all the musicians (you know who you are!) who contributed with such enthusiasm."

• Wherever possible we have sought and gained permission to make these tracks available. On some tracks the sound quality is pretty rough and basic, but it's punk, innit? If you were in any of these bands and object to inclusion of your track, please email us and we will remove it immediately. Alternatively, if you were in any of the bands featured on this site and have a track in mp3 format you would like uploaded, contact us.

1980: 'The Story So Far' continues from our February issue next month...

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