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Ammonites rock the Portland + Molesters Peel Session & yet more free mp3's

punkdaddy writes: Well folks, I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the best gigs I've seen in a long while at the Portland on Friday. The re-formed Ammonites were top class, as tight as fuck to be honest. Playing to a pretty full house, the boys treated us to an absolute belter, with Blue Lagoon, Fatty Fatty and Reggae In Ya Jeggae still ringing in my ears the following day. Dudes, we want more. I'll keep you posted. Take me to the Portland.

We've another coup - the Molesters recorded on their first John Peel Session in 1978. Four free tracks from the band and top quality too. They really were an under-rated unit, they had oodles of attitude and were perhaps overshadowed by the Piranhas and Depressions hogging the limelight at the time. Have a listen and see for yourself. We've their second peel session earmarked for next month.

Plus two more tracks from Jewel Shines Darkly, the offshoot of Midnight & the Lemon Boys. That's your lot from them for now, unless someone out there has any more recordings. Also two more tracks from Jonny & The Lubes and the Executives have been added to the punkbrighton Jukebox. This stuff still sounds earthy and vibrant, if raw, but hey, that's punk, innit?

Also new this month, This Colour. I've built a page for them complete with photos and added three free mp3's to the punkbrighton jukebox. Thanks to all our contributors, keep this stuff coming. It's you that make the site grow. Follow all the links in the section below. Have a great year depite it all. Things could be worse. Up Yours!

• NEW: Ammonites - review & gallery of their gig at the Portland
• NEW: Midnight & the Lemon Boys (JSD) 3 more free mp3's
• NEW: Molesters on John Peel - 4 tracks!
• NEW: Latest band added This Colour + 3 free mp3's
• NEW: The Executives Never Go Home mp3
• NEW: Jonny & the Lubes Terror In The Parking Lot mp3
• NEW: photos added Dick Damage
• NEW: photos added The Vandells
• NEW: Helen McCookerybook gig at Blackboys February 8th
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Above: Read punkdaddy's review of The Ammonites rocking the Portland
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