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Lemon Boys, Dots Gallery, BWE bonus tracks + more free mp3's

punkdaddy writes: This month we've got the last of Birds With Ears, three bonus tracks for your edification. That completes the entire Youth In Asia album plus these extra tracks. And there's three more Ammonites tracks to complete their recorded rehearsal session. Cheers Stefan for making these available to punkbrighton. Next month is January - shit! Another year zooms by, but we'll be kicking off 2009 with another spectacular giveaway. You'll have to visit next month.

A few thanks are in order for stuff sent in recently. To Simon Woolven for a dozen or so shots of Nicky & the Dots in action, hence the new Dots gallery. He also included photos of Psycho Normal. Top man. And to Rob Emanuel and CJ of the Lemon Boys for sending in Jewel Shines Darkly tracks. Stewy's cleaned three of them up for the benefit of your lugholes. More coming next month.

Stewy also found a couple of top quality record sleeves from the Executives and Jonny & the Lubes to replace the rather naff photocopies we previously had on their pages. Plus there's a few more photos been added to the Depressions gallery. The links to all these freebies are in the section below.

Good to see Obama got in - so next year there'll be no more Retard In The White House. I'll have to do another album. The yanks really do go from one extreme to another. Just hope he survives long enough to make a difference. My parting shot to Bush, Cheney and all the other faceless neo-cons and ther ilk, you've been a bloody disaster. Up yours!

Birds With Ears Album: Three bonus tracks - completes our BWE downloads
• plus: How Stewy got to re-master Youth In Asia for your delight
The Ammonites: tracks 13 -15 completes their recorded rehearsal
• NEW: Airtight Garage new photos, revised text, free mp3's
• NEW: Midnight & the Lemon Boys free mp3's
• NEW: Nicky & the Dots new photo gallery
• NEW: Pyscho Normal photos
• NEW: Depressions photos
• NEW: Executives record sleeve
• NEW: Jonny & the Lubes record sleeve
Vaultage 2008 'make yer own Vaultage CD' cover to download
Stuart Jones check out his many blogs, tons of freebies

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Above: Kemp Town Rocker, Lemon Boy or Jewel Shines Darkly? Anyway, the many splendoured tracks are for free + more next month
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