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Archive June 2008

Ammonites mp3's + fanzine article & photos

punkdaddy writes:
Summer's here, just about, We've got another wealth of giveaways this month, yes it's all free. First up the Ammonites, Brighton's answer to the Beat. As well as digging out an old article on the band from Bright Times magazine (circa 1980) we are also happy to present the first two of about a dozen free mp3's from the Ammonites back catalogue. This stuff was recorded from a rehearsal but if you dig the band you'll dig their 'live' tunes.

As promised, there are two more tracks from the Birds With Ears album Youth In Asia. Then we have new photos of the Red Squares and the Same, plus downloadable interviews from fanzines. Added to that, we've thrown in The Same on mp3 and five new photos of Midnight & the Lemon Boys, taken just before their fateful name change to the (surely drug induced?) Jewel Shines Darkly.

And still more: sleeve artwork from the Dodgems and Brighton's only surviving punkers Peter & the Test Tube Babies. To access all these go to the links below the banner 'What we're giving away this month'. So fans, browse the site, download your freebies, kick back and relax. Thanks to all who sent stuff in to the site, your contributions are what keeps it all going.

Next month and in following months we'll be giving away more Biirds With Ears tracks until the whole album is uploaded and the same with the Ammonites rehearsal. We'll also be reproducing a downloadable in-depth report on the Piranhas split with Virgin. You lucky sods...Up yours!

Birds With Ears Album: second two mp3s
The Ammonites: first two mp3 's from a recorded rehearsal and more
Red Squares: new photos + interview as downloadable pdf
The Same: new photos + interview as downloadable pdf
The Same free mp3
Midnight & The Lemon Boys: Five new photos recently unearthed
The Dodgems: Science Fiction single cover
Peter & The Test Tube Babies: Zombie Creeping Flesh cover
Vaultage 2008 cover to download
Stuart Jones check out his many blogs
Jamie Barnard new message from his mum

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Above: Ammonites front man Stefan + free tracks and interview
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Jamie Barnard Special Patrol
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Stuart asks: has anyone out there got a recording of a BBC Radio One session the Piranhas taped for Mike Read, dated 15/9/1980? It features two unavailable songs 'Two Time Sally' and 'Anything'