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Louder Animals, Peel on Piranhas, Vault photos and free mp3's

punkdaddy writes: Had yet another email from Dave from the Cheesybits, he of the hilarious House of Cheese. He's unearthed some interesting old photos from the early days: the Resource Centre and Vault and various shots from around Brighton. Click the safety pin and Vault buttons to see the photos. Thanks yet again Dave.

Of course we also have our regular monthly downloads of Birds With Ears and Ammonites tracks, four in all. Stefan sent in a 1980 Evening Argus article on a gig they did with the Airtight Garage, you can download the pdf on the Ammonites page. Plus the creation of a new band page for the Louder Animal Group, an offshoot of Nicky & the Dots. They had a brief lifespan and blurb on them is very limited, so if you have any recollections of the band, know their full line-up and anything else you think may be of interest, get in touch.

Stewy happened to dig out a sound clip from the John Peel show some time in 1979. His gushing praise and enthusiasm for the Piranhas shows what a positive impression they made on him back then and how he was determined to get to see them play live in Brighton, which was probably the infamous gig at the Alhambra, where Peel was afforded the utmost respect and deferral from the normally anarchic Brighton audience. Also found a couple of old photos from the Attrix Shop days.

All the links are in the section below this text. No words can possibly express my utter contempt for the state of politics in the world today, except what we were saying 30 years ago: Up yours!

Birds With Ears Album: 14 re-mastered tracks from Youth In Asia album
• plus: How Stewy got to re-master Youth In Asia for your delight
The Ammonites: tracks 11 & 12 from a recorded rehearsal + Argus piece
• NEW: Attrix Records new photos from the Attrix Shop
• NEW: Sound clip from John Peel waxing lyrical over the Piranhas
• NEW BAND PAGE: Louder Animal Group
• NEW: photos from around Brighton (thanks to Dave Cheesybits)
• NEW: photos of the Vault & Resource Centre (thanks to Dave Cheesybits)
Vaultage 2008 'make yer own Vaultage CD' cover to download
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• We're always looking to build new pages for Brighton artists and bands from the punk era (1976-81) If you aint included on this site, get online and send in photos, cuttings, blurb, line-ups, posters, mp3's etc. and we'll do the rest. Click here to email us, or use the Feedback button anywhere on the site. Cheers!

Above: Louder Animal Group - latest addition to our bands page - who is the man in the middle of this photo? If you know, let us know. Ta.
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Stewy asks: has anyone out there got a recording of Boyfiend by the Piranhas? It was the B side to the hit single Tom Hark. If you have it in any digital format, how about sending it so we can put it up on the site?